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This is not a big win , Not by far.

But i enjoyed this new release from microgaming and i think you might. Check it out its called ( WILD SCARABS).


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@burhan.k interesting slot burhan. Thanks for giving me a little preview. Its all about those wilds. In the base game they can jump out of an existing wild to create more on the reels.

In the bonus im curious burhan, when the wilds get stored up in the counter at the top of the reels is it as soon as it reaches 3 or more they come onto the reels on the next spin ? Or can that counter keep counting up the stored up wilds to get say 8 to 10 and then they come onto the reels.?

I would have to see the paytable also to see what X is the highest paying symbol. And the breakdown of the paytable in general.

I think when you were in the bonus you got 3 wilds in 1 spin and i thought it was going to save them for you to go with the rest that were saved up, but because you hit a win on that spin it did not save any wilds. I did not like that.

To me it should be designed to have volatility in it. Maybe locking every wild that comes on the screen during the bonus, kinda like casino zeppalin. Or the counter of wilds can keep saving them up so there is the chance of a huge payout.

Thanks burhan for posting up the new game/slot from microgaming. New slots are interesting. I look for what volatility there is in a slot for players. Wee all like that chance of hitting something big.👍👍👍. Good post.

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So basically any wilds during bonus rounds that do not connect to a win get stored.. i think they drop in at random.. maybe could tally up to 10 stored wilds not sure really.

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