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  1. Casinomon

    insane 9000x tiki tumble

    BTG watch out, Push is pushing it!
  2. Casinomon

    proof of ownership RIZK

    I have both experienced this as a customer and asked for it working at online casinos myself. It is not very common, but there are cases where it is required and once requested, you really don´t have any choice but to provide the document. The banks are familiar with this and the easiest way to go by it if you ask me, is to physically visit your local bank, ID yourself and simply ask for the requested document. They should print it and hand it over in no time, take a picture with your phone, make sure all four corners are visible and just upload it/send it. In short, there is nothing fishy about it, but then again it does not happen often (regardless of casino), so I totally understand your concern.
  3. Casinomon

    Big Win on Thunderstruck II, first time playing

    Like A Boss! Show that little Simba he is not ready for a throne yet ;D
  4. Casinomon

    ban online casino streamers

    And yet, I find you alone trying to use anything against the streamers. And I must say that you, as an individual, targeting a group of people and with them their supporters, accusing them of various stuff in a open forum. The least you can expect is getting the same treatment back, only that I might imagine it stings a bit more since it´s now concentrated on one person. This is probably gonna go on for a while without leading to anything constructive at all. Imagine if you were putting all this energy into talking to the behind programs like slot tracker and similar, maybe it would possible to let user configure the program in such way so that you can set limits or even have the program to react on your betting pattern and losses, identying a tilting player and pop up some warning or even more than that? I just took this out of the air now, it´s maybe not a good idea at all. But already I find the suggestion alone more constructive in terms of achieving what you seem to care so much about, reducing problematic gambling. It´s something you can build upon without any real room to start accusing eachother and fighting about stuff. Edit: By this I meant myself and everyone else involved in a thread like this, not just you personally
  5. Casinomon

    ban online casino streamers

    I´d just like to add one point The streamers did NOT create the gamblers/viewers, it´s the other way around. Some comments about some streamers turning into this and that, definitely there has been a lot of changes and it´s not like it was in the "vanilla time" of casino streaming. What happened to the guys that we´re playing 20 cent and 40 cent bets on JATB and Gonzos ? That were insanely excited for a €160 win and a €1k win was like a lifechanging jackpot? Did they suddenly decide that they don´t like gambling and switched focus on affiliation and revenue for income purposes, as opposed to why most of them started streaming in the first place? Probably not...... The VIEWERS created what the streamers are today. As a streamer, I want to entertain my viewers, I want everyone to feel good, be happy, and keep on improving. At a certain point however, your viewer base will reach a point where you can´t be as "down to earth" as you used to be. Suddenly it´s challenging, it´s not easy to be streaming for 200 or 500+ people and it takes a LOT of focus and energy to keep up with everything at the same time as you try keeping everyone happy. Then if you are serious about what you are doing, as you grow, you will get much attention from all possible directions, you will have to keep updated with regulations and policies, MGA, UKGCA , etc. Add some competitions and raffles, tons of whispers and so on...... As a streamer, you have to adapt after your audience to some extent. Either that, or simply end up streaming for the same 15 people over and over again for the rest of your life. But that would not generate the revenue needed to place, according to the viewers based on results, big enough bets to make it interesting. So 13 of these would probably go as well and then you are there alone with 2 moderators and nothing to do. As a viewer, if you rather watch someone play responsibly with maybe low stakes and good bankroll management , rather than someone advertising giveaways and doing €20 spins or more like if it was spare change, that is super fine. and if all was the same, streaming would probably look different today. But the numbers speak for themselves when it comes to what YOU, the VIEWERS want to watch. Remember, you create your own world, individually and collectively. If you don´t watch casino streams, they don´t exists. If you only watch €10k bankrolls with €50 bets, thats the only way to play casino and absolutely normal. If you watch €20 bankrolls and 10 cent bets only, then that becomes the standard in your world and the second you see a €10 bet you think the person is out of his mind. I am sure there are streamers in it for the money, just as well as there are streamers who just want to keep on streaming. Either way, none of it is possible without adapting to the viewers. You get what you create
  6. Casinomon

    Big Win on Thunderstruck II, first time playing

    Really nice! What did you start with, did you end up cashing out?
  7. Casinomon

    So you said Pink Elephants is awesome...

    I have so far not found this game a likeable experience at all... It has basically ripped through my balance too fast for me to ever stick around long enough to get a big win. One week after my first attempt at this game, I had my first ever bonus. ("one week" here involving roughly 200 spins). It paid 20x or something like that and after that I have never played it. If it is like flamebusters, I have been terribly unlucky and am definitly missing out, might give it another real try soon
  8. Casinomon

    How do you end a session?

