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  1. The gambling monster (Last post ever)

    Thank you I posted a few posts on here, I tried so many times to quit and never managed to fully. Only for periods and like you say only I can stop playing casino but it's like my body been acting on its own hard to explain. I searched professional help wich almost killed me to be honest. Took so much time I had work and at the same time go to meetings early in the moorning and afternoon etc not working when you work all times on the day. But I think this is actually it I havent played for quite a while and having the support from this forum is the best there is to quit gambling all friendly people just helping you over the hardest parts. And now with my new career I truly hit the jackpot once in a lifetime work and I will earn so much money no casino wins can come close to it so I hopefully will feel like now that it's not worth gambling. And thank you that is some very kind words <3 I wish you and all the others here all the best of luck.
  2. The gambling monster (Last post ever)

    Nobody gets too far like that. Haha Yeah thanks you, I have alot of things stored in life finally and I'm so much up on gambling for this period that managing to quit is a really big win. I havent played since pre this post. and it feels like I just wanna play. Crazy! Atleast I'm glad my addiction allways been gambling and not drugs
  3. The gambling monster (Last post ever)

    Thank you very much friend. Now it might seem like a bad thing when I wrote this post but I'm very positive actually I'm up alot on gambling so it's so hard to quit haha because I allways feel like I just want to play a little because it is fun but hard to control hopefully I can achieve quitting fully while being on top. I havent gambled since this post was made or been on the forum but I must admit I been checking the streams haha moore addicting then actual gambling.
  4. I know I havent been as active on the forum as of latly mainly due to that I quit gambling for a good while I suceeded but for some reason I allways get drawn back like its the only fun in my life. And thats where it's dangerous I used to bet upwards 50€ a spin without any bonus after I had hit my biggest jackpot. Years later it was all gone but I kept gambling with the balance going up down till I came here to casino grounds at the start I did not realise how bad my gambling was and I ended up gambling everything away. From economicly independent til not being able to pay my bills. I'm not sad tough I'm actually happy even tough I wished I had never won the jackpot to start out with I don't regret it since I have a huge addiction or something moore to it I can't quit. Anyway I managed to stop fully a few months back with the help of some fellow gamblers here. And one that I talked to alot on skype with. After a good amount of time I started doing 10€-20€ deposits every weekend to almost allways loose but I betted small and won small. Then I hit nearly 2000x on a 2kr spin and I did a 50kr spin and got a bonus I won nearly 10K I withdrawed everything but with this win everything just came back. I started playing reel rush on low bets the week after and did a 25kr spin and won 4K on strawberries a week ago. I now felt that feeling I had not felt in a long while and decided to withdraw almost everything beside 200kr and so I did with thoose 200kr I won another 4K with strawberries then I won again and again and the machine felt hotter than ever and I eneded up with a total of 25K that night. I invested 10K into items I needed. But it was all on again I couldnt quit after making another 200kr deposit and did four 50kr spin at the last spin i got til the absolut last hit before the bonus and it missed it tilted me so I did another 200kr deposit and did the same and guess what the same thing happens. Did another 200kr deposit this time not a single hit. and then I decided OK last 200kr before quitting this crap forever and did two 100kr spin and got the bonus. It was 7 deadspins and 1 bad hit wich payed roughly 330kr I played 50kr spins and on the last spin I hit the bonus again just as dead and hit the bonus before reaching 0kr and it was nearly 8 deadspinns again. And I felt that I had lost again and I had to try to get them back i had so much profit so it was okay. I was drinking some whiskey and just couldnt controll myself I told myself okay last deposit now but somehow I just automaticly deposited another 200kr and I was back into the gambling adiction just like that. I lost 15'000kr in deadspins with a few hits in between hitting the last stage just to miss with wilds and crap of the 25'000Kr in 1 night and the only reason I didn't loose 25K was because I had invested 10K already and my bank balance reached 0. I'm like I said not sad about it neither do I regret it I know I have a issue and I can't get rid of it not even with professional help so now with my own full will I'm quitting dead cold 100%. I mean I still have my 10K investments so I'm still profit from my last win. And I didn't gamble away any other money than money that came from the winnings. I just wanted to say with this post that I failed. I got so much coments from the community and so much support and here I am again. For me there's only 1 thing left to do now and that is to not return here to this forum and not look at the gambling streams again therefor I will probably not see you guys on the stream again. I'm sad we have to part ways like this I met quite alot of nice people under the years both on the streams and outside of them I gonna quit deadcold and cut all chords to anything that has to do with gambling. Anyways Thanks everyone for this amazing time and I do wish you guys get to hit the biggest jackpot aswell just as I did. As a side note I'm very happy because I'm soon starting a great new work career(I never tought I would be able to reach this far up in the world again) wich will help me get rid of all my debt since before very fast. Since theres not much left to pay. And I got a new house a car and most important Familly friends and someone that I love. Goodbye and Thanks Casino Grounds Community and Streamers~ <3 You will allways be in my heart!
  5. I was just thinking about something and would like your input on it. I was thinking about creating a platform like a site or just an application for the browser or the phone where anyone can get help from real people for free. For people worrying about their gambling or people who just want to talk to someone live and get advices etc. I fucked my life up for good and I know there are no other way for me than to look forward and do my best as allways and keep going. So what If I could use my experience to help people in the same situation to give my life a new meaning by helping others. I was thinking about creating a powerfull but easy tool so anyone can see and follow how much they gamble for and give them a clear overview to maybe prevent it getting out of controll etc. Offer a live chat where people thats been in the same situation as me and recovered can also sit and talk with people in need of help. The tool I want to create is for ANYONE to use to be offered that clear overview without having any data etc saved and quick buttons to click for help and advices or live chat etc. What do you guys think would you want to have a tool like this that can show you clear graphs over how much you play deposit/withdrawal how much time you spent and so on. And this tool would be 100% free no data saved to external databases and noone will be able to trace you. And even maybe a chanse to register.
  6. Goood bye guys

