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  1. My tip do your best to quit before its way to late. The begining of the end is the hardest. Good luck on becoming gambling free it's a hard and long journey.
  2. Exactly this. I tried to stop so many times I searched help at diffrent occasions by diffrent help organisations but none could really help me their advices one of them was comunal help and the advices I got there was just horrible and bad and they had no clue what a gambling issue really meant. The other one I tried last helped me on my way but that was it not really that good of advices either sadly. also there are allways ways around I had it under controll and felt happy about is but it is easy to make excuses and be stupid and keep going like I have. I'm quitting forever this is what I keep telling me and keep doing time after time after time then I get like now. 1500kr bonus with 3x wager when I deposit 500kr.... I know I'm happy for skylineds advices And I do need that to maybe realise somewhere deep inside how serious this is. Gambling can be good and gambling can be bad, and im now part of the bad side of gambling. I really want to quit I don't seek confirmation by theese threads I seek some sort of support too realise its time to quit. and so far I've got alot of it so thank you all once again. My promisse right now wich might not mean that much since I failed so many times. But my promisse mainly to myself is I will quit dead cold now won't touch a casino again. Sadly it is and the brain works from that. That story about the guy I heard in many shapes and forms but it happens and thats where i'm heading. I closed my buisness long ago luckily or this could have gone really bad. My buisness was a good profit when I shut it down but who knows what kind of messed up crap one could have done if i still ran it while being in this situation. When you see rocknrolla tilt a few thousand pounds just like that and redeposit or just end it with tears in his eyes same with kim when he had a long long deadstreak was it last summer? he was also devistated but kept going and got lucky and won big shortly after. If their deadstreaks where like mine it wouldnt have ended there it would have kept going and what would have happened then? Would they have been able to stop or would they have kept going just like i did? This is the hardest question there is. When one lost so much nothing really matters anymoore and you know you gonna win back sooner or later and just keeps going but that day might not come. and then it's over. Thank you Ziggy. The thing is once you start deposit small like this you will pretty fast loose track of how many times or how much you deposited. I had shut down like every single casino there was then It took a while and I got this really really great offer from a casino wich I had forgott i even was a member at and i did a final deposit won alot again and then boom back in the shit again. Shortly after I won nearly 10K € from a total of 3 x 20€ deposits wich payed alot of my gambling debt. Then after that the cold streak started with theese insane teeses I got bonus after bonus that payed less than 5x on 2€ bets. I got crystals on space wars wich didnt pay anything I got all theese massive premium symbol teases in a way I never seen before Like full screen crystals on spacewars 5 times with the middle reel missing. so no win. I got bonuses on reel rush that was just plain dead and I had already lost so much so it just kept going. Every time I took a bonus I won massive got bonuses that paid alot like 500x on 3kr bet and massive basegame wins and all the bonuses payed huge when it just been that cold on real money and as soon as the wager was about to be met I lost it all before it was done every single time. Never felt as rigged as that moment when it just happened over and over again.
  3. It's funny I just got a text saying I have 30 freespinns in piggy riches for the first time I get a bonus in a long while 80kr from the standard 1.50kr bet and ends up with 103kr something. so have to play trough theese 4000kr 40x I star playing montezuma 3kr bets I get deadspinns untill I get a bonus that pays 13kr then after it says bonus guarantee and I get 30kr I keep spinning 3kr untill im down to 20kr then I get a bonus and boom 10x 10 freespins all the standard freespins pay nothing but I get almost 50 freespins at 10x and ends up with 700kr one of the best wins I had on that casino for so so long so many thousands I spend with only getting deadspinns and shit bonuses and now on bonus BOOM Really good bonus round. Anyway after that I get another reel rush hit im like really havent had a single bonus on that slot under all my over 500 spinns at 20kr now the past days.... And boom I have 1600kr I play gonzo 2kr spinns just deadspinns or nothing pays down to 1400kr. I change to jack and beanstalk down to 1000kr I change to sakura down to 800kr I change to raging rhino down to 600kr I change to spacewars down to 400kr I change to reel rush down to 300kr I try almost all slots and guess what When I have 3kr left I have 50kr still to wager..... and then another deadspinns and I played the absolutly lowest betsize on all theese slots almost 99% deadspins and a few spinns that gave back 0.5-2x the money on all thoose slots..... Now how come its like this every time I play on a bonus? This just makes everything feels even moore rigged..... All thoose time I play real money I get shit wins and shit bonuses. but as soon as I taken a bonus I get huge bonus wins all slots feels hot untill im about to break even with the wager and allways ends up loosing almost everything before the wager is met in almost deadspinns. I does not even feel like i'm just unlucky because the diffrence is allways so huge in how hot the slots are when you are on a bonus compared to just playing cash. I finally felt like yes maybe this can save my month when I reached 1600kr then nope. as allways. this gambling just keeps crushing me haha never had such a brutal sessions as the past days. allways bonus tease or close to very huge win when im about to loose the last of the account money teases with crystals on spacewars taht just payed shit premium symbols that payed shit. Of all deposits the past days I havent even reached 400kr any of all thoose 200kr deposits I made. and that includes a ton of bonuses on 20kr bet crystals at 40kr bet and so on. GG WP.
