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  1. ban online casino streamers

    The trolls existed long before my videos. Unfortunately I've learnt there is a select group on both sides who take things too far for what is ultimately just a difference of opinion. I do not condone any type of harassment of threats and I hope whoever is doing this is caught.
  2. ban online casino streamers

    What you on about?
  3. ban online casino streamers

    You must ask yourself slotplayer why these accusations keep coming up. I'm talking about the mods by the way. If you're not in the 'gang' you're silenced. It's school ground stuff it really is. I'm not referring to your stream by the way as I don't know who your mods are. Nicks definitely has a few though, I've seen people challenge nick about this before and I guess he's oblivious to what they're doing. What I'm saying is that these rogue mods and the treatment of people angers others. If you have someone who is a troll who controls the live chat it can only end badly.
  4. ban online casino streamers

    I think it's quite clear who the trolls are Nick. The same ones who make fake accounts and talk to themselves on there. You must question why somebody has a spanner on every stream around. Not going to throw names about but it's very obvious. I would say they cause more trouble for streamers than the actual content. Some of them live a very sad existence. I say that without being offensive. It's probably not good for them watching these streams all day, not because of the content in their case or because they are addicts it's because they must have very little life outside YouTube. They watch maybe 4 hours with you, David, Rolla, Jimbo. In fact everyone who is streaming slots they are there with their spanner and the fake accounts, causing fictional drama using multiple accounts sometimes. Take away the army of around 5 or 6 of the super trolls and you would probably find things will calm down. Truth is they must be depressed, lonely or short of confidence to engage in real life activities. I let their comments slide because I know exactly who they are and why they do what they do. I feel sorry for these people as I used to be somewhat of a forum dweller, living a sad existence myself with internet 'friends'. I was a loner so can relate to them in some respect. They will just drag everyone down in drama and it's not productive. Look, we are here talking like adults and it's relatively drama free. We have nothing more than a disagreement and a difference of opinion. These lunatics make wild accusations and make it about drama and sidetrack the real issue. There's clear evidence out there if you look hard enough. They have probably been trolling you too under your nose. I understand this is all drama related and they are getting what they want by me even saying all this but seriously, don't be so blind. Look around at the community.
  5. ban online casino streamers

    That's a really good idea. Hope others will follow
  6. ban online casino streamers

    To my knowledge there are no options to block gambling videos. I suppose it would be useful to those who gamble offline but gamban doesn't support this I don't think. I use Gamban personally and have done for months. It definitely works in not allowing you access any site, this includes tipster sites and review sites too from what I've tried
  7. ban online casino streamers

    I would like to add something, when the multi operator self exclusion online tool rolls out this year and as long as it's working how it should be and streamers are pushing people towards it I will withdraw from this whole debate. My issue is with gambling addicts viewing this content and going on to gamble further and with these tools in place I can't realistically argue that the gambler doesn't have enough tools to protect themselves. Again, we will see what happens and how it functions. If there's loopholes around it or its not being promoted enough I will continue.
  8. ban online casino streamers

    Don't get me wrong, I have money but I can't be taking out of my business to fund this. If someone came to me and genuinely needed help I would of course buy it for them. I would do that anyway.
  9. ban online casino streamers

    My whole existence on YouTube is try and help the problem gambler. I will mention it and if anyone wants to email me I will pay for it no problem. However I can't afford the vast amounts that for example the bandit is willing to do. I run my own business and pay myself a wage, which is extremely small despite the large sums the business pulls in (saying this before I get outed as someone making a fortune). Most of my money goes on stock replenishment and building my own business. I pay myself as little as £160 a week sometimes. As for the streamers who have lost it all. Well the two biggest on YouTube have done exactly that and don't hide from it. I also know of four others (large channels) but I'm not going to name drop here as I get hate. Feel free to PM me if you want to know though
  10. ban online casino streamers

    Well that's very admirable and commend you for doing so. I seriously cannot believe you think it's okay for an addict to promote a casino though. How awful and immoral. It shouldn't be allows to happen. An irresponsible gambler who has lost the lot of multiple occasions who then turns his addiction in to some kind of way to fund their addiction via affiliation is abhorrent. I'm surprised you would say that's okay if I'm honest.
  11. ban online casino streamers

    "A compulsive, or pathological, gambler is someone who is unable to resist his or her impulses to gamble" According to your logic, a billionaire could gamble all day every day and because it has no severe consequences to their financial state they are not an addict. That's not true is it. You say you don't gamble off stream or go above your budget, this not the case for the majority of streamers who continue to 'tilt' or gamble off stream. I forgot to put the link up for gamban but there's positive news in that following my meet up with the bandit he's going to actually pay for up to 100 people a month to use this service. Do you think an addict past or present should be representing a casino as an affiliate?
  12. ban online casino streamers

    I think this where we disagree. In my eyes you dont need to be gambling more than you can afford to be classified as an addict. The money is somewhat irrelevant. Addicts get their thrill from playing the slots and games. It doesn't matter if they win or lose, it's the fact they can't stop playing. You should me more responsible in that you should never go in tilt if you're serious about representing a casino. It's not a fair representation of the average gambler at all, the average gambler with no addiction has strict limits and walks away. At least we agree that people have to actively seek this content, if you're actively seeking such content you're already at risk in my eyes. The average person wouldn't do this and you surely just be aware of the large amounts of addicts as you seem them in your chat. Streamers have already admitted their addiction in many cases. Do you think they should be affiliates? I met up with the bandit on Friday and he said that answer was a clear no. There's really no argument for allowing a former or current addict to represent a casino in my eyes. I would like to add I would be happy if you made it very clear that addicts should not be watching your streams. Also, I've suggested promoting gamban and a few others are going to run with this.
  13. ban online casino streamers

    Going to ask you the same question as I asked slotplayer nick. I've heard some things and been sent stuff but I don't believe it until someone tells me. Have you ever suffered from gambling addiction? Past or present that is. I've spoken to some people who have messaged you in the past regarding addiction who said you used to have a problem. If this is true do you think it's responsible letting an addict (past or present) promote casinos?
  14. ban online casino streamers

    Slotplayer are you an addict either currently or reformed? Be honest because the internet is a big place and I'm sure if you've mentioned you had a problem in the past it will be out there. It's weird really that I have evidence of at least 5 or 6 big streamers saying they are reformed addicts. It's funny really how they now are all magically reformed now they have money to fund their addiction. It's very irresponsible that casinos allow addicts to promote their brand. I will be pushing for this to change. No one can take a casino seriously when they say they want responsible players and then use addicts to get sign ups.
  15. ban online casino streamers

    Apparently they were using my name? Is that true? I think it's probably someone trying to get more abuse sent my way. Will have a look at the video now in question as the person commenting to me as told me where to look. Either way, it wasn't me and they don't represent me. The same way dodgy streamers don't represent you. As for the person you've took a screenshot of he's always been very sensible on my stream and supports my cause. I don't condone anyone saying that but that's an issue with you and him. There's not a lot I can do besides asking them not to send abuse your way. Unfortunately it's because they get abused themselves they feel the need to. Not by you personally but they get silenced a lot.