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  1. ban online casino streamers

    Hi Nicola, If you have a working relationship with gamcare how about you get them to comment on some of the subjects covered in this thread? I literally cannot think of a better way to approach this debate then having subject matter experts contribute. I would personally appreciate if you could make enquiries to see what is possible. Regards
  2. ban online casino streamers

    In order to get a bit of perspective on this I went over to the gamcare forum and searched for threads with youtube or streamers in the content. People will need to draw their own conclusions but I'd definitely recommend taking the time to have a read of some of the stories.
  3. ban online casino streamers

    @Lokus @nomoregamblingstreams I thought your last few posts were particularly thought provoking and points well made. I'm slightly torn at the moment because the OP does pretty bad job of putting their case across which made me initially dismissive. I'm further torn by the fact that I watch a lot of streams and don't want to be critical of people I genuinely like but sadly I'm coming to the view that they may indeed be complicit in something which could harmful and deceitful. I'm also coming to the view that as a viewer perhaps I'm party to that as well. I will way this in my defence - when I initially started out watching streams, those that I watched were first and foremost hobbists in nature. The rampant commercialisation which is present today, came later and I've been passive to that change. But where as once upon a time it might have been possible to relate to a hobbyist gambler and their sessions it's increasingly the case that streamers are playing with bankrolls which are a distortion far removed from a normal gamblers reality i.e. who apart from streamers are getting +EV deals four or five times a week with a match bonus of £500+. For the same reason that you can never beat a slot over the long run due to the house edge the opposite is true for streamers and +EV deals - over the long run they cannot lose but I doubt many viewers have this understanding. I'm genuinely quite deflated about those CG streamers I follow right now. The money side of things has tainted things....I want those independent, hobbyist, "do no evil" streamers back but those days are gone :-(
  4. ban online casino streamers

    Responsible gambling in the context you discuss appears to be focused on the provider side of things i.e. protecting vulnerable customers which suggests you categorise them as providers which I'm guessing many of them would identify with. I'm curious if you think streaming could work at all with the right checks and balances in place i.e. something more aligned to TV advertising laws? If so, I would be interested in hearing your ideas.
  5. Queen of Riches - 4th spin!

    Iguana for me. The BK & Nick Sentience remix for when you want the BPM a little tougher.

    You actually said a couple of thousand up off a £100 deposit. I was simply pointing out that if you then went on to lose the lot you technically lost £2100 not the £100 you classed it as assuming the money was yours to withdraw. Of course, gamblers don't see it this way despite it being the case hence my comment about 'gamblers arithmetic'. I didn't mention anything about that being silly or cashing out £10 profit from a £200 deposit.

    If the money wasn't tied to any bonus and could be withdrawn then in your example you technically lost a few thousand after winning a few thousand. It's gamblers arithmetic to classify it as a £100 loss :-)
  8. ban online casino streamers

    Posts like this always strike me as people looking to shift blame elsewhere instead of taking responsibility for their own actions.
  9. Queen of Riches - 4th spin!

    Nice hit and great name. Reading that just sent me on a trip down memory lane on YouTube

    Responsible gaming...that old chestnut where an entire industry has to pretend to care about its customers while doing something entirely different. For me it's no different from those drink responsibly messages or a health warning on a packet of cigarettes. Like you, I would personally prefer it if everyone just cut the crap. There is one point worth considering when it comes to streamers though. The good ones have negotiated +EV deals. From a pure money point of view it would make sense for them to deposit as much as they can (for a bonus) and also play at the highest stakes they are allowed. I'm guessing to the average person that might seem irresponsible but actually it's the smart thing to do.
  11. Online casino max bets?

    As far as I know on a FOBT you cannot place a bet which would affect RTP i.e. place £100 on a single number which should be 35 to 1 but is capped at £500 so effectively 5 to 1. But you can happily place £100 on red or black for example. I was just reading a previous post of mine about this on the FOBT consultation and my last post seems slightly contradictory. I do flip flop on the question because I understand the motivation for why it might be a good idea to implement max bet controls, however, if you've been bitten by the problem gambling bug then whether the max bet is £100 or £10 it would only prolong the process rather than eliminate it i.e. death by a thousand cuts.
  12. Online casino max bets?

    Tricky one but in general I think they should not be limited. It's upto the casino and the gambler to decide what level of risk they are comfortable with. There is another question of affordability but that's slightly different. Just because a £100 spin is beyond the means of player A it doesn't mean it is beyond the means of player B. But if a £100 spin is beyond the means of player A - should that player be disallowed from placing that bet? The sensible answer seems to be yes. But imagine how complicated and intrusive coming up with a solution to implement that would be?
  13. how common are withdrawal issues ?

    I think it's highly unlikely any UK licensed casino would confiscate funds for no reason. I've never encountered it myself. The horror stories you read are very likely bullshit T&C's attached to bonuses i.e. you cannot play game X or place a wager higher than X which the casino will accept and then slam you on when it comes to withdrawal. Some casinos will also try to stall processing your withdrawals employing various tactics such as asking for excessive levels of identification. Best thing you can do is sit tight, go through the process and don't reverse. Easier said then done :-)
  14. Won big with my last money, need to quit

    That's a pretty rough story mate. Sorry you had to be one of the chosen ones. My personal thoughts on the matter is only a very small number of us will be lucky enough to endure a life of gambling without it becoming a problem. For the rest it is just a case of when and how bad :-( Hope everything turns out for the good.
  15. I'd never considered that setup to honest :-) But if you were offered a swap for any other setup of your choosing would you keep that one? I would personally go for the random wild, expanding wild and orange cat thing wild.