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  1. ban online casino streamers

    Everyone has been respectful in this thread apart from you. Surprised your idiotic, hate filled comments are allowed to stand really but hey, this is a pro streamer site so who cares eh?
  2. ban online casino streamers

    I don't agree with what you're saying but can see that point of view. However, big win videos that link to a casino in the description with no mention of this in the video are surely breaking the rules. I was actually told this last time and they wanted a list of all videos doing this but there are too many to list.
  3. ban online casino streamers

    I didn't say the streams were viewed by the general public. I believe the streams to be mainly made up of addicts and even to an addict the content is not clearly labeled as an advertisement. Probably best to wait to see what they say. I will post their response here.
  4. ban online casino streamers

    I dispute this as to someone who is not clued up about affiliates or the purpose of the stream it's not obvious. They may take it as just someone who is having a gamble and recording it so people can watch. I fail to see how it's a bad thing to do it anyway. I believe it should be implemented and those against it are obviously trying to protect their income and deceive the viewers. If you asked the general viewing public who watch such streams what the purpose of the streams are I can guarantee you that the majority would not say to advertise a casino. I've had correspondence with the ASA (sent in a complaint) about this and await their response. One thing I do not understand is that some streamers/content creators have a huge 18 plus sign before the video starts with some responsible gambling disclaimer at the start of each video but some do not follow this. It's clear that some people are not sure what they need to do so submitting complaints to such bodies is helpful to determine what actually needs to be done anyway. I do agree the terminology used in the statement you posted is confusing though.
  5. ban online casino streamers

    I don't dispute there are people watching with no gambling problems past or present. However I believe they are actually the minority, something which disagree on. People don't just stumble upon this content. If a streamer is not funding his addiction then surely they are just treating it as a business which is also not clear to everyone watching. A simple red box saying 'AD' which is constantly present in the videos would solve this. I actually believe people should be doing this anyway depending on which you read the ASA ruling under 'vlogs'
  6. ban online casino streamers

    I'm confused. You don't need streamers financial information if they have said they have an addiction? Many of them have admitted it already.
  7. ban online casino streamers

    I've had success with UKGC in the past. Although this was in relation to illegal giveaways and raffles. Those who push giveaways which require you to sign up and deposit should be reported to them as they are doing this without a license. They are not the ones to contact about streamers in general though
  8. ban online casino streamers

    I find it very worrying that streamers are addicts and are allowed to promote casinos. Most are self confessed addicts but now say they are okay. Of course they are okay when the viewers are paying for them to gamble. In no other industry would this happen. Alcoholics would not be allowed to promote alcohol, 'reformed' or not.
  9. ban online casino streamers

    I certainly don't mind this opinion at all. The streamers are being allowed to do this so the issue really isn't with them, they have just been taken over by greed and once they started to see the money to be made its easy to be very defensive and to shut their eyes and pretend that addicts are not watching. I take issue with number 2 though. For me personally I was gamble free for 3 and a half years and only deposited again after viewing these videos. I won't be alone. I do accept responsibility for my own actions but this type of content to an addict is extremely destructive. I wish you well to stop gambling (if that's what you're hoping to achieve)
  10. ban online casino streamers

    I have been campaigning behind the scenes to the relevant governing bodies about this for around 3 or 4 months. I am campaigning to protect problem gamblers yet I get a tirade of abuse and death threats sent to my immediate family, which made me take my videos down off YouTube. I'm also for the implementation of a gambling ID card. One which limits your deposits universally, from land based casino to bookmakers and online casinos. Call it a gateway in which you must enter ID before you place a bet/login. This to stop people depositing at various places after going over their deposit limit and self excluding from a certain bookmaker/casino.
  11. ban online casino streamers

    That's right Alan. I ran a website which found very low cost items from Amazon. No product cost more than £20. Can't see many people killing themselves over an 80% saving on hair straighteners and such to be fair. Unless the prices were just too incredibly low and shocked them to death. I once found a free vacuum on there after you applied a coupon and posted it. Maybe that's what finished them off. Seriously people try to use ANYTHING against me. In this thread there is accusations of me disliking videos on multiple accounts. Yesterday I was accused of extortion (yes, you heard correctly) and telling people to report accounts using multiple aliases, I also get accused of being troll every day. I wonder who this Alan Smith is? I can guarantee that's not his name and is just another maniac troll who follows me around on the internet trying to intimidate me. Like I said, the community is toxic.
  12. ban online casino streamers

    The problem with compromise is that unless action is enforced by regulatory bodies then streamers will avoid making any substantial changes because it's not a legality. People like myself have no power over what streamers do. If a solution was put forward that stops addicts viewing such content then I would be all for it. There isn't such a solution though. If you take away the addicts then the income of the streamer will be severely effected so I doubt they would want to do anything. Will also echo what has been said about YouTube. It's a huge platform accessible to anyone and everyone and I don't believe such content should be viewed by everyone. Minors and addicts are viewing this content, that's undeniable. A ban is the only solution in my eyes for these reasons.
  13. ban online casino streamers

    Your replies are childish and you have zero credibility. There's ways of talking to people, regardless of how passionate you are (either side). You sound like an idiot.
  14. ban online casino streamers

    I didn't start this dialogue. I only wanted to throw my two cents in to show the OP he wasn't alone. I'm looking for a blanket ban on all streamers. Others want different things but until that happens then people will always want more changes. I didn't want to engage with streamers to make changes last time. That wasn't my doing. At least you talk in a decent way SlotPlayer. I don't agree with what you say but you show me a level of respect I don't get anywhere else so kudos to you for that.
  15. ban online casino streamers

    Listen you guys will never understand, you're part of the same group. You all agree streamers should be allowed to continue and for some strange reason you believe there is good in what you're doing. I've put my points across. Let's see how it plays out in the long run.