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Betway confiscated 88.478€+500€

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I opened my account to betway.com 6.5.2018.
Firstly i made my deposit and took part to their sportbook bonus offer (100% bonus)
I placed two winning bets and bonus was completed.
Then i made 500€ withdraw (8.5.2018) to my Neteller.
After I made withdraw i continued to play, but this time live blackjack.
During the same day i got information how to verify my account.
I sent all needed pictures and waited. I sent email about my verification process and was told that pictures are fine and account is verified (13.5.2018) They also called me to verify my details (14.5.2018)

Yesterday (15.5.2018) I was told that my withdraw has been paid yesterday (14.5.2018) I managed to win during my live black jack sessions and my balance was 9004€ (+500€ withdraw) 15.5.2018

Then strange thing happened.

I was kicked out from their site. But before i refreshed i saw that balance was 0.00€, betway points showing correct amount tho.
I contacted live chat and I was told that account is closed and the decision is made by manager, and all the information I'm able to get is contact him. I was given email and I sent email to that address, as well to Finnish support.
Finnish support was the same I have been in touch with my verification process. Support told that yes, account is locked, but Operation team will open it very soon.

I replied to hers email asking multiple questions and next time she replied saying that account is now reopened and all of the funds have been refunded back to my account. I wasn't happy for this simple reply for my questions so i replied again asking questions.
She didn't reply, so I decided to call to betway. I asked to Finnish speaking support, but there wasn't any at that time able to take my call (6pm). I left callback request. Nobody has called. I also saw that indeed - my balance was taken from my account, but refunded back later when my account was closed...
Later during evening i got English email from Finnish support asking about new proof of address (that was strange as i was told that documents was accepted and account is verified, by Finnish support and also English support) But i sent new picture about another utility bill and got reply that they got it.

Today(16.5) I also continued to play, live black jack and later some slots.

Balance was sailing little a bit, but third slot gave me a huge win....

Now my balance is 88 478 €

And this is life changing money - as I would be able to get buy own apartment with this.

After that huge win i stopped to play and started to wait information about my account and withdraw.

But now latest what has happened is that casino has done exactly the same as yesterday ;

My account is closed, funds has been taken and support said that they are unable to give me any further information.



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Hey @verzaukki!

I've just checked them out on various sites and on AskGamblers it states:

NOTE: Warning: Betway Casino is being assigned an official warning due to the fact they are currently holding a massive amount of unresolved complaints from players reporting unjustified confiscation of winnings, extremely delayed or totally denied payments, various stalling tactics and denial of cooperation and players support.

Looks like something bad might be happening at this casino, I would advise that you contact UKGC/MGA regarding your issue.



Good luck and hopefully you get to see the money! It is indeed very stressful when casinos are doing things like these :( 

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Because I'm living in Finland, I'm having trouble to spread the word outside of my region.

Could you guys be so kind and re-tweet my situation.



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I see you have posted this on a lot of forums, and in many cases bad mouthed them. This won't get you anywhere, stay calm, polite, and go through the official complaint channels.

As a non-UK player, you can only make a complaint through the MGA and eCOGRA once you have exhausted the BetWay complaint policy. There is no point involving other impartial adjudicators or the UKGC as they have no jurisdiction on your complaint.

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I don't think people (lowrollers) understand the stress of having a cashout like this. 
I have had enormous cash-outs before and you are a wreck until money is in the account.
Sleep? No way. 

This is the reason I am only playing on sites that I know have money to back it up and will pay. 
Those are (for me) at this moment Partypoker/casíno and Pokerstars. 
I am done with other smaller casinos/sites even though many of them will pay. 

The feeling of having to wait for a 50.000€ cashout during two weeks is painful even when you are sure that you followed all rules to 100%.
I guess that tells everything about this dirty "business". 

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@verzaukki i have read all what you have said and replies. I feel awful for you because your mind and head will be spinning and spinning, unable to think straight. 

That is an incredible win on jungle spirit. And now life changing money to you by what i have read. I dont no if you will get it. 

What skylined87 outlined about the casino is not good news. Terrible reputation betway casino.

you have done everything they have asked for verification wise. 

Im really hoping this has a good ending.  Even if it was in instalments per month im sure you would take it. Whatever there max payout per month is.

 I do agree with nicola that if you have been on other forums bad mouthing the casino it will not help. Although i understand that emotions will be running very high. What you are feeling will just happen. 

Its a shame wee dont have a representative from betway casino on the site or that person would have got on board and looked into it. 

Dont give up and first off wait and see what the casino do. Then go into every option you have of being able to look into getting your money.

As stated in posts above by nicola and skylined87 use every outlet available to you, references they have made.

That kind of money is life changing and this situation is the kind of thing that can drive people to do crazy things. 

I understand what the mind can make you do when in scenario's like this. 

Im really hoping you get your winnings verzaukki and all the luck in the world to you.👍.

I hope all the comments you have had about your post has helped in some way.

Craig smith.

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