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  1. 102 freespins Bonanza

    It's possible to manipulate the game client into thinking it's talking to the BTG game server by using man in the middle techniques. Using this technique allows you to spoof the response from the game server. This is only of use in free play mode for demo purposes. In real play mode the actual results are produced by the game server and sent to both the client and the casino.
  2. Just want the new slot players to know...

    I think that ship sailed ages ago buddy but it never hurts to mention it again I suppose :-)
  3. RedBet Gambling went wrong

    Urgh. Another bonus confiscation thread. It's so frustrating to read about. I have to ask....why are people so keen to promote casinos with such anti players terms and behaviours. I suspect affiliates are more concerned with their bottom line as opposed to anything genuinely player or community focused :-(
  4. They took 4000€ from me

    @Ruidzleipa - Very interested to see what the casino has to say here. If what you've described is true then I think that reflects very poorly on the casino.
  5. BobCasino: Stalling 940.000€ payment

    On a slightly happier note. Reactoonz. Damn. This game pays
  6. BobCasino: Stalling 940.000€ payment

    The sad reality is that if you had won that much money from a casino I'm almost sure your first reaction would be...."are they gonna pay me". I had a look and the casino is licensed in Curacao which made me wince. One of the mods on this forum is quite supportive of Curacao licensed casinos but for me it's a complete no no and makes me fear for the worst. Hope the person gets paid. Hate hearing of people getting stiffed.
  7. 400k gone

    * Trumpet sound * affiliate / streamer / casino / gambling super defender to the rescue. * End sound * Some dude does his life savings and you pipe up with your broken record arguments.
  8. 400k gone

    Hi Slot85, Tough going mate. Hopefully you'll stay pissed off at this for long enough that you won't go back. Take it easy.
  9. This will not be popular

    You are aware that casinogrounds is an affiliate website right?
  10. I think they'll have to go after online eventually. If betting > £2 in a betting shop or > £5 in a casino is considered potentially harmful and likely to increase problem gambling then it can't be any less so online.

    I googled that casino....oh dear...what a mess. In terms of getting them removed - you're pretty much powerless. The UK authorities are extremely unlikely to pursue any real action against them as they are based offshore. As for your money - if I was in your situation I would take it up with my bank and take their advice on a chargeback. Again, pretty messy and expect this to drag on and on without much support from your bank. If you've only lost a small amount of cash then you might be better off putting this one down to experience and consider it a lucky escape....it could have been much worse.
  12. Hi Soto, I thought your posts were a good read and quite thought provoking so don't be too despondent. Regards
  13. Net Ent are actually rigged

    I can't believe netent haven't responded to any of your posts titled "netent are actually rigged", "f**k netent" and "netent are cancer". How can a massive company ignore eloquent posts like that?
  14. The unluckiest guy here. Do RTP really exist?

    Here is the gamblers dilemma. The only way you can correct this is to chase the win but everyone knows chasing the win is foolish. If you are intending to go toe to toe with Bonanza then you should dig deep. That machine is a beast and has the ways and means to see you off for another 200k spins let alone 20. Chasing losses = bad. Chasing losses on bonanza = suicide? :-/
  15. Jackpot enquiries

    I cannot find this on freeplay but I'm reasonably sure your understanding of the paytable is incorrect. Accordingto that screenshot you posted a win of X3 10s = 4. There is no way that's 4 x your total stake. I suspect your total stake = 20 and it's 4 units of your total stake so 0.2. Apply the same logic to your win and 5 bikers = 320 so 320 / 20 = 16 X. £6 * 16 (win multiplier) * 20 (winning Paylines) = £1920.