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  1. Would not surprice me even if casinos under the bigger providers was doing the same. It's moore up to the casinos then the providers if they cheat or not? Providers still get their money and probably wont be controlling if the casinos are cheating. Unless someone gets caught... A casino exist only to make money not give money Providers only exist to get money. They only take actions when something can damage their brand. I would like roulettetables to be inspected because sometimes the ball break all laws of physics.
  2. Created another thread about the subject. How to break the addiction and habbit where i mention this. Yes usually works well. But not when you are a really important VIP for them. Since you feed them with so much money alone. Most casinos are really professional about it but some are not.
  3. Under all my years of gambling I noticed that if you have let say: Level 10 and Betsize 1 wich equals 1€ The bonuses usually pays alot better than level 1 bet size 10 wich also is a 1€ spinn. First I tought it was in my head but having a high bet level and lower coin value allways gave me decent - pretty good bonuses and if i had low bet level and high coin size the bonus was pretty bad and alike every single time. This is on netent slots.
  4. Background So okay for thoose who don't know me My name is Andy Fox, Long time gambler. Under 2016 only I rougly lost 76 grand in euro on casino. Yes you read that correct and it feels mentaly bad writing it and thats not even my worst year but I have to because this is the reality. Anyhow with this thread I want to help you conquer your gambling addiction and breaking the habbit my start and trigger to casino was actually winning a pretty large jackpot nearly 10 years ago since then I have gambled almost every day and had everything and lost everything and moore and I am not only talking about money here. Sidenote I cannot guarantee that this will work for you, because you really need to have the mentallity that you want to quit to begin with even if you can't stop you must know deep inside that this is what you wanna do, this is not good for me, this have gone way to far, I need to quit. First then can I help you with this thread to guarantee a stop to your gambling. I created this thread in the only purpose that I want to help you! yes you are not alone we are many and together we are one, we are strong and we will quit this addiction together right here and right now. I care for you who read this know that before we start with the help. Introduction Why do I spend my time writing this? I feel like this might be my goal right now to help others that having a hard time being part of change is something that rewards me alot of mental value since I feel like i'm doing something good helping others get out of the same hell as I was in. It is not funny at all and for some it's even life ending. Now when you have come this far lets start my helping program off. Step 1 Introduce yourself to the reality Realising you are either addicted or playing in a harmfull and bad way and want to quit gambling When is this a good idea? -You play for moore then you can afford. -You run out of money before the end of the month because you gambled it away. -You feel like you don't care for the value of money anymoore -You are depressed and nothing really matters. -You can't stop playing even when you want to. -Gambling is controlling your life and you form everything after it. -Many other reasons. Step 2 My advice here for you is to actually block yourself from all casinos you play on now what you wanna do is go to the support and tell them you wan't to quit playing don't be ashamed allways write that you are gambling addicted and want to close your account forever. The people in the support are humans just like yourself they will most likely be glad to help you out. And don't feel ashamed you will be forgotten in a very short ammount of time since they have so many other customers to deal with. And casinos will only remember you for feeding them with moore money all VIP managers and support care for you because its their job and thats how they get their paycheck so don't feel bad ending a long time relationship with a casino. Listen carefully to this part. No matter the cause of why you are closing your account never make up lies it might make them to close your account temporarily or say that you need to speak to your VIP manager whom will at most likely give you some sort of fantastic bonus if you stay. For my program to help YOU, You will need to close ALL not a few and in the time period of forever. You need to close exactly all casinos you are playing active on and thoose casinos you have registered to but are not playing on but now might get a reason to play on. Your brain will allways search new ways of playing if you are addicted to casino. so never feel like leaving one open just in case close them all. WARNING DO NOT play one last time before you close your account. Listen to me it is very important for your own mentality that you close the account immediately without playing if you have any balance thats withdrawable withdraw it otherwise just close the account don't feel like you will loose so much that you put into the account if you feel this way you need to read step 1 again. By closing your account immediately your brain will feel like you won over your addiction and give you a very important boost in breaking the addiction. Step 3 Breaking the habbit The only way to breaking the habbit since im not joking but you will enter the casino on autopilot and allways think to yourself I will only play for this ammount and then you will loose hard and have nothing left and wonder why did I do this. By doing step 2 you will already have a small victory in the start and you will automaticly try to logon to the casinos you just closed your account on many times in the first days but the only way to actually breaking the habbit is time. Now when you have the victory in your luggage and the mentality that you wanna quit all you now need to do is make sure you do not register at any new casinos. And in that way breaking the habbit since if you wanna stop and already blocked yourself you wont really go search other casinos and register because that is one thing that your brain can actually controll while being addicted to gambling. Step 4 Make sure you seek comfort in