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  1. rip norway ><

    There is no IP blocking, only DNS blocking. You only need to use other DNS servers, like google and you're good to go. Norwegian politics at it's best <3
  2. Concidering to quit casino

    I know exactly how you're feeling as i've experienced the same myselfe. It's over 10 years since i played slots for the first time, but then i played occacionally small bets, mabye i deposted €50 once every two months or so, didnt win much. It was around 2 years ago i started to play "seriously". I was on a good run and in very much profit. This went on for seveal months, untill i hit a ice-cold period in oktober 2017 - january 2018. I mean, going from hot sessions to absolutely nothing. The average bonus/freespins where rarely, and when i first got one, they paid nothing. I changed casinos, took new welcome bonuses to get more funds to play, but i lost it faster than possible to think, and that even if i played at max €1 betsizes. You always hit short cold periods, and always expect it to turn, but suddenly it never turns, but you keep telling yourselfe that "the cold session has been so long now, it has to turn", and you keep depositing. I was very close to quit and just a few clicks away from closing all my accounts, but i took some minor breaks and just played the RIZK RACE to mabye get a few wins from there. In february 2018 i started to get a few wins again (then on very small stakes ofcourse), and slowely since then i've started to get back to "normal". Norman means in long time i'm break even. Not running HOT, but not cold either. The turnaround was the wheel on RIZK i manage to get the jackpot winning €2000, and suddenly my "casino wallet" got a boost, and since then i've manage to keep that balance. I play for fun, but always dreaming for that HUGE hit to drop some time I'm not saying you shouldnt quit, just saying that i've been there you are and i know how you're feeling. And even if the streamers says that when you loose you should stop, its not just as easy as that, is it?
  3. Has your 50€ bet money been credited back to your balance, or are they gone aswell? In your account you can check all your bets under account history. select from -> to date for a list of all bets and winnings (credit/debit). Please paste a screenshot where you placed your bet leading to the bonus that is gone. I know the casino could delete it from the history, but if they took a chance on this without knowing if you could proove the bet was made with a video or soemthing, it would be the end of them, so i hardly belive that happened.
  4. Hugo2: if you get the 3 girls and enter the cave: if you loose a life in the first step, you will max get a 9x win on that round.
  5. In Danger HV, every 90 out of 100 spins that does NOT have any wild or scatter, have all non-premium symbols: 9-10-J-Q-K-A
  6. Big Time Gaming Crashing

    It happens for me aswell on mobile devices (BTG), and what casino i play on doesnt seem to matter.
  7. You want some cheese to that whine?
  8. @m3evil i didnt notice the winning amount when i first looked at the picture. Do you remember if you had any symbols dropping in, then it stopped at the screenshot? Mabye your phone or graphics(APP) failed to "play" the drops, but the result alltogether is correct. Because if the gameround played like this, but no animation showing the next drops and you still get a winning, i think its just a graphic bug.
  9. Mabye @Big Time Gaming official could comment on this?
  10. data saved or not?

    You dont need to close/open the slot. Every time you press the spin button, you are randomly given a gameround in return. That gameround is randombly choosen from all total gamerounds avilable in the slot. In other words, you can draw the same gameround two times in a row, you can draw the same win someone else just had seconds before you, etc. So, everytime you spin, you're back to square one. If you spin and hit a huge win, you can win big next spin. The slot never gets empty. However, there are billions of gamerounds to select from, so the chance for you to pick a gameround you've had before is very unlikely. If you started out as a kid 18 years old, and played the same slot 24/7 untill you are 100 years old, you would not manage to play all gamerounds created for that slot. So the RTP is calculated over all those billions spins. That means, in long term, you will loose on a lot. But, in short term you can get a very high RTP if you're lucky. That is what slots is about, beeing lucky Good luck!
  11. I use mostly neteller when deposit/withdrawal to casinos. My neteller currency is in NOK, and i use NOK when playing slots. The exception is casumo that doesnt offer NOK, so i have to use euro. I think casumo is great and offers a lot of slots and the reel races. If that had not been the case, i would never depoist there, because when i withdrawal i kind of "loose" a lot of cash caused by the exchange rate. I also wonder who sets the rate? casumo or neteller? Let me give you an example: 18th of mars i did a deposit of €100 Beløp: 981.48 NOK Valutakurs: 9.81479482 the same day i did a withdrawal of €1200 (but the withdrawal was done 19th, so 1 day later) Transaksjonsbeløp:1200.00 EUR Valutakurs: 9.15593244 Wallet-beløp: 10987.12 NOK So the exchange rate takes over 1000 nok (€100) from me. When the slots finally doesn't rip me, the exchange rat is If the exchange rat was the same (9,8) i wouldnt care, but the difference is soo high. Any suggestions out there? is there anyway to get out of this in a more profitable way, or should i just stop deposit to casumo (and other not supporting NOK)?
  12. Bonanza Big Wins! [CG & Royal Panda Competition]

    WOW, i'm setting records here! Continuing with an insane 1,2x bonus! (i know time has passed, but i included it anyway to see how sh* this slot has become...)
  13. Bonanza Big Wins! [CG & Royal Panda Competition]

    LOL I though i'd do some more spins before the end of the day and i triggered an awesome 5,15x bonus! I'm sooooo done with this slot!
  14. Bonanza Big Wins! [CG & Royal Panda Competition]

    My results from the compo: Number of bonuses: 25 Best bonus: 436,15x Worst bonus: 7,8x avg. bonus: 101,2196x I have to say i'm really dissapointed not getting better thatn 436,15x during 25 bonuses. This slot has not potenzzzziaaale Alle images uploaded here: https://imgur.com/a/feXc2 Best bonus screenshot:
  15. Bonanza Big Wins! [CG & Royal Panda Competition]

    I'm so tired of Bonanza played it for days now. I've had over 20 bonuses untill now, but no "DING-DING" yet. At this moment i have more belive in QUICKSPIN slots than Bonanza. I think Bonanza have put a spell on me. I'll post a summary with all bonus screenshots within the end of the day