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  1. scottiebhoy

    [Giveaway+COMP] Holy Diver

    Sorry that it's a screenshot from my bandicam. Hope is ok +250x level 2 bonus
  2. Bought this for €20 gambled the multiplier to x9 with 12 spins hit loads of aces and a lot of premium hits on big multipliers end result was this! And the €308 was in one single lot of reactions/tumbles! The 2 pics are same bonus
  3. scottiebhoy

    my best yet on Jammin!

    Ok I just beat my personal best here's my new best win on jammin :D! huuuuge! Next time I'll use bandicam I just never expect this slot to do it and then it does! This time was too close though I almost bust out...
  4. Still speechless! This is all I captured as this was completely unexpected(typical of this slot/grid game) Enjoy what I did manage to capture. If you feature me again please put name as blueyezwhytedragonite guys :)!
  5. scottiebhoy

    Golden Legend pays last spin of 20!

    Yes it took a few features though..patience is the key with this slot :). I'm also finding the bonuses are coming together in clusters.
  6. scottiebhoy

    Golden Legend pays last spin of 20!

    Might not seem a big win but this slots max win is 1000x so I did pretty good with this one I think...Just a snip of a clip as my hands were sweaty when I grabbed phone to record haha!
  7. Not gonna spoil it just watch the video and you'll see what I won!! 😮 Think this is worthy of CG big win compilation video?
  8. scottiebhoy

    should this be possible? jammin jars

    This whole thing is very suspicious definitely.
  9. scottiebhoy

    Book the most horrific update yet?

    Definitely wasn't my side as it was normal on other casinos, I think play n go error unless they are trialing it. This didn;t look like a glitch to me. It's back to normal again now.
  10. Yup Play and Go have updated book again and let me tell you this ain't pretty...see for yourself. *Not a big win* video just demonstrating spin style and horrible new tease... Afik this is just at Videoslots but will no doubt be Casinowide very soon. https://vimeo.com/user87744459/review/281977147/4925f2a101
  11. scottiebhoy

    Eastern Emeralds 1080x!

    I've been bigging this slot up to everyone and now you can all see why! I saw on Facebook that you can get up to 6.5 million from the high variance end of free spins!! Obviously this would be playing at a very large bet but even on low stakes that could be still be thousands?!
  12. scottiebhoy

    5000X Queen of riches

    That's magnificent, what a spin! I hope you won it somewhere reputable Enjoy the winnings!
  13. scottiebhoy

    Book +2000x!

    Thanks for the grats folks. I hope your luck turns around on it. I have bad runs on it too but hits like this repair some of the damage..