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  1. Long overdue from NetEnt. Hopefully this release brings back player confidence with the brand.
  2. Nicola

    Diamond Windfall Base Game Bonanza

    Nice return for 60p! Good one :D
  3. Love the TNT feature. Prefer this game as it runs smoother especially on iPad.
  4. Nicola

    Hello there

    Welcome to CG 😎
  5. Nicola

    Cash out amounts

    Always cash out to the nearest 50 or 100 after a big win. If I'm doing a all-nighter would then set a target of losing down to the nearest 500 or up to the nearest 1000.
  6. Nicola

    Danger HV Big Win!

    Nice bonus, congrats 😎
  7. Nicola

    Is Jickl casino a scam?

    Malta licensed and passes all the plausibility checks. Can't see any major complaints online so should be a OK site to play.
  8. Nicola

    Bonanza 1210X £1 stake

    Very nice return for a quid! Congrats and welcome to CG
  9. Nicola

    Dead or Alive 970x

    Always frustrating waiting for the final wild to line up but massive hit!
  10. Came straight in with no further respins Insta £1k
  11. Nicola

    Bonanza AKA The Troll King

    Disgusting line-up! My laptop would have gone through the window if that would have occurred during a bonus.
  12. Nicola

    book of dead has paid 50p stake

    Very nice hit. I bet you were screaming for that last reel!
  13. Love low-rolling this slot, so much potential in the bonus when it throws in three wilds per spin which stick if there is no win! 1675x
  14. Welcome to CG. Nice collection of wins, thanks for sharing!
  15. Nicola

    Book of Ming 567x & BIG Trigger

    My usual Sunday night low-rolling session with BF Games. £50 deposit to £350 cash-out after 4 hours