    Sad to hear acilla. Keep looking forward you will never be able to change the past don't feel bad and create a good future instead. If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to send a message.
  7. 4 weeks update rain or sunshine?

    Thank you, sorry for the late reply. It is hard but once it's been a while easy. So far. Watching stream youtube clips does not trigger. Getting emails from casinos or promoters saying something about your account and a bonus I get really sick to my stumache and have to close my email. I don't even dare to enter the site to close see if my account is closed. Since im sure if it's open It feels like I will play it's a hard feeling to describe but like pure panic and anxiety as soon as I see a mail from a casino since I dunno if my account is closed or not. I still receive phone calls from casinos now and then that says they have a bonus for me but I just reply no and that my account is closed and they apologize and this is also not a trigger just seeing the emails. And I dont even enter casino heroes/casino saga anymoore automaticly every time I open a browser haha dunno how long I did that after closing my account well over a year ago now. I just can't stop feeling depressed as fuck now when i'm free and counting on how much I actually lost how high my debt is and what the future now beholds for me sadly I can't see any other way that i'm fucked just around 100K Swedish sek in debt now but The rent is so high I cant even pay it off and since i got a debt I cant borrow from a bank to collect it into 1 loan to pay of with a bit better rent. I just have no clue what to do right now.
  8. 4 weeks update rain or sunshine?

    Thank you, It was hard and as many could see I had alot of trial and error and fails I been trying to become gamble free for a long time and just kept fcking it up so in someway i'm really happy to finally succeeded on my journy. Yes but he knows i'm trying to stop so that was kind of a dick move.... Thank you kim, means alot coming from the great Sir Letsgiveitaspin. Yes this friend knows about it so it wasnt very kind of him to do so. Our whole friendship has been based around gambling. So I guess he feels a bit sad that I won't gamble anymoore. But that anxiety and pressure after having a big down streak, it so nice not feeling that way anymoore. I still follow the streams tough. still better than watching TV.
  9. 4 weeks update rain or sunshine?

