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Kingdom Horse $$$ EPIC WIN $$$

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Hello people.

Been a while, but since last time, I did a medium bullet on Leovegas.
There has been a lot of new slot releases since i was there last, so I wanted to try some of them... Time flew and small hits.. With a few 100 bucks left, I found the new 'Kingdoms Edge'

Didnt expect that much of it.... got a few features on the way, but didnt pay that much. Then bonus came, and I didnt set my hopes that high.
Spins turned, and lucky, I got a golden king on the first wheel and the game was on.... King on 2nd+multiplier....king on 3rd......king on 4th+multiplier.....and KING on 5th!!
FULLSCREEN KINGS BABY.... with 3x multiplier!!!

BOOM .... 1823x win in total

Raw bullet, raw cashout.... Oh Happy day!

This new slot has my respect now heh.

'May the horse be with you'


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