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  1. I am 26 years of age and have struggled once before at around 21 years of age with a serious gambling problem.. I once stole off my parents easily over 2k pounds just to fund my habit and chase these big wins. Not only this but I am so depressed about everything I have done wrong to my family in the past that I am not taking good care of my health as I believe I am just a lost cause to them. A problem if you will. Even though they have all forgiven me and try so hard with me. Therefor I do not leave the house often. I have not had a job for 1 year or more and my confidence is very low so I find it so hard to leave the house and be productive throughout the days looking for work and just general anxiety problems and self destructive behaviour. My life is slowly becoming more and more unbearable and if anyone can help me out in any way with any kind words or information on what I can do to better my situation then please let me know it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to the streamers on twitch I am eternally grateful for all your kind words to me over these last weeks you have helped me so much already and just this alone makes me feel like I am on the road to recovery somewhat. Please feel free to respond in any way you guys would like. All be it harsh words/words of encouragement or trolls LOL.. It feels so good to open up and talk even though I am just typing words I feel like the weight is already lifting. I know this is not a gambling problem but a problem within myself and understand if people choose not to respond because of this but it would be greatly appreciated if anybody could take the time to maybe just say a few words and maybe if someone else is in the same sort of place they could read this one day and know that it is OK to talk about your problems so that people/family can help you as much as they can. I will say I am extremely grateful to the streamers for being so warm and welcoming to me when I first started watching them and commenting in the chat. Now you guys know my story and maybe I can get over this and get better before it is too late now Kindest Regards, Craig.