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Found 56 results

  1. After endless hours on the game i truly love and think have the greatest potential of all slots i finally did it! I won 104,000€ in 1 bonus game, Enjoy all! Follow me on Twitch here: Twitch.tv/daskelelele
  2. Hey so i've posted a few videos so far on another thread which i guess will serve as a part one here So i guess this will be the part two then. Been releasing a big bet big win video series via my youtube channel here feel free to subscribe if you so feel like, but either way i'll repost them here for people to enjoy if they are so inclined
  3. Bendelonge


    Hey all i've started putting up a short series of videos that show a few of the big bets i've made recently with big win out comes. Some are obviously better than others but all are worth a look. Got a few big ones coming in the next few days. (slow progress going through them and editing while having no time at the moment to do so) They should come out once a day for the next 14 ish days so feel free to subscribe to the channel here at Locrianslots and follow along. I'll be trying to make a mental note and through the links for the videos so far on here as well incase subscribing ain't your thing. All in all had some very decent luck with bigger bets lately so taking a break now to sort stuff out and decide what to do next. A few videos so far -
  4. BoracicLint

    Bonanza Good Hit at 0.60p

    £128 hit on 2nd last spin made it a good win and got to x19.
  5. BoracicLint

    My Luck Continues

    £20 deposit into £700 cash out helped by a decent bonus on Bonanza.
  6. BoracicLint

    Bonanza.Big Win in My Book!

    Appalling bonus payouts (when I eventually get one!) on Bonanza for me lately but a reasonable 186x for me this time on 0.60 stake
  7. Hello guys, so i happy i recorded this, a bonus and then a raise stake into another bonus after around 40 spins later, i normally dont play these kinds of stakes so for me this kind of thing is life changing. Possibly the greatest ending to an average bonus i have ever seen, i hope you enjoy It all happened very late hence no sound on the first one ... fingers cross this might make my first ever appearance int he video compliation
  8. Double Bonus + Retrigger " Bonanza " [ BTG ] 💎 💣 BIG WIN // YouTube & Twitch
  9. Dementorhorse

    The Horse is back with the gold!

    Hello to all... Has been a long time since I have posted anything, but did have a longer pause from the slots. Well short story about this... Did a deposit with 800 DKK and did have some smaller bonusses on the way.. it was getting very late, and though I could play some high bets down to a cashout of 2000 DKK before bedtime, so Bonanza it was with 40 DKK (~5,3€) spins.. The gold hit and this beauty came from it! (344x) Instead for a small cash out, I took out 13.000 DKK (~1734€) instead! Very happy weekend from here... The horse Is back with style... Pruh!
  10. lottso slottso

    Bonanza Free Super Spins & ONE line pimped

    Got a call from play OJO today and the lovely lady gave me 100 free £1 spins on bonanza went quite well and came out with £50 quid (i swear i cant hit the bonus these days), I decided to head over to pimped and try some one line antics at low stakes, payed off pretty well enjoy i got to play slots on my no deposit week hahaha bonus
  11. Hello i need help......!! I were playing BTG Bonanza for serveral hours and at the end of session i did some max bet for 50EURO and got the golds for freespins, have never been so happy! But the bonus rounds starts and i can se my first spin go to X2, when i get a message about a server issue, that ive seen many times this year on several casinos....nd But this time, when i restarted and my bonus game didnt restart and i couldnt se it on the history ,so i contact the support... They just said the same thing as i, "there is no such a bet" , "there is no history about this win" i told them that im not stupid, and ofcourse that i couldnt see it either......and they really talked to me as i was making this up.... after a 30minits discuission with support, and no service they said that them would contact BTG and come back to me..... 2-3 days later i get an e-mail from casino support that the have contacted the game maker BTG, and that they couldnt find any error or lost bonus game.... the casino just said, there is no such a bet made, so we cant do anymore. I got no help about this answer, and a Thank you, can we help you with something else? Have never felt so bad for online casinos after this, and they are calling me a lier........ please help me, this cant be okey...:( casino https://www.casimba.com/ but i hav
  12. I didnt say they were good, but i didnt even think this was possible I
  13. We've all seen this pay huge and bad, but i think i had the worst bonus round ever (if you do not take the basegame win in to considiration). Why, WHY, do a slot provider want to create such bad gamerounds in the first place? I think i'm done with this game for a while. I wish you could lock yourselfe out from sertain slots. What a feature that would be ia a casino could offer that "Enjoy" and let me know if you had a even worse bonus... https://streamable.com/n6yu0
  14. Illbeoveryou


    Does anyone want to see the video? ? Bonanza ❤️
  15. Bendelonge

    BIG WIN ON BONANZA +5 spins £5 Stake

    So.....was playing £2 spins, and after a good bonus got up just under £1000, sadly i continued to play and went through hundreds of spins and the balance went all the way down to 600, so decide to cash out at 500 and do £5 spins until i hit that point .... thankfully this bonus hit just before reaching that point.
  16. Between March 1st and 15th, CasinoGrounds and Royal Panda invite you to a competition in the ever-so-popular Big Time Gaming slot Bonanza. The mission is simple - post a screenshot of the biggest Bonanza win (in x stake) you manage to hit at Royal Panda. Is your win in the top three at the end of the competition, you'll win a cash prize to your account! To boost your chances, Royal Panda will credit all who sign up via CasinoGrounds link during the competition with 25 Bonanza spins - no deposit required. Simply sign up here and your spins will be credited the following business day. Prizes: 1st: €250 cash 2nd: €150 cash 3rd: €100 cash Lowest win in a bonusgame: €50 cash Post your wins below to enter - Good luck :8 * Only Bonanza wins played on Royal Panda will count towards the competition and need to have been won inside the competition period * Prizes will be credited within 3 days after competition closes to allow for screenshots to be verified * All existing and new players at Royal Panda can participate, but only those using Casinogrounds' link will be credited the 25 no deposit spins * Spins will be credited within one business day * Send me your Royal Panda username to get your free spins added * You can only win one cash prize. In case you qualify for two prizes, you will only win the higher prize. The lower one will go to the next person who qualifies for that prize. * The competition closes at 23:59 CET on 14/03/2018
  17. Big Time Gaming official


    Hey CG, We thought we'd kick off our entry to the forum with a competition. We'll be giving away 2 lots of €100 wager free account deposits on Leo Vegas. All you have to do is create the most liked MEME and link/upload it into this thread. Prize one will be a forum vote by likes! Prize two will be decided by the Leo Vegas Casino team! Here's an example http://www.bigtimegaming.com/kirk The winners will be be posted to our news section too... Have fun!
  18. So I deposited 20€ to try to get a bonus on minimum bet, got the maximum number of lines and a huge 60 ways of 6 diamonds! My biggest X win ever, and the biggest suprise of my gambling career