    It's been exactly 4 weeks since I wrote the last time that I was quitting gambling I have got my monthly paycheck nearly a week ago from work. Oh also its rain outside. So for 4 weeks now I havent played a single slot I was at a friends house who asked if we was going to play a shared bullet a saturday night and I said NO. Then he said he was gonna play himself then and I said that he could do that tomorrow because if you play casino now I will walk home. I got my paycheck and I payed all my bills + rent and I have a little money over that covers food for the whole month. I did play lotto on svenska spel for 50kr(Like mega millions and thoose other lottery but swedish for 5€/5$) didnt win anything sadly but who cares didnt instantly make a new row of lotto or anything. Overall I feel so much happier in my life the anxiety is not a hard hitting element anymoore. Sadly it does not repair my debts that I got from gambling and I dont have enough hours at work to pay back since I need food to survive. But this is just the start of my new life there will be plenty of time to work my ass off to repay what I caused due to my addiction. But in the end I feel like this is it im free and i'm very happy for all the support I got from here. My dark sad story turned to sunshine thanks to all the support from this forum! Conclusion: Sunshine! I like how the gambling comunity comes together and support others when needed. people can talk as much shit as they want about gamblers but atleast gamblers have hearts of gold thats one proven fact!
  10. Won big with my last money, need to quit

    1. Whatever you do realise that it will all from now on just be a loss doesnt matter what you do. once you keep gambling it all away it wont matter how big the win is therefor you will allways keep loosing. 2. Close all your accounts that you have registered ALL of them. 3. Think about all the problems there will be about opening new accounts and how bad you feel and felt and you don't wanna be in that situation again. 4. You have won back what you lost now 1 time that I can most likely guarantee you wont happen again so dont chase it anymoore or you will just dig yourself deeper. Take this as a loss it's not a huge sum it's alot of money but atleast you have the chanse to be free before you dig the grave so deep you are fucked forever. 5. When you feel the urge to gamble take a walk or something leave the phone at home with all electronics and just walk and keep walking. 6. It's hard but will be worth it being in this situation is not funny and im going trough it myself being free from gambling right now so if you need advices or just wanna chat or something just pm me. GL m8 think that it's not to late to quit now that you can do it and right now it feels bad but your debt is small so you should be able to pay it off with just the money you usually gambles away.
  11. Leaving CG and the streams

    Thank you. Funny my name Andy Fox actually is residensing in a joke where I was called Andreas Räv since Andreas is my real name haha. or ex name? who knows. Thanks 4 days gamble free hadnt gambled for a while before thoose 4 days and at that session I managed to actually walk after loosing around 500kr wich was half of what I had left right there for the first time I didnt gamble it all away. don't feel any need of gambling. For the first time I actually got money on my card and fridge full of food and no need to spend them well beside at repairing my car wich I havent been able to afford for almost a year now due to allways gambling everything away. I also after walking closed my account. I finally acepted my loss and that there are no moore ways to play casino since I need to find a new one register and deposit and if i win do all the work with sending in documentations so I won't go trough that. Not worth all the work and especially not now when I Finally do feel free and I can watch streams again without feeling that trigger in my brain going off. It's only 4 days so much can happen but I will return in a month with my journey. Every time I usually played casino i'm now out taking a walk seeing the world from a new perspective. -||- Casino-x was the last casino I played on. I join the site at diffrent times to find that the chat support is closed so i send them a mail saying that I wanted to close my account due to gambling issues and it had to be done now. Takes a while before I get a answer wich says: YOU NEED TO VERIFY THAT YOU WANT TO CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT! >:C (Might have made the capslock and the smiley face up in my head but anyway) So I verify by replying whatever they wanted to know.... Takes a while then they say that they closed my account and ask why I want to close my account if im not satisfied etc I mean 5 lines aboce that it says that I want to close the account due to having gambling issues..... and if I want to reopen the account I just have to reply. ._. This makes me a bit tired^ but I guess we are humans and we can all do wrong.
  12. Leaving CG and the streams