your decision and your reality that you have a bad habbit playing casino and that you play in a destructive way. The away will be hard but it will be so much easier if you find comfort at the ones you love or people close to you. And if you feel like you are way to ashamed to tell them about this or that it might ruin your reputation or life even further know this we are here for you I am aswell Find comfort here on the forum create your own thread just find the comfort somewhere someone that you can talk to it will make everything so much easier after step 3 and prevent yourself from actually playing again. Outro Now many of you might wonder why my program does not include professional help I will tell you why right now in my own way of seeing it. I whent to get Proffesional help and for me it was something really bad, I didn't really get the help I needed because they where people that have read about addiction and gambling but never themself been in that situation so they couldnt really help me the way that I feel someone like me could have done that actually been there and done that and now I suddly had times to put on my already busy schedual wich made me feel very trapped and bad inside. I do not say that all professional help is bad and might be a way to realise that it is for real now other than that I felt like it didn't do me any good at all just the opposit. So if I can't help you with this thread do what I wrote and wait for a period of time and if you still can't stop gamble or started again then open up for going to professional help then your brain needs it to know its for real that will change your mentality further. Now you have come this far and reached the end or my program know that you will miss casino and think about it alot but the longer time you stay away the easier it will become. For me the hardest part today is watching casino streams or big wins on youtube because it really triggers that sence that I wanna play and gives me idea on how to actually win but I have finally come to the stage where I can enjoy streams and watch other play away their money or win and actually enjoy casino again without putting myself on risk again. Final words. I am finally free and I would like to thank all of you in this comunity that supported me trough hard times and I guess this is my way to pay back. This is not for everyone but for thoose who need it please don't let it go to far I am here to help you. And another thing you might wanna do is find another hobby or interest to help you go trough each and every day and get further and further from casino. For me I rented a music local and started playing in a band again writing music and watching movies playing games on my free time. Finding comfort in life is the most important thing and remember we won't be here forever so in the end it won't really matter but what you do now is what actually matters. Stay safe everyone! and once again thank you.
  5. Thank you dude, No worries. I am actually very happy how the comunity backs me up and supports me in this hard times. Like this it means alot to me and shows another good side of the gambling comunity. The slots was for me a way to escape the sad and booring reality, I once had it all now I moore or less got nothing. I'm rebuilding my life but after everything that happened im not sure I will never get on track again in life but for once I actually feel like I have something to fight for now. Its hard but its been over 1 month now since I last gambled. Every time I open a browser I still enter casino name in the browser and tries to login realising i blocked myself and wonder why I even tried to log in like the brain moves in auto pilot. really dangerous when you been playing for so many years and made it a habbit and then stops the habbit will continue. I gonna add up a new thread in the matter of how to actually break the habbit for others to seek comfort and have a clear help instead of going trough this whole thread. And thank you same goes to you!
  6. Nice one!
  7. So today I wrote a new song, music is what I do next to gambling. and now when I quit gambling I guess music is it its very rough as this is the first demo I made of it. My lyrics might seem dark or depressing but I been trough hell and back so my songs are really just ways for me to express myself. Might be released later this year or late 2018 as part of the studio Album: Helvetets Hjältar Enjoy a bit diffrent from many other bands out there today this is my first solo demo as I was writing this song a mix of grunge and heavy metal will be the end result you guys will be the first ever to hear this song. In the information box you can press show moore to see the lyrics and read them as I sing them wich I recommend.
  8. Still unsure about the naming part as I have a friend who work higher up at that casino, And have been talking to him today about the situation and I will be receiving a personal sorry message from the VIP manager that contacted me, (atleast think it was a vip manager) I allways felt like money never mattered and even when I won I gambled it away. I could go and just stop there whenever I wanted so never tought of me as a gamble addicted moore like self destructive like money didnt matter anymoore if i loose I loose. When i started to come to the reality was when the real gambling addiction kicked in. I had controll up till the point where the cold streak just wouldnt stop never in my entire gambling career i had a cold streak of over a year and that was sick. I remember my favorit casino streamer(If you followed his stream you know who it is ) He had a summer of cold streak and you could see how much it teared him up and how sick he felt about it wanting to just quit right there, Lucky his cold streak ended mine just kept going. But what would let say a casino streamer do if the could streak just continued. And every deposit whent directly to 0 in almost 100% deadspinns. I really dont wanna enclosure my personal life but I was, I had a house I had a brand new car, I had a top job, I was about to get married, I had everything in life. Then my best friend died, gambling took over everything and i lost it all piece by piece hence why I think theres moore to my issue then just being addicted my issue grounds in that I don't really care about life anymoore. But don't mistake me I love life and would never end it. But I really wish there was somthing moore in it.
