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  1. I had a gameround on DHV, where the game froze before i manage to pick the feature. It took a few days to sort it out, and my balance was credited with the outcome of the bonus. If the outcome is based on what you pick, how can that be possible in my case? Shouldnt i be able to play my round, or did the provider or casino choose my pick, and if so, would it be fair to ask me which result i want if they are different?
  2. pausefisk

    Great Rhino GRAND

    Fullscreen giving me the GRAND "jackpot", 500x, first fullscreen in any PP slot
  3. Finally i manage to reach the 15x multiply in the bonus, nice 1743x win, my 6th biggest win in X.
  4. pausefisk

    Vera& John casini

    @Zvonesampione, please don't blame vera & John just because you're an awful player… you should practice with playmoney before you proceed...
  5. pausefisk

    [Giveaway+COMP] Buster Hammer Carnival

    This slot was way better last night that the first time i tried it, but still max win for me so far is 118x.
  6. pausefisk

    [Giveaway+COMP] Buster Hammer Carnival

    wow did you get freespins at €1 stakes??? Makes me feel scammed This slot ripped med slowly, got a few bonues but this was the best i could get... i'll keep away from this one
  7. pausefisk

    21casino.com banned me after winning big

    "abuse promotions?" excuse me... we're getting bombed with signup and bonus offers each day, and they tell us (players) that we're abusing? Thanks for sharing @Robcop i'll put that casino on my "signup banned list". As long as you got your money i'd leave them for good, no reason to be loyal to a shitty provider like this. good luck
  8. pausefisk

    Horrendous Fees On Deposits

    Not true, but when deposit to neteller/skrill you have to enable that the Money will be used for online gambling to be able to transfer to casinos, and this is where the Norwegian banks blocks the deposit. But, if you use bank transfer (rapid bank transfer) this Works fine. I think its a 2 or 2.5% fee, but still better than using VISA etc.
  9. pausefisk

    Great start on 2019

    Nice!! How much did you bet?
  10. pausefisk

    Frankfred cancel withdrawal fee???

    Are you sure? When i read the terms at frankfred it says no withdrawal fee....
  11. pausefisk

    Post your biggest/best win of 2018!

    3115x Dead or Alive (2nd place is BerryBurst Max 2130x, 3rd Jammin Jars 1718x) my best wins. However, 2018 is a bad slotyear for me even tho i had some awesome wins.
  12. pausefisk

    Queen of Riches x12960 bet

    holy christmas!! congrats!
  13. pausefisk

    casino and vpn/dns?

    Do NOT use vpn while playing casino, it's 99,9% likely that is breaking the terms.
  14. pausefisk


    I won €100 aswell the 1st dec, but since then i've just had smaller wins, but still, i think RIZK have had the best christmas offers this year, at least to those casinos i'm a player at Btw, i remember when rizk announced rizkmas they also said that if you logged in every day during rizkmas, you would get something little extra... anyone got something extra yet??