  4. Thanks guys it helped alot on my loans but still not enough found another screenshot from that run also a like last spin hit.
  5. Thanks to you and everyone else here for your kind words and support troughout all the hard times. Technicly I was at a point where I never had to worry about money ever again many years ago. What I mainly keep secret is how big of a down going spiral I've had with my gambling ever since I started. I lost so much and much moore than what should even be possible. I had it under control then I slipped like I done over and over again many might recognise themself in this. Some people even gone as far as taking their own lifes over being in the same situation as I and many others am. I never truly understood why they would take their own life over something as small as a gambling issue untill now when i'm here myself. Every single day right now is like walking around being stabbed over and over again in the heart the anxiety that come from all of this is really so bad that it hurts for real. Can't even remember when I had a good night sleep last. And now everything is just worries exactly all the time can't concentrate on my normal life anymoore even because of this. I tried all the tricks tips and professional help after I got bad luck last time I tried again. and another program but none really works. Once you gamble there will allways be ways around new casinos new ways to register and play my only choise is to downgrade my phone to a phone that cannot use mobile bank id and stop using computers if anyone tried that you know that its impossible for a longer period of time since like everything today requires the use of it. I have no idea on what to do next what my next step is I reached that final point that I walked against every single month latly and now the next step is only a huge drop no matter how I look at it. Some sort of donation/funding was just a desperate tought of how to actually solve my problems. But in the end I can't see anyone willing to help like that. I used to hope to but I actually just don't know anymoore. I got to this point on my own it's all my own fault I can't blame anyone and I guess this is it I will have to take responsibility for my own stupid actions and maybe loosing everything is the only wakeup call I ever will get. The way I feel now I never wanna touch a slot machine again I feel so sick even if I somehow manage to save myself from this most likley certain faith I don't think I could ever spend a penny on a slot machine ever again so maybe it had to reach this absolut end point before I came to realise that but I'm not sure it even matters anymoore worst part is i loose everything over a small sum. sums that I used to spinn away in like 4-8 spinns. In the end someone who just gamble will never win no matter how much a person win if that person keeps gambling he will loose alot and much moore in the end. The streamers have twitch/youtube and other income beside the gambling wich they also usually have good bonuses for themself but it will be interesting the day one of the bigger streamers ends up in my shoes no matter how much on the + side they are now I do belive that one day it will change. just like it did for me someday that cold streak will come and it wont end untill one is point zero then the worst part about gambling kicks in where you actually have to risk it to get it back because you are spending to much or lost way to much.
  6. As above Im so sick and tired of how gambling ruined my life over and over again. Finally had a good run won huge payed of some of my loans with the latest run moneys... loans that i got from gambling. Had 2000kr left after i payed all that. And still have nearly half the loans to pay back. Play spacewars on casino x get crystals 1 time pays shit tils hit crystals 2 moore times on first 20kr bet then 40kr bet all times it hits 3 crystals and thats it. Something in my head snaps and i tilt deposit 200kr 200kr 200kr. All dead spinns 20kr a spin. Goes reel rush gets bonus on 20kr a spin gives me less than 5x on 5 diffrent bonuses i tilt and spin moore allways takes me too second last step on one ogf my last spinns then almost pays nothing over and over again. I feel so sick to my stumach right now I screwed everything up again. Checking my account i spunn for 12000kr on 200kr deposits. All deadspinns every bonuses gave less than 10x now I get the coldest run ever. Now I gambled all rent money, food money and other bills money. Due to the previous fucksup i already sold everything of value i cant borrow from anyone cant take a loan cant do anything but now sit here and watch while i loose everything I have left. I searched real help didnt work I had it under control for a great ammount of time then back then i got it under control again and now im back at it just like that. I tried all steps of help everything. Guess this might be it. Missing nearly 4000kr thats not much for many but there is 0 ways for me to get that money now without doing something illegal wich I wont. Q1 has any long term gambler really succeed to quit fully? Q2 Is it moraly right in desperation after such fckup set up some sort of helpfundraiser for myself? I have no clue what to do. Damnit I hate creating theese threads / fcking up so much times. Guess I wont learn untill i lost everything and have to live on the streets. Sorry for all the threads and the negativity in my life but somehow obly way for me to ventilate and everybody is so kind here and in the community.
