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  1. 491,6x I've played for a while now and i havent decided if i like this slot or not. It feels so harsh when spinning 20+ dead spins to build some multiplier and wild symbols, and then you get like 3 in a row lowest symbol and all "wasted". Still, its something different and i like that it doesnt bonus teases you all the time. I think i've gotten the bonus in 1 of every 5 times it teases, and thats not bad (mabye i was lucky).
  2. pausefisk

    Ikibu - stay away at every cost!

    1. ALWAYS read terms, no matter what! Terms can have changed since the last time a streamer talked about it, and terms can be different for your country aswell. 2. If a streamer use a sertain casino it doesnt mean its a good one regarding bonuses. If you think about it, the best casinos for streamers is casinos with "impossible" wager/terms for the players. That means more commission for the streamer. If you look at casinodaddy they have tons of exclusive welcome bonuses on many cainos where the players loose i'd guess 95% of the time. No wonder they earn shitloads. Most of the sites on CG has decent welcome bonuses, but the best ones are not even listed here. But keep in mind, the rating and reviews are written by the CG/streamer themselves However, a casino can be very good, regardless of the welcome bonuses. I wish you the best of luck @Li_Shang it's so f*** typical a good hit like that comes around when you're stuck in a bonus or something, been there done that.
  3. pausefisk

    MegaWins photoshoot

    Insane selfie with chat in background, what a joke yeah stay away...
  4. pausefisk


    I agree, wasted tons of spin and cash just to trigger a lousy bonus. i could have reached level 5 mabye 5-6 times in the same time it took to trigger it. what a scam....
  5. pausefisk

    Joker Pro 1000x

    1000x is max you can win on this slot. If you get 1 or 5 (or more) re-spins it doesnt matter, you can max win 1000x. Congrats, nice hit
  6. pausefisk

    Betsafe - daily tournaments very unclear terms

    @LetsGiveItASpin if you go to https://www.betsafe.com/sv/casino/turneringar Click on "Läs mer" under todays ongoing tournament. Click on "Villkor" under the field where the slot game is. You can see nr 2: 2. Vinnaren är den spelare som gör den största genomsnittliga förtjänsten (sammanlagd vinst delat med sammanlagd insats) i 20 raka spelrundor.
  7. pausefisk

    CasinoGrounds 2.0 is here! - Community Feedback

    Overall, great upgrade! I have a few suggestion (my opinions, doesnt mean its correct): HOMEPAGE No need to load the twitch widget all the time, and takes too much focus on the screen. "Hide" should be active as default, and the cookie should remember you preferences, because now you need to press "hide" every time you browse to the page. Thats sometime i notice very fast i didnt like. On mobile version, the twitch widget takes too much space aswell, but the rest of the widget order is a bit weird: TWITCH CASINO LIST LATEST FORUM CASINO NEWS If i could choose, i'd put CASINO NEWS up in 2nd spot (or even first). I know you want to promote your casinos, but for a regular users its just "annoying". FORUM I didnt like that a new browser tab is opened when entering the forum. On mobile (and this was a problem on the old site aswell) when you're on the forum, and want to scroll down, and you happend to touch your finger on the review section, you go straight to the review. when you press and hold while dragging, it shouldnt act like a "click". this has been the most irritating so far ON MOBILE font size on readable information should never be below 14px. EurostileNext may look as a cool font as long as its large, but not very friendly for weak eyes. You should use OpenSans like post font. Alos use opensans in THIS editor when posting and defaut textsize should be 16px at least. Regarding colors, i dont like that most colors are high contrasts. The yellow color, the green quote color, and pinned+featured colors etc. too much contrasts colors. Example, if you go intro your profile there is a button "See my activity" where the background is green highcontrasts with white tekst, very hard to read. I'd go for something much more pleasant for the eyes. Also the yellow-orange is used as link on text on white background, can be hard to read for an untrained eye OTHERS: The HOME button doesnt work when on other pages (not the forum)
  8. pausefisk

    Betsafe - daily tournaments very unclear terms

    @LetsGiveItASpin did they change there rules?? Where? For me it still looks the same?!?
  9. pausefisk

    Diamond Mine or Bonanza???

    Bonanza have better graphics, music and the overall feeling in the gameplay is soo much better. Diamond mine is not even close! The only thing i like better on diamond mine is that the "drop" doesnt lag when you dont hit anything. This is something that kills the excitement in Bonanza, and i'd love to se BTG would do something about this, right @Big Time Gaming official ??
  10. pausefisk

    What really happened?

    found this on ebay
  11. pausefisk

    it litteraly took me 12342 spins to get a bonus in bonanza

    welcome to the club!
  12. This is a follow up to the post i made som time ago, but you dont have to read it to understand this post: link is: /forum/topic/14722-need-help-with-some-math-betsafe-tournament-is-either-wrong-or-rigged/ (you need to paste behind domain name because there seems to be som error when pasting links to other posts atm @Skylined87 (FYI) I've now "moved" this case over to the complaints section, because i (finally) got an answer from Betsafe. Betsafe now confirm that the tournament points i had is "correct". And they confirm: the bigger bets = bigger wins = more points. I think the terms for the tournament says something else: (i can only paste in norwegian, since the tournament is not available for UK players, you can find se,dk,fi language on betsafe torunament page https://www.betsafe.com/no/casino/turneringer) In terms number 2, it says: 2. Spilleren med høyest gjennomsnittlige gevinst (totalt gevinstbeløp delt på totalt innsatsbeløp) i løpet av 20 påfølgende spinn vinner. translated with google it says: 2. The player with the highest average win (total win amount divided by total bet amount) in 20 consecutive spin wins. The way i interpret this sentence the bet size should not matter at all. They way Betsafe run this torunament is in my opinion not very "responsible gambling"-friendly at all. If you play small stakes, your odds for winning the torunament is extremely low. If you play high stakes, around 5€ you will most likely get a top place every day. So, what do you guys think? Is it I who missunderstand the terms? And, is this term in any way unclear enough, that it is material for MGA? Appreciate all feedback And FYI - stay way from Betsafe torunaments, unless you play high stakes, you will not win anything by playing minimum betsize at 2kr.
  13. pausefisk

    Kaboo casino scam !

    CG promotes Kaboo, they should be able to help aswell?
  14. pausefisk

    Help me set up streaming platform

    Have you tried CG's guide? https://casinogrounds.com/how-to-stream-casino-games/
  15. pausefisk

    Diamond Mine (Bonanza clone)

    Finally i got a bonus on this slot, after tons of spins. paid 32x. yup, definitely bonanza clone.