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  1. Kosmankasa

    LeoVegas [RESOLVED]

    Hello. The case is resolved, I got the money paid today. thank you so much for your help @Skylined87
  2. Kosmankasa

    LeoVegas [RESOLVED]

    I have tried Casumo, Dunder and LeoVegas, none of them giving me that opportunity. They say that for Norwegian players only Visa works for withdrawals. They also set a limit for withdrawals for Norwegian players 18500 per 24 hours.
  3. Kosmankasa

    LeoVegas [RESOLVED]

    I use DNB. It has worked before, but I see that all casinos have removed the bank transfer option. Now only the Visa option is available. Maybe DNB doesn't accept payments from casinos, or maybe the problem is with LeoVegas, I'm not sure
  4. Kosmankasa

    LeoVegas [RESOLVED]

    Sorry for my english, it is translated on Google translator Hi all. I uploaded 2 videos a couple of days ago with 2 big wins, and I wrote here that I had won 2500 euros with a deposit of €40. Now I have a problem! I can't take out the money, I think casinos have problems with Norwegian banks. I have requested a withdrawal 6 times without success. All the time the money was put back on my playing account. I have contacted live chat several times, they did a fantastic job as usual but they failed to resolve the issue. Now the case has been forwarded to the right department, but I am very skeptical and cannot believe that they will solve the case. Can any of you help me? Maybe @letsgiveitaspin or @ skylined87 Thank you
  5. Kosmankasa


  6. Very good start in 2019 at LeoVegas. Made a deposit of € 40 and managed to withdraw €2500
  7. Kosmankasa

    Post your biggest/best win of 2018!

    My Biggest win ever, over 19000x
  8. Kosmankasa

    Deposit problems for Norwegian players

    So strange, I've tried at many casinos, no one works. Maybe there's something wrong with my card
  9. Hello. Are there any Norwegian players who have problems with Visa deposits? I have tried different casinos now, no one works
  10. Kosmankasa


    You have to be happy with it. I get nothing. I have reached level 180 several years ago. The only thing I get sometimes is 80% bonus
  11. Kosmankasa

    The wife's epic jammin jars win

    Holy s***t. almost 12.000x. Big congrats
  12. Kosmankasa

    Problem with deposit with ePro-Norwegian

    It worked for me yesterday