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Pokerstars insane wagering.

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I got an e-mail from pokerstars about a promotion on live table games. Live75 was the code. 

Before I took it, I check with live chat about the wagering of this bonus. You need to earn 2 redemption points per 1 dollar. 

I play live blackjack when play table games. You need to wager  $44 per 1 redemption point on blackjack.

So my calculation was 75 x 2 = 150 points  150 x 44 = 6600 dollars / 25 dollar bonus = 264x wagering. 

Did not believe it before i double check it with live chat. 


17:34:58 [Inara R] You need to wager all the amount, 75$

17:36:24 [Inara R] this is 50% match deposit bonus, maximum amount (deposit+bonus) is 75$

17:38:00 [Inara R] Yes two redemption points per USD $1

17:38:11 [Inara R] That makes it 150 points

17:38:16 [dooris2006] ok .. 

17:38:26 [Inara R] Sorry if this is not what you have expected

17:39:00 [dooris2006] so if i play blackjack live version.. 150x 44 = 6600 dollar to wager.

17:39:19 [dooris2006] that is 264x wager on that bonus !!!!

17:39:25 [dooris2006] are you sure about this  

17:40:09 [Inara R] Yes, absolutely

So for blackjack this is insane bonus to take, for a 50% bonus.  you need to be very careful when you take a bonus these days :)


Have a nice weekend.


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