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  1. Wish upon a jackpot question

    I don't believe the provider make that information readily available. If someone does have it then I would also like to see it myself.
  2. Games u cant get a feature !!

    Recent session of 800+ spins on wild wild west by netent and no feature. Would have been more if it didn't bust me out. What a P.O.S.
  3. Bitter Review - Emoji planet

    Well seeing as good slots will also be getting the bitter treatment I look forward to the book of dead review.....a game I find teadiously boring :-)
  4. Worst bonus ever - Oink Country Love

    I love the fact this is submitted in complaints section :-) But yeah....op has a point. I played this game ever so briefly in free mode hit spins and won about 7 x despite lots of 'action'. I figured out pretty quickly this was not the slot I was looking for.
  5. Bitter Review - Emoji planet

    Yeah funny review mate. Would definitely read more but don't be overly critical just for the sake of it...bash where bashing is required only which still gives you an incredible amount of options :-)
  6. OVER 4000x on 300 Shields!!!

    Great hit and good reaction. Just watched another video where someone was screaming and losing their shit on a x 500 win. You've restored my faith in watching big win videos :-)
  7. Realistic Games

    I've played a fair few of these and I can't say I'm crazy for them. Check the RTP and in general they are quite low although I think this is more applicable on the 5 reel games. The three reel games can be very volatile so expect some seriously long dead spin streaks. Hot cross bunnies is the one I've played the most. There is another money something which is also OK. UK bookie sites have these games if you want to check on freeplay.
  8. Create a free help platform

    I think there are already many places which are able to provide advice and probably from people more qualified and thus better able to help. Likewise if you want a good tool for tracking your gambling then use slot tracker. But an idea for a tool to help someone with a gambling problem is some mass "take a break" or self exclusion tool. It wouldn't be a trivial piece of work but is certainly technically achieveable.
  9. Big win dragon sister

    I smell a rat.....
  10. Too bad we got whoever it is responding to this thread. Guarded uninformative responses. Lame.
  11. 1.) General question Why don't you provide information on the odds of specific events occurring i.e. odds of triggering free spins on rhino? 2.) Legend of the Pharaohs What are the odds of triggering the bonus on Legend of the Pharaohs using the £20 big bet? 3.) Rainbow riches - reels of gold On the game rainbow riches reels of gold - are the pie gambles a.) Random and b.) Do the pies represent the actual odds of the outcome i.e. 50% red / 50% green pie = 1 in 2 chance of winning? 4.) Monopoly big event Are the picks in the monopoly big event bonus game pre determined? 5.) General question What are your top 5 most popular games based on number of spins processed? Cheers
  12. What are your ideas for Casinogrounds?

    1.) Use this platform to stimulate more dialogue between player and providers. Leverage those connections you've built to have something which distinguishes this site from the competition. Example - Host a monthly / bi-monthly live stream Skype interview with a provider with questions / discussion points collated in the forum in advance. The elk stuff was very interesting for some of the insights dropped into the conversation which sadly only ever made it to stream and also just putting the faces to these products we so heavily use and trust. 2.) If you insist on competitions and giveaways (which I personally do not like) then do something which doesn't reward already reaped success i.e. pay someone money for a big win. Instead do something where people are involved in a random event where users have some "skin in the game". Example - get users to enter a competition where they are raffled a number. Then trigger a free spins round on a game of your choosing (longer is better I think). Whoevers number is closest to the win multiplier is the winner etc. 3.) Ban the use of the word 'insane' on the big win threads :-)
  13. Dream Catcher RTP table

    A corresponding odds table would be interesting to see. According to my fag packet calcs the odds of hitting X 7 + X 7 + X 7 + 40 are 1 in 7,311,616. The odds of hitting X 7 + X 7 + 10 are a much healthier 35,152 :-) Nice work.
  14. Danger High voltage epic win :)

    There is a x 16000 ish win over at bigwinpictures. The bet size of .40 euro returned somewhere in the region of 6.6k EUR. Imagine that.
  15. Favourite and least favourite streamers?

    Letsgiveitaspin The first streamer I started watching. I've always thought Kim was interested in the deeper game with slots and is without a doubt the most informative stream I've encountered. I also like the fact that he is almost single handily bringing new interactions between the industry and the players which simply did not exist before. These two things set him apart from the crowd by some considerable distance I'd say. RockNRolla I only recently discovered his streams. The most volatile of all the streamers I watch and I think that's a result of problem gambling thing either past or present and it makes high drama entertainment. I would also say he's probably the most honest streamer I've seen in terms of talking about problem gambling. If you've ever had a problem yourself and heard him talking about it then you'll know that a lot of what he says can only come from experience. I hope one day that experience can be put to even better use (I say 'even better' because I think his openness in the streams is already a therapy of sorts). Casinomon Nice and relaxed streams and always looking to improve his stream one way or another with new ideas, new layouts etc. I've been watching him for a long time and was super gutted with luck at the beginning which was cruel at times. Thankfully he's hit some monsters since then to keep the dream alive and long may it continue. DavidLabowsky Some people just have the demeanour that works for streaming and David is one of those guys. No hype or drama on his streams....just slots and interesting conversations.