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  1. Rizk casino novo slot links

    One more new casino for me! Thanks!
  2. How the brain gets addicted to gambling

    The feeling of happines when you win can play a bad trick with gambler. Before starting I've read many articles and seen similar videos. Dopamine, which is released after victories, causes euphoria and happiness. This effect decreases and then, when a person has not been playing for a long time, he or she starts feeling bad, memories begin to torment him or her, the brain actively synthesizes dopamine to remind you how happy you were while gambling and promises this happiness again. People start gambling again in order to get another dose of happiness and become slaves of gambling games. A similar situation can be described for other types of additions: alcohol, drugs, and smoking. All of them share the same feature: one believes that the next dose will make him or her happy. Thus, dopamine plays with us, making us dependent on one or the other thing (source - casinoz.club/content/how-to-get-rid-of-gambling-addiction-582.html). To my mind it depends on us. For example, I play twice a week, feel no addiction and I make small bets in order not to lose everything I have.
  3. Hello From Canada

    Hi everyone! I also learned much about slots and now enjoy it. Dead or alive is my favourite!
  4. New Slot: Wild Wild West (NetEnt)

    Really interesting! I think I'll try!