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  1. ban online casino streamers

    I do sincerely hope that none of your family or closest friends ever gets inflicted with any kind of addiction. Just the thought someone being around their closest relationships and believing that they are lesser people and weak is a sad thought. I have no idea what being a compulsive gambler is like but my believe is that the "crack cocaine of gambling"(online slots) is just that to a person with addictive gambling personality. The accounts of compulsive gamblers are always the same, I truly wanted to stop but I had no control over my brain nor my body. Studies also show that gambling for any person changes the chemical balance in the brain. For those who are depressive, manic or compulsive they show a chemical imbalance that are like something we have never seen in other non-drug addictions. If you have the time I can really recommend and article from the Atlantic, https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/12/losing-it-all/505814/ It's a well-written article with interesting stories. It's a good read even for persons that are not interested in this kind of gambling or any gambling. Yes you really should use the Multi-quote option as writing seven posts and some with only one sentence really disrupt the flow of conversation. I find it curious that when you compile the list over persons you believe are in the "anti brigade". You either doesn't include me or you don't think my opinion on the matter lands somewhere in the middle. If its the former then you shouldn't be surprised that if you compile a list with those who have the most extreme views you will not find a compromise within that list. If it's the latter I'm curious how my stance that Youtube and Twitch should block gambling related content from viewers that doesn't have an account and give those who have an account the ability to block gambling related content themselves doesn't qualify as an compromise. This is not something you can implement, but streamers and viewers could work together to push the companies into implementing it. Yes parents do have a responsibility for their children but they cant watch over them all day ever day. Parents should be able to feel secure that businesses doesn't target their children for monetary gains(when it comes to adult entertainment), maybe you haven't read the story about "TmarTn" that created an online gambling site using skins from CSGO as currency. He deceived his audience with youtube videos showing big wins on that site not disclosing that he owned it, furthermore his audience was young and the majority was 13-16 years old. Then we have Valve who maintained the bots and the market system to let underage customers to gamble on these sites. To have a stance that neither of these entities would have any responsibility on their actions with the knowledge that they are making money on supplying gambling to 13 year old's are absurd to me. Yes it is completely possible to gain skins with extreme value without using their parents credit cards, so saying that the parents should be able and control this solely on the reason that a credit card would have to be used for purchasing skins is not valid.
  2. ban online casino streamers

    Yes Online Gambling is far more damaging than Fobt's. Here in Sweden our local slot machines have a max bet of 6kr(0.6 euro). It's easy to see why the common person are more upset by those than online slots, they are visible in our society. A compulsive gambler sitting in the dark desperately gambling away yet another loan on their computer is not visible. Soon the people will awake and so will the government. The correlation between TV ads and Casino Streamers isn´t fair, as its quite easy to avoid the latter. Yes its probable that casino streamers core viewer base is largely made up of problem gamblers, might be why LeoVegas paid good money for CG as gambling addicts are their main income source as it is for any other online casino. No Gambling Addicts surely shouldn't watch any streams, but I feel that if the streamers helps to regulate the services on which they stream with the option of blocking gambling related content they have done their part and people should be able to make up their own minds. You also make it sound like there is a conspiracy by the streamers and that they are the key players in online gambling which seems quite odd honestly. As for High Roller and gamblers who have self-excluded, I don't think those problem gamblers you talk about that have self-excluded from many(Majority?) of the online casinos would not already be excluded from a sister site to High Roller which means that they should not be able to sign up at High Roller(yes I know some shady casinos allow for this anyway and then denies withdrawals).
  3. ban online casino streamers

    About subscriptions and donations, what I said was that when it comes to casino streams they are not making money the conventional way as other streamers thru subscriptions and donations but are instead dependent on affiliate programs and casino bonuses to maintain all those costly streaming sessions. What you then have to ask yourself are the streamers allegiance to their viewers or those casinos. When it comes to these situations where you find yourself in the middle of two interests and you are dependent on both the truth is that your allegiance often are divided and somewhere in the middle. As in the case with High Roller, it wouldn't get such a positive review and played frequently by many of the streamers with overly positive opinions unless it became a partner with a favorable deal with Casinoground. But I am also sure that Casinoground and their streamers wouldn't promote it as they did if they had any suspicion that High Roller wasn't a top tier online casino. It goes hand in hand. @Slotplayer I do agree with you that some in this thread are not sincere and I find it amusing how people goes on crusades against people instead of big business interests. Happens all the time, people don't take any action against big business but when a small actor like an online casino streamer happens to make money then by god we shall burn that part of the business down. Of all the problems in this industry casino streamers should not be first on anyone's list, if it should be on that list at all. There are so many other problems this industry needs to tackle first, but they have shown again and again that they are not capable of doing so, our governments will eventually have to step in.
  4. ban online casino streamers

    Well that part didn't have anything to do what happens inside the casinos but about casino advertisement, I don't know if its the same in every country. I live in Sweden and here gambling ads are everywhere, I do not own a TV but whenever I watch at a friends house or family it seems that close to 50% of all ads are gambling related. I do know that the UKGC are somewhat successful in making the industry "self"-regulate(Hard to call it self-regulation when most of the obvious solutions are met with unwillingness and delays) and that some of it also comes to benefit gamblers in other countries. Casinos do however seem more than happy to contain those "regulations" to the UK if they are not met with any pressure in other countries. When I use the word government I am talking about all of our governments, they will work independently from one and another but many of them are facing the same problems. I think an extensive collaboration with the UKGC would be beneficiary to any other country because of the work they have put into this and the experience they hold.
  5. ban online casino streamers