    I am also having problems with this and am asking myself the same questions as you. A lot of good suggestions have been given but yeah, obviously it takes some dicipline. You just have to find yourself a method that works for you and that you can be diciplined about. What works best for me and something I always strive after, is setting a progressive "cashout limit" that I may increase throughout the session but never lower. Example: I deposit €20 , I get up to €142. At this point, €100 is my bottom line, I won´t go under this. However if I keep on winning before I reach that point, and end up having maybe €190, I´d increase that withdrawal point to €150 as it would still leave me with €40 to wrecklessly play however I wan´t. It´s double the amount I deposited and I already had lots of fun, If I can not be happy about that with a €150 withdrawal on top of it, something is seriously wrong. (As it is most times ) Being focused, well rested, healthy or fit, it all helps tons as it increases your focus and makes it easier to be diciplined. Another tip that won´t work for me but I know it works for others, is simply to set a time limit you stick too. Either by your self or using the casinos "session limit" if available. I am sure you have a rough idea about how long time it takes before you start getting a bit unfocused and tilting tendencies start occuring, set a time limit that prevents you from getting to this point. When you see your €190 balance after a €20 deposit, unable to keep playing until next day, it will then be easy to settle for a withdrawal and maybe leave something in the account for the next day so you don´t need to redeposit. I hope you find something that works for you!
  9. Casinomon

    Slot tracker

    Hey TechnoJoe! It is nothing to worry about, the program is simply monitoring detailed information about various game rounds and results in the communication between you and the game server in a way that a firewall not yet familiar with this program would find suspicious and has to warn you about. I have been using slot tracker from time to time ever since they released it and definitely vouch for it´s trustworthiness. Just add a firewall exception or somehow add it to a list of "trusted programs" in your firewall. Probably you will soon get a much better answer from the owner as @Nicola mentioned
  10. Casinomon


    I agree. Big Time Gaming, the high volatility games being played in general throughout the casino streams, big win videos etc. These games were super popular and played in every stream before, especially when bonus hunting started. Having a bonus in gonzo, one in Jack and the beanstalk, Flowers etc was essential. But it´s like we´ve seen enough of it after having these games on the market for 5+ years. We rarely play the games anymore and only time we stumble upon it, is in old big win videos etc. I don´t think these games have changed a bit, only our perception of it. From the end of the summer last year until december, I completely gave up on JATB and Gonzos, the bonus would just not come and if it did, it paid 10x or nothing even. Then again, last week I decided to play Gonzos for fun with my last 6 euros on a 40 cent bet, and I got 2 bonuses in the first 10 spins, then 2 more over the next 30-40, the best one paying 500+ x. On any given day I could give bonanza or danger high voltage even a couple of 100 spins, without getting any bonus or action at all. Still, it definitly feels like if those old games have died and the newer more high volatile ones are the ***** But it´s all perception! I mean, who doesn´t feel every new game that is released pays better the first week of launch than two months later? I´m pretty sure a majority of you guys can relate to that. But that is simply because once you get used to getting the bonuses in a game you played for some time, they are not as memorable as when you get your first bonuses in a game you´ve never played or seen before. Probably you could easily go 50 spins on Jatb or Gonzo without winning and then feel the game is not what it used to be, but I am pretty sure at the same time you would even make redeposits after a couple of hundred spins in games like White Rabbit or Bonanza to get the bonus. Once you do, you feel it´s a better game than the others, but it´s all an illusion really
  11. Casinomon

    QuietSlotter - An Introduction

    Nice to finally have you here then
  12. Casinomon

    ban online casino streamers

    I don´t know man..... You have TV commercials, spam in your inbox, probably tons of newsletters as well.... Then you have a bunch of streamers promoting casinos when they gamble online themselves. Amongst these you have sincere genuine and passionate gamblers who love playing slots and managed to take it to the next level by sharing their gambling sessions and with their affiliate links generating the income that enables the streamer to often keep going even through hard times where others would have been forced to maybe stop gambling or taking a break. You also have the ones who are there purely for the money, you got individuals with high moral that cares a lot about each and every one of their viewers, and those who don´t give a *****. You can not just put them all in the same box. I am not actively streaming right now, mostly because I feel bad about making money on my viewers losses even though I know most of them want me to get as much of it as possible rather than the casino. Any revenue or comission I´ve ever made exceeding costs for rent and food (and energy drinks of course) , has gone straight into more and bigger deposits, bigger competitions and raffles, etc. I´ve never built any buffert and that is also why I have now completely ripped the streaming and my private finances on three different occasions through this journey. But how do you know who you can trust? Who is acting? Who is genuine? Who has good intentions and who doesn´t care? I suppose you can never truly know for certain, but knowing there is a group like casinogrounds, who as a group help eachother and ensure we only promote casinos with certain standards, as well as having the strength to help the members of community if anyone is clearly misstreated..... With a forum where you will get any questions answered, any mechanics, bonuses or terms explained by someone who is NOT the casino.........This is something that should be appreciated, and if I wasn´t a member of casinogrounds, if I ever had any concerns or doubts about a new casino or their routines, this is the place I would go for confirmation. I would not trust it a 100%, but I would trust it 500% more than any other source really. I am not here to change your opinion on Casinogrounds, but I am hoping you can at least agree that some of the points brought up are valid
  13. Casinomon

    Huge win on bonanza!!

    Thats a really nice one, i´d say 90% of the bonuses in Bonanza bring you to a 7-12x multiplier, once you manage to pass that the magic starts like in your bonus. Beautiful and congrats!
  14. Casinomon

    ban online casino streamers

    Reasoning: The core of the viewers want to stop gambling , somehow the streamers are making this difficult and you don´t like them making money this way Solution: Streamers should affiliate for Gamban or a Gambling blocker, and focus their affiliation revenue on targeting the most problematic gamblers and only problematic gamblers Reasoning: Unknown substances involved Is this the definition of contradictive ?
  15. Casinomon

    CASINOMON - Giving it a dance.

    Ok now you guys are gonna get me start thinking that I actually don´t suck at dancing at all