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  1. After a break from casino games i decided to deposit 15e just to have some fun lowrolling. After about 20 spins i hit bonus and this happened. http://imgur.com/yzzbkkV
  2. Thats why i love EGT slots

    I have been lowrolling EGT slots whole day today, i started with 15e and managed to cash out 900e playing only EGT. Thats the best hit of the day.
  3. ★ Medusa II ★ Free Spins - MEGA WIN !!

    wow, good job. i have never gotten over 50x on that bonus
  4. If you hit 2 scatters in Grim Muerto you get to pick for the third scatter. If you miss the 3rd scatter you will see where it is and now when you get 2 scatters again you have to pick the same position where the scatter was last time.
  5. Immortal romance and Circus brilliant

    For those who are not familiar with Circus Brilliant: You trigger free spins if you hit 5 line. I hit 5 clowns(best symbol) and it gave me 50 free spins. Cant edit post for some reason x.x
  6. So i got the bonus on the first spin i did and in the bonus the first spin gave me 5 best symbols + 2 wilds in 5x bonus Recently i have played alot of EGT slots, got many 200x+ wins on various slots but i usually forgot to screen them but heres one i got few days ago.
  7. Hi!

    Hello, im Sander and hailing from Estonia. I have been following twitch streams since the last year but im usually watching from tablet and thats why im not very active on stream chat. My way to online gambling was kinda wierd, i got a text message from one site where i used to play poker that i got 20 free spins on their casino. Well i logged in, started the slot and won like 70€ from free spins and cashed it out. Next day i thought why not to try slots again..... and well here i am now