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Canadian having issues withdrawing from Highroller.com

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Been having issues trying to get a withdrawal through from highroller.com, have my banking information formatted as I do on other various sites (vs, leo etc) for bank transfer options (which seems to be my only option on hr).


It keeps being rejected, and apparently it is from the banks end according to what they said when I inquired to support at hr after everything looking correct with the information I have entered. So am trying to contact my bank now to see if they are able to see anything about transfers being rejected (on phone right now).


I'm hoping perhaps there are some other Canadians on here who have successfully withdrawn from highroller via bank transfer option that might be able to provide some insight :).




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:( anybody?


Basically entering details as I believe they should be entered, support even indicates they look to be formatted correctly. But then they keep being rejected and they are not able to give much additional information, at least none that has been overly clear.


I even contacted my bank, because in one communication it seemed like they were saying it was being rejected by my bank, but the bank indicated they were not seeing any stop on anything attempted to be deposited to my account. Would make it seem to me it isn't reaching my bank, so perhaps the rejection is with their payment processing/processor (not sure really, just frustrating at this point when info seems correct but not working and can't seem to find out why. The account has no issues on VS, Leo or various poker/casino combo sits (party, stars etc) and so what sticks out to be different to me would be the payment processor they use (think vs for me is citidel or something like that, leo seems to come through like a wire transfer given fees my bank seems to take on it (altho info is entered for withdrawel without swift etc like you would with wire trans but depending on processor location i suppose not always ... sorta logically grasping at this point).


So most recently tried a different bank I'm with, but now again today rejected (waiting to see if they can provide any info this time). Had provided the doc to verify same time i submitted the withdrawal and had communication back that looked good and would hear if any issues. Well i checked sometime this afternoon and it was rejected, and no communication still upon checking this evening so I have sent them along an email again.


Guess I was hoping there might have been some Canadians that could provide insight as to if anything different or special about how account info should be entered :(.




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