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  1. Casinomeister. And yeah good for you for closing your account. You've been fudged over here mate and the casino has got a windfall of 6k as a result.
  2. What a crappy story. Basically the casino are gifting you free spins on a slot where any significant win is likely to be lost back to them due to attached wagering. Such a bad and unnecessary policy for such a big company. You should go over to CM and see if their rep can do anything for you. They will have more influence then a customer service rep.
  3. roulette whats your lucky numbers

    2, 5, 17, 20 (my first love). 14's stock is also on the up....
  4. any 1 noticed?

    I think I get more emotional than Kim at his losses or near misses. Maybe I'm depressed?
  5. Leovegas ZzZZzzzz

    I personally don't think it's good form for players to be contacting casinos asking for free stuff outright. Perhaps you should consider being a bit more subtle and approach this from a different angle to see if you get different results.
  6. Slot Boss

    I tried a SUB at slotboss and cashed out and that included some 'big bet' types games. I don't know if they missed it or just allowed it. But regarding the OPs original complaint. Always zero down a balance if you've taken any sort of bonus.....even if you have to email customer services to do so in the event you cannot find a zero balancing game (some casinos have none).
  7. Book Of Dead Insights

    Based on what was posted elsewhere yes everything is based on the 96.21% RTP version.
  8. Wish upon a jackpot question

    I don't believe the provider make that information readily available. If someone does have it then I would also like to see it myself.
  9. Games u cant get a feature !!

    Recent session of 800+ spins on wild wild west by netent and no feature. Would have been more if it didn't bust me out. What a P.O.S.
  10. Bitter Review - Emoji planet

    Well seeing as good slots will also be getting the bitter treatment I look forward to the book of dead review.....a game I find teadiously boring :-)
  11. Worst bonus ever - Oink Country Love

    I love the fact this is submitted in complaints section :-) But yeah....op has a point. I played this game ever so briefly in free mode hit spins and won about 7 x despite lots of 'action'. I figured out pretty quickly this was not the slot I was looking for.
  12. Bitter Review - Emoji planet

    Yeah funny review mate. Would definitely read more but don't be overly critical just for the sake of it...bash where bashing is required only which still gives you an incredible amount of options :-)
  13. OVER 4000x on 300 Shields!!!

    Great hit and good reaction. Just watched another video where someone was screaming and losing their shit on a x 500 win. You've restored my faith in watching big win videos :-)
  14. Realistic Games

    I've played a fair few of these and I can't say I'm crazy for them. Check the RTP and in general they are quite low although I think this is more applicable on the 5 reel games. The three reel games can be very volatile so expect some seriously long dead spin streaks. Hot cross bunnies is the one I've played the most. There is another money something which is also OK. UK bookie sites have these games if you want to check on freeplay.
  15. Create a free help platform

    I think there are already many places which are able to provide advice and probably from people more qualified and thus better able to help. Likewise if you want a good tool for tracking your gambling then use slot tracker. But an idea for a tool to help someone with a gambling problem is some mass "take a break" or self exclusion tool. It wouldn't be a trivial piece of work but is certainly technically achieveable.