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Found 6 results

  1. Still laughing at this YouTube video
  2. chenzu

    hello life gamblers

    Hi i am a newbie in terms of being on a casino. I am a 24yr old guy have a good better work for my age. I am not an addict on gamling or casino. I only do this because of curiosity and recreation. My story is that i only come on online casinos. I dont go inside casinos like in vegas or any other hotels that has a casino inside. thats all thanks
  3. GamblingVilo

    Hey my gambling fellows! ;-)

    Hello Boys and Girls my name is Vilo and as a new member, I just wanted to say hello. I thought I can make some gambling videos and maybe streams for you. But I have to say right away, my English is not the best and I hope it does not sound too stupid and you guys are still able to follow my stories To my person: I am 38, I come from Germany and I have gambled especially from 2012 to 2014 very active. However, only in gambling halls. At this time, I even was the superintendent of a gambling hall, which belonged to my ex-girlfriend, which has brought me to the gambling world for the most part. I usually play small bets of 0.10 Cents to 0.50 Cents, because I think having fun first and I don't wanna lose to much, but I've also celebrated nice wins like for example 400 EUR on "Gold Cup" or a 750 EUR jackpot on Monopoly. I think maybe I make a video about it with some photos. Then I took a break since 2014 and recently discovered a stream of Kim, which I found very entertaining. I realized that I missed gambling and shortly afterwards, I made a small deposit on Leo and had a really good weekend after, which I think I will also pack in a video sooner or later. (I made some screenshots.) That was actually my first Online-Casino experience. I played in a Online-Casino before once, when I was 18, but that is twenty years ago. For the future, I at least wanna record my gambling session and bring it on YouTube. So not only screenshots, don't worry. But yeah ... like I said. For now, I just wanted to say hello! ;-) Greetings GamblingVilo P.S.: I'm glad that after the terrible events in Vegas... Kim, Slotspinner and the others are all right. I was really worried about it!
  4. Hello everyone! I put my yesterday massive hit on book of dead.... First spin bonus.
  5. tumtumyumyum

    One year of online slots!

    For you who doesn't like reading, scroll down below for my biggest wins. Hello fellow gamblers, I'm Erik, 30 years old and I live in Groningen. It's a city in the North of the Netherlands. I'm a small stakes player and here is my story of one year on online slots. (English is my 2nd language so I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes) I've started playing online slots about a year ago, cheers to Nickslots for making me do that haha. I've had some money left on pokerstars (played small stakes PLO for 4 years). At the beginning I've played for 2 weeks on Starburst alone. Amazingly I won almost every time (played on it once a day for 10-15 minutes). Then I discovered TwinSpin. I remembered one saturday, I played like an 8 hour long hangover session on StarBurst and TwinSpin alone. Won like 2500 euro's with max bet of 1,25. Insane! Now I hate those 2 slots, like everyone right? I've never won on them again. Lost much of that 2500 euro after that Saturday ofcourse. A couple of weeks after, which was in March or April 2016, I saw LetsGiveItASpin doing DingDing and AnkleSpins on youtube. very funny and entertaining, thnx for that Kim! Also the 3 Swedish brothers where destroying the casino's at that time and ofcourse still do, thnx CasinoDaddy! So I decided to play the slots those streamers play. And I decided to put in 25 or 50 euro on 1 casino at a time. Get 100-300% bonus and try to wager it all. When I started to do that I was like 500 euro up on the slots (from the Starburst and Twinspin day and some money I've won on Karamba (FruityFriends was so good to me)). The whole summer things where bad. I've gone through 20-25 casino's and everytime I couldn't cashout because I didn't wagered all of my money. At that time I was down like 1000-1500 euro (for me that's a lot for gambling). I've deposite sometimes more then once on a casino before I banned it for a year or longer. In september I said to my girlfriend I deposite 50 euro one more time and then you gonna change the K9 (program to exclude websites) password. It was on Diamond7casino. And then..you guessed it, I started to win. I was up to 900 euro's in two days. The whole holiday on Malta I've wagered the most of the 4500 euro (150*30) on my mobile. Good times, sitting in the sun with a cocktail in your hand and hitting 100x-300x bonusses everyday. When I was back from my holiday the wagering was almost done and I was still on 650 euro's. So finally a nice 600 euro profit. But...I decided to play DOA for like only the 8th time or something (I didn't liked it at first). And I've hit the wildline! Last normal spin the 5th wild land on a perfect line. So 5 extra spins of glory! After that one I was like break-even or a little bit up! And at that time I'm watching almost everyday (and still do!) a video of the Bandit, very entertaining, thnx Steven! So now I can't quit right? The last 3 months have been very good to me. I busted like 10-15 casino's, most of them only 25 euro's, but I've cash out on 2 more casino's. Bot of them 750 euro's! How? Well most of my winnings of those last months are here below. My first DOA wildline, a 600x on Wild Rockets and a 1200x! on Jack and the Beanstalk are sadly on my previous phone, which died. But I did capture my biggest achievement of the year. A 5 scatter hit and a wildine hit on DOA in one day! (only 1 hour on that slot separated sessions) You'll see very small betting, but that's just me. I really enjoy playing and I don't have a lot of money. So when I hit big, that's where the fun part for me begins. Trying to wager all the money with average betting of 60p. Playing for houres and houres with only 50 euro's of my own money. So that's my story. I hoped you liked reading it. I like to thank al the streamers and youtubers out there. NickSlots, Casinodaddy, LetsGiveItASpin, The Bandit, Dazza G, MikaPekka, Shirox1980, Slotspinner,RocknRolla and everyone I've forgotten and who is out there! Cheers everyone! 213 euro Jurassic park = on 30p 96,05 euro Immortal Romance = on 30p 227,10 on Amazon Queen = I was to late for the picture it was full screen of gorilla's except bottom middle one, insane! The 2nd screen on wonky wabbits is so beautiful, look at those wilds! On pimped it was 1 line play and not even in the bonus, sick!
  6. I am 26 years of age and have struggled once before at around 21 years of age with a serious gambling problem.. I once stole off my parents easily over 2k pounds just to fund my habit and chase these big wins. Not only this but I am so depressed about everything I have done wrong to my family in the past that I am not taking good care of my health as I believe I am just a lost cause to them. A problem if you will. Even though they have all forgiven me and try so hard with me. Therefor I do not leave the house often. I have not had a job for 1 year or more and my confidence is very low so I find it so hard to leave the house and be productive throughout the days looking for work and just general anxiety problems and self destructive behaviour. My life is slowly becoming more and more unbearable and if anyone can help me out in any way with any kind words or information on what I can do to better my situation then please let me know it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to the streamers on twitch I am eternally grateful for all your kind words to me over these last weeks you have helped me so much already and just this alone makes me feel like I am on the road to recovery somewhat. Please feel free to respond in any way you guys would like. All be it harsh words/words of encouragement or trolls LOL.. It feels so good to open up and talk even though I am just typing words I feel like the weight is already lifting. I know this is not a gambling problem but a problem within myself and understand if people choose not to respond because of this but it would be greatly appreciated if anybody could take the time to maybe just say a few words and maybe if someone else is in the same sort of place they could read this one day and know that it is OK to talk about your problems so that people/family can help you as much as they can. I will say I am extremely grateful to the streamers for being so warm and welcoming to me when I first started watching them and commenting in the chat. Now you guys know my story and maybe I can get over this and get better before it is too late now Kindest Regards, Craig.