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  1. Might be a bit off topic, But in my doubts of casino and everything I made a little cover originally Make you feel my love. In this case translated to being held not able to stop all the down and that it will all be allright at some point. Thoose times when you just wanna cry from all the loss and thoose times you you feel like nothing can go wrong and you just keep winning then you keep loosing it all just to keep it up and keep going when everything goes to far. I just wanna let you all know you are not alone. I wanted to do alot lot darker and a bit moore "unique" version of this song I dont know if I really can sing but here we go hope someone else can feel my soul in this one. enjoy.
  2. Welcome have a pleasant stay. will check your stream out sometime.
  3. Sorry to hear people just like to ruin everything for others. Give them a hand and they swallow your arm. 1. You should invest into a stationary PC OR if your laptop have a screenoutlet where you can have dual/Extra screen and stream one of the screens where you can check the screenshots yourself before showing the viewers on the other screen. 2. You have an area outside your stream window so you allways have to drag in the picture extra work but worth it. When twitch strikes the banhammer its over and you will never be able to stream on twitch again from what I've heard from other people that gotten fully banned for same reason. 3. just let the mods check the screenshot before you open them.
  4. Nice what an amazing hit.
  5. Let say I where to give you $/€/£ 5000, You had to wager theese 20 times. unlimited bet size allowed. You are not allowed to play blackjack, roulette etc. Only slots allowed. what games would you pick? You can't change slot meanwhile you have to wager everything on that precise slot. Guess alot will say monopoly since the guaranteed return. I would however choose Spacewar When you hit crystalls at high bet theres no limit how much you can withdraw that slot practicly made me rich not 1 time but 2. So what would you choose?
  6. Pokerstar seems like the best option. untill i just now read what skylined wrote. Hmm any one that plays alot of poker and know some good sites then? I used to play everest poker before pokerstars but kept it at that.
  7. What about we do some Texas hold'em online for people that is interested in the future? Really low buyin(or free?) so whoever want to join could. Mainly like a fun event for everybody here.
  8. Great decission my friend. Take a break while on top and enjoy the money. Come back and gamble when things are calmer again and you dont feel the need to play. You won you are on top youre the boss dont gamble it away then youll get anxiety! Its not about what amount you loose 1000kr per spin for me could be as bad as 10kr per spin for someone else. Edit: I feel sick today thinking about 1000kr per spinn. What a bloody wonky wanker that AndyFox fella is! Congratulations for you winnings. Myself spent my christmas winnings on repairing a rare car i got and fixed up my computer(big interest) and a whiskey bottle I can enjoy watching some great streams in the future. As for now I feel like lifes pretty amazing again and I honestly think im fully done with ever gambling again. Might return to my other interest low stake texas holdem the money doesnt burn as fast as on casino.
  9. Nice congratulations dude #1 wishmaster win In X i ever seen.
  10. Will update about the help I get. Yes and the free cash is not even close to the best offers I got. However the casinos I "small" rolled on didnt have any problems with jusy shutting my account. The ones I mid rolled on still enough for a vip manager ~10k€ a year also offered me stuff as soon as I wanted to shut my account but mainly just great bonuses. And the high rolling x€ a year (dont even wanna know the ammount. ) offered trips like come visit them and real life items and crap. And if I didnt play for a little while if i when vacations they sent me nice personal written emails asking how i was doing and that they missed me and if something was wrong etc.
  11. Hi kim Thanks for your words. Yes its a tuff situation and I searched professional help this monday and going there on tuesday. To be honest I dont feel like I have to gamble anymoore this winter I hit such a huge win that fixed up my life pretty decent again. It was like something snapped when I won so much the win I had been chasing so long since everything whent down hill. Have excluded me from most site and have a 300kr deposit limit on my favorit site now. However I will stick around on theese forums when other people win big it makes me happy. When other people need help with their gambling issues I will be there. <- think this is where I will be most active. And for other questions regarding casino I have so much experience from all theese years so who knows might come in handy for someone. And the streams have actually helped me to "gamble less" since I replaced my gambling sessions with watching the streams instead. The reason I signed up to the forumd was actually because I was going to start stream myself but now got other plans as you might tell. Thanks all the luck needed.
  12. At low betsize guaranteed hits the higher you bet the less coins that bonus produces. this was the lowest bet deadspinn bonjs I ever had.
  13. Thanks David. The only thing I regret in my life is playing casino. And I allways tell people who never played that wonders where to start that "Don't it's not worth it." "Don't put your life in someone's hands They're bound to steal it away Don't hide your mistakes 'Cause they'll find you, burn you Then he said If you want to get out alive Run for your life"
  14. Thanks for the words. when gambling becomes your life it ends up being the only fun aswell. Casino been part of my life for so long and I belive even outside my addiction I played because I was boored and didnt care really. I could win so much take a break come back play it all away and make another deposit and not care since i already counted them as a loss. But after so many years the thrills are gone the fun is gone and you just keep doing it because you know nothing else.
  15. Thank you, first of all it was so many lies the start to drifting appart since never spending time together etc bacause casino was everything for me i hid away in shame making sure noone could ever know about my casino, poker etc just playing was abit "tabu" in sweden and then on theese high stakes made everything worse. Allways talk to your partner about it directly if tou have a problem admit to it directly let your partner help you. If you dont be sure to tell your partner anyway. A gambling life tear most relationship apart if 1 is on the outside. When I said I lost everything thats exactly what I did and I kept gambling like nothing else mattered, just feeling sorry for myself. Being addicted is not necessarily a problem if you keep it at normal level and dont let it escalate thats when it gets bad. For me casino and poker was my hobby and my fun thing to escape reality. The fun part everytime i was away 2 weeks or just took a pause or wanted to close my acount i could get anything from 100€ wagerfree money a high % bonus with 10x Wagering.(200-500%) to other offers wich I wont mention here. And no casino would let me close my account in the chat telling me i had to email my VIP manager and thats where I got all theese offerings.