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  1. and safe to say i love it!!!!
  2. Was bound to be a big win, paid 12x
  3. R0baF3tt

    From £13 weekend booster :D

    well played on 20p then up to 40p then hit this monster
  4. R0baF3tt

    Magic mirror first bonus spin :-O

    wow i was expecting a dead bonus. rest of the bonus did little but this was nice
  5. Hi Folks, i have been on a slots extended leave after my 10K win on BOD - decded to have £100 in at HighRoller to play genie jackpots base game as i have not played it before as seen some decent hits and hit this...
  6. R0baF3tt

    New Light Blocks goes Mental!! Mega Win

    Nice hit, i have done around 1200 spins at £0.25p never got past the 3x
  7. R0baF3tt

    Genie Jackpots 6 scatters

    Second £10 bonus buy, thought i would chare the 6 scatters might be rare down the line
  8. R0baF3tt

    EPIC win on Donuts, 4800x

    holy smokes good win man
  9. R0baF3tt

    My first 1000x

    nice one, enjoy the win
  10. R0baF3tt

    gamble 12-16 spins extra chilli

    i agree i have played the game so much you can tell when it wil lose the gamble 1-2 seconds after the spin starts. For example i hate those spins that start really slow, they just always miss
  11. R0baF3tt

    Queen of riches

    wowe nice hit i have played this but never hit anything ever
  12. R0baF3tt

    Wildswarm base hit £10 stake

    280x trying to pop the swarm
  13. i saw you drop this in Kims stream nuts win big contrats