    I think you misunderstood me, I never claimed that the streamer was. My point was that the argument "Gambling addicts are weak and only have themselves to blame" is hard to maintain when you look at the gambling industries intrusive advertisements. Pretty much on point with your last sentence, of course governments will have to step in and regulate because the industry itself are not willing and might not be able to with new casinos popping up every day.
  6. ban online casino streamers

    After rereading my post I am afraid people will get hung up on the word leverage in the last part. Please understand this is not a statement that casino streamers would have a major leverage towards either twitch or youtube. I mean any leverage that streamers or customers at twitch and youtube might have.
  7. ban online casino streamers

    This is an interesting topic, clearly dividing gamblers view if streamers or casinos have any responsibility for the alarming growth of problem gamblers. !No need to Read(if you agree that Casino Streaming have monetary incentives and are dependent on casinos)! Well some of you might now point out that the Casinos are the problems but not the streamers. You need to realize that streamers fully depend on Casinos to continue their streaming, they are not getting massive sub counts nor donations on twitch and couldn't make a profit streaming casino games without affiliate programs and daily bonuses from casinos. Someone might now point out that this streamer doesn't have any affiliate program nor takes any daily bonuses from casinos. Well then that streamer either doesn't have a viewer base or for some reason promote one of the fastest growing addictions for free. That would be insane if you ask me. LeoVegas bought the majority(51%) in this site(Casinogrounds) for 4.5 Million Euros(1.5 Million of that deal will only be paid out if revenue goals are met in January 2018, but as LeoVegas states themselves they are confident that Casinogrounds will hit those goals), that puts it to an evaluation of 9 million euros. This site was made on the foundation of top streamers on twitch and big hits youtube videos. Casino Streams are big business and I don't care if some of the streamers doesn't make their fair share. !Jump to here! The original poster states that a ban on casino streamers is a requirement to slow down the growth on gambling addiction and also limiting it. Especially the statement that casino streams would add to the growth of gambling addiction have been questioned in this thread. A point have been made that big hit videos on youtube and casino streams on twitch are not easily stumbled upon. While there is a truth to that statement one can easily be introduced to these streams and videos thru a third party(A friend perhaps) or see the casino section on twitch and curiously take a gander on what is going down in that section. If we instead ask ourselves the simple question "would there be faster growth with streaming/big hit videos or would the growth be the same without it?", does the knowledge that its hard for a first time internet user to navigate themselves to Big hit videos really matter? The answer to the question is undoubtedly, Casino Streams and big hit videos does add to the growth of Gambling addiction. If you somehow think it doesn't, then you are in denial. Every day businesses are making videos that they hope will go viral and be shared, they doesn't just hope that people will somehow navigate with the correct google search to their newly produced advertisement. The second part would a ban limit gambling addiction, this one is not questioned. Here the blame is instead moved to the gambling addict, the gambling addict is weak because he cant stay away from his addiction. This is not an uncommon view on gambling addiction but it is interesting that people who thinks and expresses this opinion rarely would say this about any of the other big addictions. With the exception of sugar, people who are fat only have themselves to blame(am i right? If you think I am read a book on sugar addiction). If a drug addict tries to quit drugs and we would read that they got pestered by their dealer on their way to work(radio), on their phone, in their mail and when they are home(Tv, email and the internet in general). All with the same message "Free drugs!" or "buy drugs and get more drugs free!". Wouldn't we feel like there is some injustice done to that person? But yes this isn't a perfect analogy because drugs are illegal and is by all accounts a stronger addiction than anything else. An alcoholic maybe, faces some of the same struggles as a gambling addict in some(most?) countries. Alcohol is readily available in stores, pubs, restaurants and a given at any social event. If an alcoholic wants to get clean that person needs to go to lengths of self control and eliminate things in their life that most of us take for granted. However I do believe most countries have more regulation toward alcohol and is better prepared to help someone that is struggling. I'm not sure on this but I do feel like there is an easier step to login at a casino and start depositing money than going out and getting alcohol. Not much of a difference but I feel its there. !The important part here! With all that said I am of the belief that a persons freedom to pursue her own interests is something we should protect and even accept interests that might be considered damaging, but not to a cost that is unacceptable to that person or our society. I simple think if businesses get knowledge of a serious problem within their market, they should take the appropriate actions to self-regulate that problem. Governments should not intervene to hastily with regulations, that could lead us to a dangerous heavy handed censorship of the peoples right to choose their own interests. If a business instead uses that knowledge to feed the problem for monetary gain the government should regulate that market, and if the government was forced to intervene the regulation should be forceful and vigilantly enforced. As a punishment but also as a warning to other markets. The casino trade isn't in its cradle, they should have come together years ago to create a one button self exclude option for all casino games for any person that wanted to use that option. They shouldn't target gambling addicts and use the tools that they have created to milk every last borrowed penny out of them. Yes this is true, Casino makes most of their profit on gamblers they know are addicts. Casino streamers are not at fault for what the casinos does, they have little say in this and I do believe every single one of Casinogrounds streamers are genuine when they say they started this as a hobby. Now it has grown and now you could see a point of trying to regulate it. How could casino streamers help? They could use their position and leverage towards Twitch and youtube together with everyone that thinks there should be an option to opt out from having the ability to view big hit videos on youtube or casino streams on twitch. A petition with a statement that we want viewers to be given the option if their account should be able to search and watch gambling related content, and also that you aren't able to view Gambling related content without creating an account. (Now I know some of you might try to throw this suggestions out because of loot boxes, but as of now no government does yet view this as gambling. I'm sure they in the near future will but casino streamers have no responsibility for this.) Sorry for the long post, if you made it this far: Have a cookie!