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  1. Max win on Magic mirror

    I dont agree that €0.5 is small bet size, i'd guess it was more average Still a very nice win
  2. Avoid Leo Vegas at all cost

    No i dont work for Leo. Closing an account like this i assume is not a decision for one employee, and probably needs to go trough someplace higher in the organization. Could explain the 2 weeks. I don't know really. All i'm thinking that the decision they made was good for you, even though you mean otherwise.
  3. Avoid Leo Vegas at all cost

    Wow, long post. I should probably read trough it 2-3 times before i reply to understand all facts and feeling from both sides, but... I think Leo did the right thing. In fact i'm surprised they did this, and just not let you keep going as i assume many other casinos would. You obvioulsy could not control your own situations, and Leo stepped in and took control of your problem. And your respond arguing to deposit even more is just in their favour really. Much respect to Leo for a big decicion like this, where they put your situation in front of their own interest in cashing in on your cold streak. This is just my opinion about the case. I do wish you good luck and hope you step your gambling down a bit. at least save for christmas
  4. Twin spin deluxe

    I don't see the problem
  5. Net Ent are a damn scam!!

    @Kosmankasa check out slottracker.com
  6. Casimba

    @SuperSmask yeah lol, mabye they did. However, i keept track on the wagering using slottracker, and as soon as the slottracker added up with 35x times the bonus amount, my wager was done and i could cash out. might remember wrong, but i did a pretty large deposit so i would notice that difference.
  7. ban online casino streamers

    I while ago when we were asked for suggestions for this site, i had an idea that the users could rate their top casinos. It was on the roadmap, but still we havent seen it yet. @Skylined87 might update us on this. I think it's fair that CG makes reviewes (if they manage to be neutral, as i belive is not the case recently), but it is only the players who really can rate them if we want a fair result. Honestly i don't think a casino-rating will be available here on CG. I belive it will have some conflict of interests. But who know, i hope i'm wrong.
  8. ban online casino streamers

    @Josh Green you adressing that in another post must have passed my eyes, thanks for clearing that up. My suspicion somewhat confirmed, i guess. So, what does that say about the reviewes on CG? I guess it's not only the slots that is rigged. I do however feel safe when playing on the casinos listed here, and signing up trough links here would mean (i hope!) i get some extra help from CG if any disagreements with me and the casinos should happen.
  9. ban online casino streamers

    I agree on the part regarding HighRoller aswell, as i have stated in some previous post here on CG. New casino released, has many flaws and not 100% ready for release. yet, CG in their review give highroller almost top scrore, and way better than many of the other casinos. They also moved Highroller to the top of the listed casinos bonuses on this website, and most profiled streamers on CG is now streaming from highroller. Lets take a look at the review: bonuses 5/5 (only one welcome bonus, and wagering is 45x. There are TONS of casinos there with more welcome bonuses and way lower wagering. and you give it 5/5?) website 5/5 mobile casino 4/5 support 4/5 payment 5/5 (really? not even supporting skrill/neteller.. yet its 5 out of 5? will it be rated 6/5 when those payments are added?) I don't say that Highroller isnt a good casino, i think its average. But, there are some way ahead of them. This review is in my opinion the best "proof" of how the streaming industry is a moneymaker business, and not just a hobby. CG had an incoming of 4.1 milion SEK (410.000€) during the 3rd quater of 2017, probably affiliate money from the links on this site. All users who signed up with one link, is not a returning customer untill they sign up with another link. So, for the streamers it would always be good business to move onto a new casino regulary to bring new customers to that new casino aswell. If a streamer played at only one casino, they would miss out on many new signups. Business is business, and everyone wants to do it. I find it strange that those streamers who participate in this comunity dont get a cent from what seems to be a money machine. I dont know how their view is not this case. Anyway, thanks for reading my thoughs on this. I dont state whats right and wrong, i just speak about my thoughs and views on things i've noticed on this forum for a while.
  10. Net Ent are a damn scam!!

    @jchneo i think you overreact a bit. You cant say NetEnt are are joke provider just because you havent had a wildline in DoA yet. We all know that the slots are rigged: in long term you will loose. We've all have different stories in slots. for me DoA has been good, for others i know it's been terrible. I have those slots aswell, good example is gold of persia. While others win great on this, all i get is terrible bonuses. Since i use slottracker i'll included some of my stats. I havent played as many bonuses as you on DoA, but its getting closed. In this stats i'm saved by 5-scatters i had a few months ago. In this stat there is also a wildline win (not the best, got the wildline in the last 2 spins of the extra 5 i was given) as i did a wildline hunt a weekend, and it took me over 30.000 spins to get it. In the end it's just beeing lucky. Someone get many wildlines while others never will get it. I cross my fingers for you
  11. Casimba

    @SuperSmaskAt casimba, its 35x the bonus amount (at least for my country, mabye its different?). copy&paste from the terms: For Example: A Player has purchased kr1,000 and received a bonus of kr1,000, therefore has a total balance of kr2,000. The Player has decided to play slots only, therefore, the Player must stake (wager) 35 X kr1,000 = kr35,000 before the bonus is converted into cash and eligible for withdrawal. @TechnoJoe i have only good to speak about casimba. Welcome bonus is very good. Yes, withdrawal took some time (7-8 days), but i've only had one cashout there, and that included verification documents and int. bank transfer (since bonus cant be taken using skril/neteller, remember that!), so i guess next withdrawal would be faster. They have a great selection of slotproviders. You also gain points while playing that you can change into your cashbalance. If you choose to sign up, i wish you good luck and hope for a cashout
  12. Big win surprise - diamonds

    oh sweet! so you _can_ actually win when getting 117649 megaways?
  13. LGIAS 2018 bucket list - Suggestions Needed :)

    1000x in any quickspin slot back-2-back in bonanza win a reel race (in casumo/rizk) wildline captain venture twin spin fullscreen premiums joker pro hotspot win jack and the beanstalk fullscreen harpes reel steal wildline kill the monster in creatures from the black lagoon get a 3x bonus-round in taco brothers terminator 2 hot mode a "wildline" (the lady) in Legend of the White snake Lady
  14. Yggdrassil

    @LetsGiveItASpin Mabye if you arrange a tournament for CG members you'll get a chance, you owned us pretty hard on the cazino zeppelin cashdrop