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  1. Deposited $50 to play, had 3 free games paying $3 to $10 and then on 4th free spins I got 4 of top symbol in free games. Total win $509.50 on 0.50 cents bet.
  2. massive win, today is just great see video and enjoy
  3. I Made my first Big Win ob Dead of Alive II
  4. RoyalPanda showing it's LeoVegas side with a scam "bonus" for you! Aaah, new game - new promotions and competitions at CasinoGrounds. Let's try out Royal Panda again. Oh, they have a 50% deposit promotion running, "Summer Bonanza" - Bamboo Bonus. Turns out they will give you these every friday forward!! So I make a small deposit, choose to use the 50% Summer Bonanza bonus to test out the new release from REELPlay (CG Competition/Giveaway LV/RP) I play some, no luck. Hit the bonus balance - get down to € 25 -ish.. Was sure it was rip.. Hit a good 600x on (lol) Show Master.. Feels good.. I continue playing. Thinking about how Royal Panda can be under LeoVegas and offer me a 50% bonus every weekend, when LeoVegas makes you wager with your own money to potentially unlock their (non-wager) bonus money. Sick! I check the wagering; 14.39%. Fine. I continue next day, 110x, 39x on Book of Dead, hit a nice 324x in base game on Gorilla Kingdom. I check the wagering, it's still on 14.39% Time to check what's going on. Norwegian version: "and they must be used in games with bets with kontanter => "physical form of money" (Kontanter <=> can obviously be translated from Cash. It should probably just have said Cash balance/Cash saldo or Ekte Penger vs Bonus Penger, as the word kontanter isn't used anywere else on the site, or simply stick with the English version of the terms, as those words Cash balance and Bonus balance is used on the site too). The english version makes it pretty clear. "wagering requirement (..) must be met with CASH BALANCE bets" (Royal Panda's "Real Money balance" is called Cash) Below is the __general terms__ for their promotions (Norwegian and English version). Ah, so this is what's going to pwn me. English version Okay, so how do you guys feel about it? Is a deposit bonus, where if you hit the bonus money you're basically at 0 - a bonus that benefits the player? Example: You deposit 100 euro and take the 50% => +50 Euro. 35x wagering 150 euro "balance" in games. You lose your 100, and start at bonus money. 50 euro. 50 * 35 = 1750 euro to wager (bla bla bla, you maybe hit a 300x on 0.60 - making you 210) but even if you hit some, and want to continue playing and wager it (or potentially lose it all) you can't win this money - unless you again make a deposit with real money and start wagering the 1750 with your NEW deposit (or ofc potentially lose it all). Even the scummiest of Curaçao casinos let's you wager with the bonus money. The f is this?
  5. Start at 3:35 it should start there already but yeah...
  6. 5 heads in a row - 3€ Bet - Legacy of Dead 😎 G-Slots -> Twitch = https://www.twitch.tv/gsiots 672549087-176031317-4382ce13-7473-4696-9eb2-d62ccc1ff58e.mp4
  7. 195x on a $2 spin! Was down to $11 left, got all the way back up to over $700! Was very happy!! Goodluck to all!
  8. Has any one ever had this many spins befor ? This has to be a book of dead record.
  9. Hey guys, Sorry about the video quality, this never happens for me and I was quite excited!! 550x HUGE WIN!! on Legacy of Dead from a 30c Spin!! ($165) Enjoy the Video!! 550x HUGE WIN Legacy of Dead.mp4 DING DING
  10. Won 1010£ on 20 p stake got top symbol full screen
  11. Can some one help me I have been with casumo for about a year deposited and withdrawn fine, I had a big win the other day and cashed out £3000 they closed my account down and asked me to prove me source of wealth, I’m on benafits and my girlfriend transfers me money I lost my way and have borrowed a lot to gamble, I won 2000 in June then blew it back on casumo when it came into my account ‘no problem deposited £100 and I got my Balance up to £3000 and withdrew and set my deposit limits to £100 a month they closed my account and have done this what I said at the top will not talk to me I’ve asked for the dead lock information they just ignore me what can I
  12. Well, always played on 0.90€ or more... then i deciced to try on low bet .. so i Set on 0.18€ and this happened VideoEditor_20200624_103057.mp4
  13. Nice little base game hit! https://gyazo.com/37766a3fb32f56d4159298d4a301915a
  14. So I was clearing free spins balance on 3 lines and we’ll... the photo speaks for itself
  15. 300x at New Game " Doom of Dead " ( 60 Spins ) 😆Here is the link to my video : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/661157073
  16. 300x at New Game " Doom of Dead " ( 60 Spins ) 😆 Here is the link to my video : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/661157073
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