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    QuietSlotter - An Introduction

    Thanks all for the warm welcome
  3. QuietSlotter

    QuietSlotter - An Introduction

    Hello everyone. Well, I have only recently joined the community, however I have been lurking in the shadows for some time now. I have been watching the CG streamers for a long time. In fact, since the first few started. I keep watching and being entertained. I enjoy a gamble now and then, not nearly as much as I used to, but it is just so much fun to me... win or lose. I hope to be a little active around the forum as I have noticed that there are a lot of really great people here. A little about me... Early thirties man, love to laugh and make people smile. Gambling since before I can remember. Nice to meet you all. QuietSlotter
  4. QuietSlotter

    ban online casino streamers

    Hi all, I signed up simply to add to this thread, however I have been lurking around for some time. My story/view: I used to gamble a considerable amount, almost every day. That was my choice, and I alone can be blamed for that. I got into some financial difficulty because of the gambling, which meant I had to cut down on spending on other things. Was I addicted? No. I enjoy gambling... A lot. I chose to continue, despite the problems I was facing. Admittedly, I was not gambling to quite the extent, as I was struggling to pay off the debts I had built up. Again, this was my choice, no addiction. I was lucky however to win a slot jackpot (circa £165k), which I used to clear my debts, and did good things with the money. I did put some of it back in over some months following, but not through addiction, but through choice. But I decided that I would almost completely give up gambling as I knew it could lead me to be in a bad situation again. So I chose to stop, well almost. These days, I very rarely gamble, and never with money I cannot afford to lose. But what I do do, is watch streamers and their videos. Do I feel compelled to gamble when watching? Absolutely not. I choose not to gamble. I am in control of my mind. You see, some people do suffer mental health issues, and that is sad and something that needs to be addressed. And these people would likely develop issues regardless of whether they watch streamers and/or their videos. That is something that is easily forgotten by those wishing to address what they perceive as the problems. Take a person with mental health problems that goes on to shoot someone because of it. Would they have killed someone if they did not have a gun? Probably yes. Do all the millions of people who watch sports over and over suddenly all want to play those sports? Of course not. Gambling streams/videos are in a way similar. If someone is susceptible to developing a problem, they will very likely do it whatever the setting. So back to me... I watch and enjoy streamers and their 'Big Win' videos. They make me smile, I love seeing the reactions. You know what?, If you were to campaign for the removal or restriction of casino streamers, that makes you no better than those who impose restrictions on what people can and cannot watch in countries like North Korea, just because you perceive that the effect of the media will be so much worse than the reality will ever actually be. The CG streamers, to me, have all, always been very open about deposits, bonuses, affiliation and both wins and losses. None of them, do I feel, have ever made me feel like they are trying to force me to signup or to gamble. Sure, they mention their links, but then so do video gamers who have affiliate links to buy the games they play. Ban them? Don't be silly. My last point is this, and let me make this very, very clear: If you gamble, it is YOUR CHOICE! Period. If you gamble, you must at some level WANT to gamble. If you don't want to, or don't like gambling, you won't. It really is that simple. Thanks for your time.