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  1. pausefisk

    Slot tracking software.

    I gave up on this too... to much "504 Gateway Time-out" when browsing... Also i think the price was a bit too high aswell. From the comunity stats my spins covered almost 10% (at that time), and in the end i figured they needed me more than i needed them... I stopped my tracking almost 1 year ago. Stats didnt work properly with bonuses either (even though i added them). Depressing stats, felt good to turn it off I still have my old stats when logging in:
  2. pausefisk


    Just bad luck. I had to put a 6 month pause on my account at Videoslots because i've made many (20+) deposits (with and without bonuses) and not a single cashout. Stakes are usually around 0.5 - 2€. Deposits around 100€ - 300€ each time. I know there is nothing wrong with Videoslots, it has some good promotions and many games, but i was just very unlucky. But again, casino is about luck so no need to play on the casinos where you dont hit anything
  3. pausefisk

    SMS spam from affiliates

    The number behind *btag_654598_* is the same as mine, but the rest is different. I'm not sure if this is the same affiliate or not, but if this account has been closed you shouldnt recieve any more SMS from this account as it would be useless. However, i suggest you make a complaint using the contact form at http://suprnation.io/ Make sure you ask for a confirmation back what action has been taken against the affiliate. Let us know how it goes!
  4. pausefisk

    Is dreamcatcher rigged???

    It might look as the flapper is "out of position", and might explain why the wheel is just spinning (since nothing is breaking the speed). If you look at the first spins in the video, vs the last spins, it seems to go just slightly slower... mabye if you play the video in slow motion, you can count frames each time the x7 passes... but yeah, that wheel has some good spinning...
  5. pausefisk

    SMS spam from affiliates

    Erik from SUPRNATION replied me back today, and i'm very happy with his reply. At first i got a bid disappointed since this affiliate stil kept harassing me, but let's hope i dont need to contact them ever again. If you got SMS spammed, please post them here and make a complain at the casino and let us know their reply. WE CAN FIGHT THIS
  6. pausefisk

    SMS spam from affiliates

    I found the e-mail i got last time i contacted http://suprnation.io/ regarding their affiliate that spammed me. This is the reply i got from them: I guess they don't care after all... I will contact Erik Hedberg again and ask what he thinks about his own effort in this matter.
  7. pausefisk

    SMS spam from affiliates

    This fu**face strikes back with another SMS spam today, and now its a brand new casino (at least for me). Link goes to https://start.duelz.com/no/?programme=aff&source=netrefer&btag=654598_718532654BF84B9FB6B7222AC57D3B54 I tried to check homepage so i could talk with chat or something, but there is absolutely NO info about who operated this site, and no info about lisences nor contact information. You need to press the register button to get into the signup page where the terms and condition can be found. Just to make sure it's even harder to undersand they have used the worst font possible to read. Seriously.... Under the terms you find some info about the site: 1.1. These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “T&Cs”) regulate the usage of the games provided through www.Duelz.com, as well as other URLs licensed to or belonging to SuprPlay Limited, including NYSpins and VoodooDreams In my first post, Voodoo Dreams was already among the casinos that allowed this shithead to spam me, and their respons was to take this seriously, but that must be the biggest joke since they still keep him/her as an affiliate and allow this person to keep spamming. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CASINOS!!!!!!!
  8. pausefisk

    Scientific game norway

    WMS slots works for me on different casinos now, and it didnt work before
  9. pausefisk

    [Competition] ELK + Joker Gems launch

    @dksthlm nice to hear the people at ELK liked "Batman & Robin vs The Joker" AKA "Daniel & Lars vs Joker Gems" This was the image i spendt less time on in photoshop, but still my best idea But everyone, listen carefully what batman says:
  10. pausefisk

    [Giveaway] Jammin' Jars from Push Gaming

    3. Guess what’s in the Jar! My guess: it's filled with jelly bean candys... I also guess its 10 000 of them
  11. pausefisk

    [Giveaway] Jammin' Jars from Push Gaming

    11 880x Jar's Unfortunately they didnt connect...