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Kaboo Casino (DO NOT USE IT)

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I joined the casino couple days ago because I seen it recommended here so I thought Ok lets give it a go. Sent the documents, everything fine, all verified however the payment method was not verified as I sent it little bit late which I thought fair enough, I will make deposit and see how it goes. Was thinking of depositing £100 to take advantage of the bonus but I changed my mind last minute so I deposited £40. I Go to the main page, balance still £0, refreshed the page, nothing happens still £0, checked my bank, money had gone to them, so I contacted the customer service only to be told that they are having issue with some payment methods... So I most of been one of the unlucky ones, so I said when will this be solved ? Very soon however I suggest you to make different method of deposit!? Of course my reply was no way I am depositing any more on this till I see my  first deposit in. So I left it for couple hours and went to check, and as you guessed nothing, contacted again another silly billy come to explain the issue same again, called my bank and asked them what can they suggest, they said I have to tell them to refund my payment. So here we go again  to those useless guys, they said the technicians are fixing it but none of them would know how long it will take. Planning to leave it for couple days and if they have not solved anything I will call  my bank to  report them as FRAUD. 

So please do not use it as you will end up just giving money to them for nothing.

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