  9. So today I received a call from a casino I won't name. Asking me why I quit my account at their casino. I told them I was gamble addicted and wanted to stop. And directly they asked if it was lack of bonuses and asked me if I didn't want any sort of bonus. The casino world is crazy sometimes. Most staff is understanding but some are just plain bloody wonky wankers! Today I realised how hard this struggle would be as I set on to close my casumo account had forgott i even played there. I tought to myself I make a final $20 deposit and if i win I withdraw and cancel the account when I've got my money or if i loose i cancel it directly. Guess what? another 5 grand down the drain wont mention currency.... After being defeated by my own stupidity and gambling addiction I closed this account aswell. From being pretty rich to nothing then playing away all my sallary month after month. It has gone way to far this time and I hope I can finally stop. Since I now have no moore opened accounts. For me money does not matter any moore and every time I win I just gamble it away because I feel like I never need any money. But times changes fast I hope my story can get some other people to stay away. And for other people in my situation I can just say Money is far from everything but it helps alot. I do not have much left in life but I keep struggling and have turned moore and moore to the music. What triggered my gambling addiction was a huge win after that everything been going down hill just like a crazy person would talk as if the money where cursed so somehow I'm happy it's over. It's a pretty crazy and somewhat unrealistic story of what have happened to me under the years since I won the big jackpot, almost movie worthy. The hardest part about being a gambler is that gamblers don't walk away. A gambler never stops being a gambler. The sad part about this run is that I have had moore or less over 100 grand in euro cold streak with only a few small wins inbetween. The last years have been nothing but loss almost with 2016 being the worst year so far in my entire gambling career with a total of -76'000€ negative and 2017 did not start of much better with a total of -6200€. I wonder what life have to offer me in the future but I hope things will finally turn around and come my way again because living at the brink of existance all the time is not healty.
  10. Ok so some people asked me to share how and what kind of help I was getting. About my help: Since I live in sweden we have many social safety nets. So everyone can get help for free here. Stage 1: In the end of 2016 I contacted my Kommun(=Muncipalities) and asked for help since I just gambled everything away I spent way over 100kr per spin and just did deposit after depostit and could play away moore money in a month than most people make in a year. My money started out as a I won a medium jackpot so I had money on a account. At the end I ran out of all thoose money and played from my account aswell. And I just couldnt stop. Stage 2: I Got a phone call about to go to a meeting with a girl that worked for the kommun and we booked a meeting when and where we would meet and so I got myselg a time 2 weeks in the future. Stage 3: I'm finally at my first meeting with this guy that works with drug/alcohol abusers and he talks about a road where I am now and where I would like to be in the future. And what kind of goals I wanna acomplish after the road. This is how I said I wanted it to be: Where I am now: A total gamble addict that plays away everything and moore Where I wanna be: Gamble Free Goals after the way: Play less and less and finally be free First goal was limit myself on all casinos. This person said that I dont need to quit but maybe play less wich in my world sound a bit stupid since either you quit or you keep playing. As soon as you touch casino you cant stop as a gamble addict so it was one out of many "stupid" Advices. And this kept up week after week for 3 weeks. I was working all the time night day so I had hard time making the meetings. But I could not stop playing I quit going and quit that since it did not feel right for me. and I hadent been gambling for a few weeks at this stage. One day I started Gambling again like a week ago and I was playing so much but had it under controll didnt play moore then I could afford and so on. But Last night/today I for example deposited 300 sek every time untill i played away 12000kr. I just had deadspinns the entire night but I kept depositing. And today at the morning I felt so sick with anxeity after how much I played away again So i finally got around to cancle my account without being forced to do it by my Vip managers, Hence Now my accounts are closed forever and was not exposed to a ton of bonuses and so on. I bet some casinos will be contacting me by phone very soon but im over it now. Today I have tried login into my locked accounts like 20 times just by "habbit" and to play then realise its locked while im loggin in. Wont open any new accounts since I closed on all big sited and theres no point for me to play on small sites since im addicted not stupid. So now I just have to push trough it and every time realise I can't login and think less and less of it. SIDENOTE: Was contacted last week by my kommun that asked why I quit and they where worried I hadnt got the help I needed and turns out that guy that I quit from was not "educated on gambling issues" So it explained alot and they asked if i wanted real help but I had to turn it down due to working to much. So now I am oficially on my own again. but I finally feel free.
  11. Might be a bit off topic, But in my doubts of casino and everything I made a little cover originally Make you feel my love. In this case translated to being held not able to stop all the down and that it will all be allright at some point. Thoose times when you just wanna cry from all the loss and thoose times you you feel like nothing can go wrong and you just keep winning then you keep loosing it all just to keep it up and keep going when everything goes to far. I just wanna let you all know you are not alone. I wanted to do alot lot darker and a bit moore "unique" version of this song I dont know if I really can sing but here we go hope someone else can feel my soul in this one. enjoy.
  12. Welcome have a pleasant stay. will check your stream out sometime.
  13. Sorry to hear people just like to ruin everything for others. Give them a hand and they swallow your arm. 1. You should invest into a stationary PC OR if your laptop have a screenoutlet where you can have dual/Extra screen and stream one of the screens where you can check the screenshots yourself before showing the viewers on the other screen. 2. You have an area outside your stream window so you allways have to drag in the picture extra work but worth it. When twitch strikes the banhammer its over and you will never be able to stream on twitch again from what I've heard from other people that gotten fully banned for same reason. 3. just let the mods check the screenshot before you open them.
  14. Nice what an amazing hit.