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  1. Well spotted cesur. I cannot say for sure whether or not all slots are predetermined but I imagine the majority of them are. The strange this even knowing this I will still pick.....just in case ;-) But remember even though the picks may be predetermined - the pre pick selection is still a random event so not entirely rigged.
  2. I have to say I read this at half time but it's difficult to understand why you thought a Jose Mourihno side away to a premiership rival was an easy 2.5 goals. Useless fact. A Jose Mourihno team has not scored an away league goal against a top 6 side since 1st Jan 2015. 19th century football indeed Jose ;-)
  3. Been enjoying following this thread. Hope you keep it going and good luck. Cheers
  4. I don't know why streamers don't watermark their streams. A small ticker or something over the action window where it can't be easily chopped out. Just out of interest does anyone know what 'rogue' links they are serving up? Nastyware stuff or just links to those wonderful Curacao casinos (not sure which is better if truth be told :-p)
  5. In the United Kingdom it's highly unlikely this term is legally enforceable. If you were to close your account for responsible gambling reasons it would certainly be unenforceable. The casinos (and their supporters) will tell you this condition exists for anti money laundering reasons, however, the imposing of a minimum wagering requirement is simply the casinos solution to their interpretation of their legal obligations. There is nothing in the UKGC rules anywhere which mandates this minimum wagering requirement. If I was being cynical - I'd suggest the reason for the minimum x 1 wagering is simply the casinos gifting themselves the opportunity to recoup the costs associated with the processing of the deposit transaction.
  6. It's pretty brutal reading your posts which I've followed over the months. It seems like cold turkey and zero gambling is your only hope. Anything else will very likely just bring you back to this place again. In answer to your question. Yes gamblers can quit but sometimes you've got to reach the bottom so that the only way left is up. And the donation page idea - it's not morally wrong unless you used the money to gamble. But I can't see many being overly generous either. I feel for you dude and I hope you can do something about it.
  7. It's seems odd that you can accidentally flash some nude images up and get an instant ban yet a deliberate concerted effort to fake viewing figures seemingly goes unchallenged. To those having their videos stolen I'd recommend using a watermark of some sort. I'm sure it would be an acceptable inconvenience for regular viewers and might go some way to combatting the attempts to steal your content.
  8. You should probably remove the reference to cuckoo. It's almost as if you've copied and pasted from another recent review I don't wish to sound overly cynical but are these reviews targeted at people on this forum or more about SEO? If it's for this forum I can't help thinking how much better a video review would be.
  9. When you say local jackpots are you referring to land based casinos? If you are then surely it's not the bankroll that's the issue but the number of machines which can be played simultaneously to maximise winning the jackpot? I know in Vegas there are syndicates who go after slots once they are +EV. Forgot to mention it before but you should take a look at a website called jackpot graphs. I'm sure you'll find daily jackpots which meet your criteria. Good luck
  10. I can confirm that staybet are super dodgy. Confiscated £900 in very suspicious circumstances after I took a sign up bonus from a steamer who claimed they were "entirely legit". Stupid of me to even go there I know but I was trying to help this streamer out. Lesson learned.
  11. This is very surprising and out of the blue. If it's not too sensitive a subject I would be curious to understand your reasons for quitting at some point but obviously understand if you didn't feel like discussing. All the best,
  12. Yes sir you are correct there is a strategy and I once read a very interesting interview with someone who was a professional slot player. The first thing you need is an incredibly huge bankroll. Like absolutely massive. The second is, as you mention, chasing the jackpots that are either overdue or +EV (if lucky enough to know). The third is you require significant amounts of IT equipment although with cloud computing / virtualisation this is less important. The last need is as many accounts and simultaneous active sessions as possible so you can effectively 'syndicate' the chasing of the jackpot. I think 40+ In the story I read the guy the guy didn't explicitly which jackpots he chased but it was given away by an innocent comment and I'm fairly sure the marvel playtech jackpots were his speciality. It sounded super stressful though because at one point I think he was 300k GBP into chasing a 350k jackpot which of course has no guarantees. As you can probably imagine this story has left a lasting impression on me :-)
  13. I appreciate I am being a bit daft now but it's possible to get even higher. Triggering the bonus with the Kiwinos allows you to maximise the amount of money built up with piyatas before reaching the end. Max win = 102600 times your stake :-)
  14. I've just realised it's actually a little higher as the final multiplier starts at 16 and not 8 once the bonus game kicks in. Max win is 73188 your stake instead. Admittedly that win is almost so remotely possible that it's practically impossible but that's the theory at least. I wonder what a realistic top end might be though?
  15. I think the other day Kim mentioned on stream the 'potenziale' of this machine so I was curious to apply the 'infinite monkey' theorem to try figure out the max win. In summary the theoretical max win is 68052 times your stake. Unfortunately, thunderkick definitely weight the freespins so perhaps this isn't really possible at all, however, if we assume every combination is possible on every spin then I think my figure is correct. I wonder what the biggest win thunderkick have ever seen in their testing? They posted this x 5000 on their website recently....I assume that's a big deal for them so I can only assume it's very rare. Here is my working:-