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663x hit on Danger

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Made a 300 kr deposit and got some small hits and got this one on danger with a retrigger.

After i did some 40 kr spins on Book of Maya and got a 11000 kr win on the bonus game with 30 spins.

All ended up with a 20 k kr cashout whitin 1h from the 300 kr deposit! :D


And the funny/sadly part i ended my 50 kr spins on Danger 3 rounds Before i hitted the bonus xD

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@Ver00n congrats on your win, and it sounds like you have had a really good day. All in 1 hour.

From a 300 kr deposit to a 20,000 kr cashout. Nice. Thats what i call a sweet hourly rate.

Thats an impressive hit on book of maya winning 11,000 kr from 30 spins. 40 kr spins are a real good bet size and you were well rewarded.

On DHV dropping from 50 kr to 15 kr spins i suppose you must have felt it was time to drop the bet size. Nice to get a retrigger and a good bonus paying just over 9950 sek.

Overall super congrats on a 20,000 kr cashout. Good post and enjoy your winnings ver00n👍👍👍.

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