    Just started a help program at: Stodlinjen.se A swedish help program free of charge with english if needed. The site give you a clear image over what you are gambling how much how long etc, how you are feeling what else you can do. So hopefully this is it. Also excluded myself from 100% of the casinos right now. There are no moore to play at unless new one shows up. I really feel excited to quit casino forever. And the biggest diffrence about my last gambling session compared to earlier onces this time I managed to save 50% of my bank balance instead of gambling 100% away. Goodbye and once again thank you all for the support troughout the times and yes I might got a bit of gambling paranoia but really if anyone had my downstreak with the same patterns over and over again on deposits and that mainly 1 out of 10 spins hit and usually pays back 0.1-1x the money of that spinn. And the last 100+ bonuses on diffrent games diffrent providers have not been over 25x not a single one. I hit crystals 5 times on spacewars on diffrent days all 5 was moore or less completly dead paying nothing and this was every time I raised I got premium symbols / bonuses and they all payed shit with triggered tilt mode badly. Then every deposit after that was just dead untill I had deposited around 1000kr and Boom I get a good win that gives me back 800.... then i gamble it away. So yes paranoid as hell haha And the only time crystalls have payed latly have been when I have been on the negative side of the total balance on the casino. Then I win back almost exactly the ammount that brings me back to what I have deposited. I have done all the locomotive tests multiple times and I have max score on seeing patterns so yes thats how my brain work it reads patterns if something keeps repeating my brain notice it directly. Thats how I kept track over that its allways the same story no matter what casino same patterns repeating over and over again. And for every casino you exclude yourself you go minus everything you have deposited to that site and keeps moving up down on a negative balance on the other casino untill you self exclude from them. And boom you are down even further and so on the down streak just continues while if one keeps playing at the casinos sooner or later you will be back at what you spent. <--- this is a 100% fact and have happened on every single casino on the course of 10 years now of almost daily gambling. Trust me on that one. If something keeps repeating I can't call it random not if its on so many diffrent casinos and all the downstreaks are from actually self excluding after a great ammount of deadspinns and lost monies.
  13. Leaving CG and the streams

    Yeah thats why they call it slotparanoid. Check in on every casino you ever gambled on for statistic I will guarantee you will be around the +/- 0 mark or they will tell you how much profit you made and etc etc etc. and if you are on one side keep gambling and come back in a year with new statistic you will see what im talking about. This is my ultimate proof of gambling is "rigged": Not a single person on this planet can live on only gambling slot machines. If it was random some people would be able to actually live of slots for a longer period of time without winning a jackpot I never heard of such a person have you? Look at casino roll list how some players are gambling so much like they are online 24h a day 365 days a year just pushing in spin after spin paying 5K€+ every minut wich means they must be doing some serious high rolling. now how can they afford such huge stakes every single day. every single hour of the day when you check in are theese the people living of casinos or is it something else? Fake casino money, Casino test accounts? something else? Less and less casinos provide a link where you can change password on your account/or other ways to lock yourself out. Every time you wanna cancel accounts you have to go trough the support and boom if you lie. they give you a great bonus offer. If you tell the truth they give you a bonus offer sometimes. Sadly I realised once again that I can't leave casinos alone. I got money on my card and boom gambles away 50%. Hence why im tilting a bit. I feel so sick inside of deadspinning away 150€ in like 10 minuts with the biggest win 10% of my total deposits for they day. Once again I tried to close my account once again you have to talk with the support once again they arent online for many hours once again you cant change password or lock yourself out anyway. I actually threw my phone battery out the window.... now I cant use digital sign bank id to deposit and not use my phone. I'm actually leaving this country pretty soon I fucked up so badly I need to start over fresh get away from this shit nothing helps me i'm not joking my brain is so broken and I don't even know why I gamble. It's not fun, it just ruins my day my week my month it ruins everything for me I allways feel sick from it. Wins make me feel like it doesnt matter I already lost too much then I loose and I get so sick and feels like it doesnt matter again and keeps depositing reversing and crap yet I keep playing.... I only do 2€ spins and I cant even tell you when I got over 50x the last time and thats from almost 10K€+ deposits doing only 2€ spinn. I got all the help I could but even if I managed to stop gambling I'm still fucked for the rest of my life so why does it even matter at this point. I legitematly dont have many choises left right now to get out of this mess so I feel like its over. I'm done. theres nothing left for me in life nothing fun I will never have money again and the anxiety has taken over my life so badly I just have to live another 60 years or so knowing I fucked up many many years ago and never have anything in life beside thoose bad memories. There so many aspects of what gone wrong due to my actions that no matter how much i try to repair I wont be able to this life-time. I'm signing of for the last time here won't be making any update posts I just can't deal with it. I hope to god that all theese posts I made have got some people with addiction to casinos got a kick to quit/stay away from casinos. Take care all!
  14. Leaving CG and the streams