  7. Thanks dude! this run almost got me hooked again but doing 20€ every second week or so calms that addiction down and let me actually enjoy it I rarely have any wins since I do 0.2-0.4€ spinns but hey its still fun and sometimes I can withdraw around 40-50€ this run was also starting out as a lowrolling session but kept winning so did a few "bigger" bets and off we go. Thank you, yeah it was a insane run and a great withdrawal since there was no bonus involved all cash money have been waiting to make this thread since I was collecting my screenshots but seems to have lost alot of them. It still far from a 14000x bonanza hit but hey low deposit big cashout who can complain. But I will admit that I had a few tiltmoments under this run where I almost lost all but got lucky at the last spinn and won alot. So for me this run actually was a bit out of controll and mainly only dumb luck involved.
  8. Ok so this might be a pretty long story. But this is from my final casino run. I'm out fully now. I did however managed to do pretty big withdrawals on my final run that took about 15 hours to comeplete. It all started around 10:00 with a 20€ Deposit at mcasino this was my first hit that day. So a 151 x hit on aloha after about 20 spinns in total wich made my first withdraw that day on 160€ Then I played the rest away. At around 12:00 I made my second deposit on 20€ this time at Casino-X I started out with aloha again and managed to win roughly 2000Kr on aloha on a 20kr bet then I kept playing and won and won untill this happened again: This equals about 230€ and was my second win I seemed to forgot to save the first one. but in total I withdrawed another 4000kr~~400€ Then I whent on to play space wars with my last 480kr when I had 80kr left and had accepted my final defeat this happened: Another win this time I won 5130kr from a 20kr bet. So kept calm and withdrawed another 5000kr ~~ 500€ Then Kept playing and was down to my last like 31 kr and made a final 28kr bet and this is what happened I had 3kr left after that final bet. Now this luck was just insane i mean how the actual????? So I withdrawed another 250€ now the next hit I did was actually a 9000kr~~900€ win on reelrush wish I think I have a printscreen of on my other PC with a few moore wins from this day. I kept going and this happens to me: Another 1480kr the other cash is also from joker pro this was the second hit in a short while. so I withdrawed yet another 2500kr~ 250€ I kept going and boom i got a few moore withdrawals from casino-X I will make a summary at the end of this post about that day. I withdrawed everything I had left on casino-X beside 200kr that I got deadspinns on to 0 so I changed to vodoodreams and made a deposit of 200kr Boom this is the first hit. kept going and got another diamond hit and won a total of 13000kr from a 20kr bet. Withdrawed 15000kr ~ 1500€ and swapped to dead or alive was deadspinning a while then going +/- 0 and boom i finally get a hit. what surprices me was that this was the basegame didnt get a single bonus and decided to go reel rush and had a few wins there aswell. I will update this post when I find the remaining pictures from that day. mcasino total withdrawal: 160£ ~ 191€ Casino-X total withdrawal: 51250KR ~ 5334€ Voodoodreams total withdrawal: 41000Kr ~ 4267€ Tot withdrawed: 9761€ Tot Deposit: 60€ Profit: 9701€ This was one of my best days ever in gambling as I allways used to bet really big to win theese kind of money but this time I had a good run for once. far far from my biggest ever wins but still pretty decent. Since this round I been doing around 20€ deposit every second week but all I get no matter what sum I bet is deadspinns every single slot is deadcold for me now. So I feel like I can just walk away now. even tough I won this much from a low deposit this time I just get deadspinns now no matter what the betsize is and that really just takes all the fun away. so havent played for a little while now since my last 100kr deposit like a week ago or 2 weeks something. But all the comebacks from my last spinn that day is actually pretty decent for me. Might already posted one or two of theese but have alot moore screenshots on my real pc from this day. I allways tought I was addicted to gambling but the truth is I was and that was the only joy I really had in life. I stopped gamble after this day and feel like I am in full control now a days. hence why I never really post any wins like this anymoore. Since all I do is 100-200kr every second weekend and mostly do 2-4kr bets for the joy in it. All the screenshots is from 2017-03-12
  9. Now had a answer that it was probably the graphics that didnt follow as it should have wich is rare but the last spin was a no win. Now I'm properly happy I wasnt high rolling anymoore on a like 100kr spin+ that would actually felt really bad. But now I can take it with a good laugh. My next 100kr deposit session will be in 2-3 weeks hopefully I can come back with a good win then instead haha.
  10. I quit high rolling couldnt stay away 100% in the end so i play alot less than before and moore controlled. Like you can see i do 2kr per spinn instead off 100 per spinn. The funny thing is that this was the spinn on my screen that was from 3.9 to 1.9 not 1.9->error. But might be a delay because it actually did the whole spin and i heard a ding for every wild and after that when it tried to spin again got inncufient balance.
