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Donuts €23700 [2370x] win by Daskelelele

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This insane win was scored by Daskelelele while playing on Jickl. €23700 [2370x].



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Thats insane, christ!

€10 bet and 75x multiplier!!

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@JicklSupport awesome, just awesome. I have been waiting on someone hitting an absaloute monster win on this slot/game. Its set up for it.

And you have hit it daskelelele, although i do think it can go bigger. Just the set up of the game.

Playing a heavy stake in 10 euro,  first off getting x75 to go at your bonus is monster territory.

All it took was one slow roll with top symbol, purple donuts and boom! A 22,500 euro payout. Beautiful hit and beautiful to watch roll in.

On a 12 spin bonus, at 10 euro stake, x75 multiplier.  total bonus paying 23,700 euro. Well done.

Big congratz daskelelele, enjoy the winnings.👍👍.


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