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Roulette fail at BGO

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Deposited £100, tried some of their exclusive slots and got to £200 instantly.

See they sent me a Golden Chip worth £2 to use at their live casino.

Went to roulette and put the Golden Chip on #29.

Thought I should cover the neighbours so I clicked on £5 and clicked on 29 on the racetrack. The bet didn't show on the racetrack so I clicked again, still nothing, spamspamspamclick 29 neighbours > insufficient funds>huh?>WTF?>bets closed!

Shit, look at the layout and I have £40 on each of 7, 18, 22, 28, 29 + the £2 golden chip on 29

Winning number


Work in a casino so I was thinking it would show the bet on the racetrack, not just place it straight on the numbers.....


Lesson learnt!

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Aquaman refunded me:



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