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  1. Play The Game

    Leaving slots.

    Hi all i just wanna say thanks to all the streamers that i have watched and followed for hours of fun and friendship. I will not be playing slots anymore. I have had some good luck in recent weeks and i think now is the time to quit. I must say one thing though, casumo have continuously taken deposits and literally no wins or or decent cashout chances of late. Since they got the 5million pound fine i have just been ripped from them. It may be just a coincidence but feels more than that. You can shear a sheep many times but you can only skin it once. I have self excluded my self from all registered sites and will just pursue my poker carear without the risk of spending my bankroll on slots. I love slots and would only wish that i had more self control but if you love the buzz of wins and themes of slots and its in your heart then it becomes hard to stop. When it starts effecting my life then surely im doing it wrong. Gutted and sad. Thanks casino grounds for the great forum. Farewell friends.
  2. Play The Game

    3.1k win for $8.80 buy in!!!

    Ok got it now. So we done a deal and i got 2nd best money 3,1k, then just called an all in with 44 and lost in 4th.
  3. Got an ICM deal @pokerstars saturday spider for 2nd place. Some reason wont let me upload pictures will keep trying
  4. Play The Game

    Extra Chilli record win [11.098 X]

    Happy new year from the best game in 2018.
  5. Play The Game

    Big win on dalai panda.

    Merry xmas to everybody at casinogrounds.com i wish you all the best.
  6. Play The Game

    748x extra chili nothing untill last spin

    99% of last spins dont pay But i have had a few massive last spins I always take what it dishes out but too many 8 spins in a row can ruin your balance so i gamble once in a while.
  7. Play The Game

    Book of Sun Super big win! 750x+

    Great win m8!!!
  8. Play The Game

    LaseR FruiT - x1742,6 in 160FS

    Is that MAX lines?
  9. Play The Game

    JokerPro x1000 - HotSpot-HiT

    nice picture, great win.
  10. Play The Game

    [GIVEAWAY] SMM Mega bullet + 5,000 Freespins

    SEK 7700 £7700 twicth: playthegameagain youtube: PlayTheGame
  11. Play The Game

    Big buffalo win.

  12. Play The Game

    Bonanza small win

    lol its diamond mind for real hahahahha