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  1. PeterRef

    Is dreamcatcher rigged???

    Independant video url if the original is taken down > https://streamable.com/7a52x
  2. PeterRef

    Is dreamcatcher rigged???

    Seems David (Hendrik) with more is refusing to talk about this. Stinks a mile away.
  3. PeterRef

    Is dreamcatcher rigged???

    Stinks a mile away - Clearly shows it's rigged.
  4. Where is the 20.00 stream :D 

  5. PeterRef

    Let`s Help Mr and Mrs Lindoff and their lovely family

    I donated 200 dkr. I Wish I had more to give. I Wish you and the family the best. Love Peter Refsgaard / MixitUP
  6. PeterRef

    10.000 Followers Celebration Stream!

    Woooohoooo looking forward to it. Gratz on the 10k followers. Well deserved. Love Peter Refsgaard / MixitUP