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Found 3 results

  1. GamblingVilo

    Hey my gambling fellows! ;-)

    Hello Boys and Girls my name is Vilo and as a new member, I just wanted to say hello. I thought I can make some gambling videos and maybe streams for you. But I have to say right away, my English is not the best and I hope it does not sound too stupid and you guys are still able to follow my stories To my person: I am 38, I come from Germany and I have gambled especially from 2012 to 2014 very active. However, only in gambling halls. At this time, I even was the superintendent of a gambling hall, which belonged to my ex-girlfriend, which has brought me to the gambling world for the most part. I usually play small bets of 0.10 Cents to 0.50 Cents, because I think having fun first and I don't wanna lose to much, but I've also celebrated nice wins like for example 400 EUR on "Gold Cup" or a 750 EUR jackpot on Monopoly. I think maybe I make a video about it with some photos. Then I took a break since 2014 and recently discovered a stream of Kim, which I found very entertaining. I realized that I missed gambling and shortly afterwards, I made a small deposit on Leo and had a really good weekend after, which I think I will also pack in a video sooner or later. (I made some screenshots.) That was actually my first Online-Casino experience. I played in a Online-Casino before once, when I was 18, but that is twenty years ago. For the future, I at least wanna record my gambling session and bring it on YouTube. So not only screenshots, don't worry. But yeah ... like I said. For now, I just wanted to say hello! ;-) Greetings GamblingVilo P.S.: I'm glad that after the terrible events in Vegas... Kim, Slotspinner and the others are all right. I was really worried about it!
  2. Reelspinner

    Terminator 2 (hot mode) 733x

    Finally got the hot mode feature in Terminator 2, 3kr/0,3euro bet and 733x. Love T2 and microgaming. Didn't think this one would come but I'am very glad it did. I want to dedicate this video to my friend letsgiveitaspin, which I know also have this bonus on his bucket list. https://youtu.be/JNhR_UFH00c
  3. craigos80

    HUGE! INSANE win on Casino Zeplin

    I was down to £8.92, So went onto book of dead where I had a lot of good wins at only 20p a spin, which took me to £60, so had a go at 60p a spin on zeplin. Gave me free spins after 46 spins, where i won £94.90, then straight after, dropped in 10 free spins again! This is the end result! WOW, i was almost in tears! Great win indeed! Happy days!