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  1. Sadly I've had more bad experiences than good on this slot so I'm not in the club. I do remember reading somewhere that from a game cycle point of view that this is one of the longer netent slots along with beach and another I cannot remember. Re: banned from using with bonuses I think it's much more likely to be due to the fact that you have a token element to the game with the scrolls but crucially it's not free spins mode so you could (try) and get a dream setup using bonus money then move to another slot and come back and play with real money once bonus is finished. Big bang is similar in that you build up the 32x win but again it's not free spins so isn't reported as an incomplete game. I did this once on Karamba after I messed up and did some £9 spins and assumed they'd confiscate winnings so tried to stash some money as an insurance policy. They never did confiscate so I got my winnings plus 8 spins with random wild, expanding wild and x3 multiplier at £5 a spin which paid around 100 x :-(
  2. Nice win :-) The 'setups' add such an interesting dimension to this slot. One of netents better and perhaps underrated slots.
  3. Yes I agree it's a positive thing. I have my doubts as to whether this is the best place to help support those individuals but time will tell. In regards to your personal situation toejam - did you ever consider that alcohol was your problem and not gambling?
  4. It's weird because I know the feeling you describe. Perhaps it's your internal consciousness accepting the inevitable and just hoping to get it over and done with :-) People quitting gambling due to problem gambling seems quite a common theme on this forum
  5. I've straight up never hit three let alone five of these and I have tried. I have to say that given your bet size and stories about this slot giving almost never ending free spins (1k+) I might be just a little bit disappointed.
  6. Hahaha....tis the only way to play :-) Stu - nice hit buddy. I hope that win was followed by an 'obvious raise'
  7. I was going to say something similar but in the UK at least some companies seem to be using precomputed values stored in a database which is then presumably selected using an RNG. I only know this because I was surprised to read it on one of the UKGC consultancy papers on game fairness and auditing. I'm guessing over 20 years you've developed quite a few slots. Care to share the names of any so we can determine if we are in the company of greatness?
  8. Yes lower RTP.....just like I posted above
  9. Congrats nosound in possibly the longest post yet on this forum :-) I think OP should keep enjoying those beers and high bets and thank his lucky stars that he is 70k up over three months which is pretty phenomenal.
  10. Nice story and you're a testament to the theory that starburst is the 'gateway slot'. Love the wonky screenies but slightly annoyed for you that the first only gave x 300
  11. Very poor decision on behalf of Play N Go to down this route. I'm going to look into how something like this gets through UKGC regulations where they have to evidence RTP. I assume they submit an application per RTP setting, per machine. I've never really looked into this but perhaps the information is publicly available but if not there must be a way of obtaining it. Hmmmmm.
  12. I'm sure a x 600 win would easily change my mind ;-)
  13. Awesome win. Horrible horrible slot....but awesome win :-)
  14. I have a personal preference for less not more big win focus on this website. Up until quite recently I had even asked myself the question "is casinogrounds just another BWP?" Because at least 50% of all content was big win related. And I disagree re: big wins being all about the multiplier. I find a big stake win much more interesting than for example another x3000 9p DOA win. My reasoning is I'm more interested in the 'gamble' nature of a bet so someone doing a 9p spin is taking an incredibly small risk where as someone doing a £20 spin is in the zone.
  15. I have to say the actions of twitch seem very heavy handed which in turn plays into the hands of those wishing to be a nuisance. I guess everything has to be screened prior to posting. If you were to take on that activity then streams won't flow as well so making this a mod task seems like the best way forward.