  11. Was lowrolling for fun and had made a initial deposit of 100kr. When I came down to 3.90kr had autospinns on, on 2kr bet this happens on my last spinn I had expanding wilds activated It start to spin and I hear DING DING DING and I see thoose 3 wilds and the premium symbol and my heart just raises im like YEAAAAH im back. Then ofcourse as allways with my luck nothing happens it just stays like that and a popup comes up INCUFFIENT FUNDS. and I have 1.90kr left I do belive this should be a pretty ok win even tough it was just 2kr per spinn I dont know what happened really if it was my balance that was delayed on the casino so I got a extra full spinn or if it was something else but the casino have sent it on to yggdrasil. But I still find it funny since this is just my normal luck. Never seen this happen tough that it just spinns the last spinn and show me a pretty good win and nothing happens. Anyone else with a similar experience haha great drinking story tough!
  12. Thank you but I already created earlier threads about my issue. And how I managed to stop and so on. Have had professional help 2 diffrent times now and also been on my own and it have worked fine. I was on the right track for so long. Then I fucked up this badly. And theese companies that I need to pay I already done it to once. And they where not willing to help me out a second time and probably not a third time. Thank you I create my threads here because people like you give me healty advices and great support in my troubles.
  13. So guess I am back, why do I make this thread? Well I fcked up. How? why? when? Stay tuned for some awesome dramaaction. I guess once you have had gambling problems you'll never be free and the thing you can do is to isolate yourself. So my new story goes like this been away from gambling so long, Gambles with a friend as a fun night. Wins alot of Money. Did not Think about it anymoore. Time goes on, I get a text from a casino... Silly me I forgot to shut my account down. Before I Close it I Think to myself maybe just try my luck with 200kr so i did Notice this sentence NEVER GAMBLE WITH A GAMBLING ISSUE. Guess what won Moore Money then I almost really ever had on a gambling account. I'm talking well over 3xx'xxxSEK 1 sad day later Everything was gone. I did not even felt like I cared about the Money. But the anxeity hit me so hard the following Days and not only did I loose thoose Money but 100% of Everything I now owned and had saved up. Because of this one slipup... I had to quit my new studdies because I couldnt afford to travel to the internship was forced to take so far away from here... I have low hours on my work due to I studdied. Now at the end of the months I get all the bills as allways but no income. I would like to personally thank gambling, my stupidity and Life. about 15 Days im fcked because of my own stupidity. Sorry for my language. The reason I'm Writing this is because maybe some of you might find it funny to see such a idiot others might be in the same situation and seek Comfort whoever you are just stop it's not Worth it if things go downhill they go downhill... Now I have to sell stuff I own to pay the bills on 5000sek. How riddiculus aint that? I just hope I will manage.
  14. I been thinking so long about this that it can't really just be a coincidence. Under the gambling sessions I had. I allways whent up and down between a number let say I reached 2000kr then it whent down to 500 and boom upp to 1900 then down then up most of the time exactly around 2000kr Even while changing slotproviders the sums start to match. And most of the casinos after years you are either +/- 0 a little plus or a little minus and no matter wich side you are on if you keep gambling you will move to the other side then back again. And the further away I was from that sum and the lower the bet size was the moore X i won and every time I bet huge I got shit but that shit made me end up around 2000kr the same as the mega x win on a lower bet. Notice 2000kr is just a made up sum. And this pattern has followed me troughout my entire gambling "career" Diffrent casinos diffrent wins. Sometimes you lost it all to do another some moore deposits and guess what mega big win 2000kr + what you just deposited then down to zero or up down around that 2000 mark. And very rarely a mega big win but most time it seems like it locked to a certain sum like I had 5 mixed bonuses 2 on very low bet and 2 very huge bet and 1 medium. Low bet mega big win up to 2000kr lost 1500kr to medium spins boom i get a decent bonus and ends up at 2200kr then plays huge bets down to 1500kr and boom shit bonus up to 2000kr again then loose it all down to last pennies boom 1000x win on lowest bet size and back to 1800kr And every time after that I got bonuses they usually made my balance a little bit less and less every time 1600 1400 1000 And a few times very rarely boom mega big win mostly while playing on new casinos. anyone else noticed the same patterns in gambling online slots? I'm a person who is extremly good to see and remember patterns and done multiple tests in life and completed them all so what im writing now is real patterns that happens all the time. But is it just a extremly unlikly coincidense or something else?
  15. Thanks at 03:00 when we quit we had well over 30K in total. And the best part is that no bonuses where used and we had a fun evening.