    Yes I can tell you how my past 5 years been in gambling. if i deposit 5000kr every time we call total deposit A For every big win I get a maximal of up to deposit A no matter betsize or so. When I have deposited 50'000kr in a short while I could get like the hottest up to let say 5000x win on 5kr bet or up to 500x on 50kr bet. And when I gambled thoose away I would in the end allways win thoose money I spent back but what I did was get a huge loss streak and then cancel my account therefor my whole deposit sum is locked on that casino and trust me I don't belive for shit that casino slots are random anymoore if so there would guaranteed be slot players actually being able to live on it for a long while. But there isnt I havent heard of anyone without a big win the past 2-3 months thats an active gambler thats on the plus side. Not counting live casino wich also can be easily manipulated or rigged to give the casinos a even bigger advantage over you and you would never be able to tell. One can't even call me paranoid because there are already quite a few casinos that's been caught cheating. Even in the old time the roulette tables could be rigged with battery packs in the middle of the weel legs with paper around them to minimize noise leak and then have screws wich acted as buttons totaly disguised and the only way one could tell one of theese tables were rigged was to tear them apart. Also as of latly the slots starts to load in the middle of a spin or just lags and misses or goes completly dead depending on the slot. So what I found out from my console is that it's refreshing your balance and collecting account information. Now why would a "random" slot be needing account information regarding the balance. Well my biggest guess is that the slots actually calculate from your casino balance how much you spent and how much you withdrawed. I can also say another patern that proves my theory: On spacewars I hit premium symbols on 8kr bet it brings me up to 600kr. Then when im on my last coins on a 16kr bet I get a premium symbol that brings me up to 600kr again. Then im on my last coins once again and does a 24kr bet gets a premium symbol that brings me up to 700kr~ Then I almost spin it all away and I hit crystal wich brings me up to 500kr.... On this casino im + On a casino im - Thoose would be alot bigger. And no matter what slot I choose I would allways end up with the exact same statistic all based on the account how much +/- 0 I was. And If I am to much on the + side all would just be complete and pure deadspinns. While on the - side I would hit the most amazing hits. You can still hit good hits while on + but if you keep playing your total account would all end up around the 0. Like if you think of the patterns it will allways be like this no matter what you do not sure live games affect this account balance. Also I every time I'm just having pure deadstreaks while being alot on the + side I can take any bonus and boom all of the slots are hot again say what? and on bonus yes then i get the most amazing bonus hits And as soon as im getting close to actually getting a withdrawal I loose it all. Now if this is while im negative on the total balance i most usually get a nice withdrawal. Even if the RTP is 99.9% I could guarantee that you would still be able to deadspinn away 5000kr with 20kr spinns with not a single hit that pays back moore than the spinn value. This post is a little last rant from me but seriously the only times I actually lost money is when I had a long downstreak I usually allways recovered but as soon as I closed the account on that site thoose money where all of a sudden gone a big chunk. Then I started next site and for every casino I closed my account on that chunk of money where gone. While the casinos I kept playing on my bank account balance would allways just go up down with the total sum i deposited at that casino and sometime grow larger then just shrink. And after investigating every action of the slot machines what kind of datavalues they send receive on win spins and loss spins I can tell you this much things are not what they seem like.
  15. Leaving CG and the streams

    This is my goodbye to CG and the streams. I'm sad to say it but I can't deal with my gambling anymoore. I manage to pay the bills then gamble everything away. mont after month after month. I tried almost every single help program out there I tried to stop fully I tried to lowroll. But allways gets thoose mega tilting moments at every slot I play. My debt is beyond bad and my life has gone from very good to okay to shit and now i'm at the point where my life really has nothing of value anymoore. I'm leaving this site and the streams I won't be returning. I need to fully isolate myself from this madness called gambling and hopefully being able to sell some moore stuff just to get a little money back from the damaged I caused due to gambling. I want to thank you all for your support and kind words. I had a fun roll but it's over now I'm far passed the end. Take good care all and thank you for all the entertaining streams you provided and the great community I got to be a part off. Kind Regards Andy Fox