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  1. ban online casino streamers

    @Slotplayer dont worry we all know it is total crap, I do hear some wild things like streamers rig the slots or the casino sites have special RTP for streamers etc, I dont believe any of it and honestly believe most are genuine who play with real money, As you know though this isn't my issue !
  2. ban online casino streamers

    @Slotplayer good feedback and agree this is a problem with it being a worldwide network but the authority's have the power to stop this in the uk, You said you are responsible so show it and get on board, you wouldn't be allowed as you agree i think to do this on a TV in the UK during the day so why ok on a computer screen and these days most people have it connected to the TV anyway !
  3. ban online casino streamers

    @Slotplayer Not all drugs are illegal and underage drinking and underage gambling is illegal and underage people are watching your streams. you are live streaming at unacceptable times during the day like many others and by what your doing you are pulling underage people into gambling. How ever it needs to be the ASA, you tube, authority's etc that need to sort this issue out as asking the streamers to do it and come up with more responsible behavior is like asking the North Koreans to embrace capitalism !
  4. ban online casino streamers

    Hello this is to everyone (not just the haters !) If you have a issue with what is happening online with streamers and over the top advertising that is currently happening in the UK or think you as a streamer can improve things, Please see the link below and the stats are shocking 2.3 million people in the UK with a gambling problem !!! With a focus on better protection to Children. Please please take the time to reply in the link by 31st March 2018 with your concerns, and these are the sort of people who can get these issues to be discussed in the UK parliament. Please note I do not support Labour i am not a labour voter and do not promote labour in any way. I am not associated with the Labour party in any way. http://www.tom-watson.com/gambling
  5. ban online casino streamers

    @Slotspinner you enjoy playing slots fair enough, you say you are in control of your gambling even though you have had problems fair enough. Why do you feel the need to set up a web cam and film yourself playing slots ? and potentially to get kids and vulnerable people into gambling (Obviously not intentional but this is happening and you are adding to the problem), why not just play slots and enjoy it yourself ?
  6. ban online casino streamers

    @Slotplayer Appreciate the feedback are we talking again ? Glad to have you back on board. keep it going.
  7. ban online casino streamers

    The ASA are looking into the issue of streamers streaming live gambling content during the day lets hope we get some positive feedback ! Thank you for contacting the ASA. Please take this response as confirmation that we have received your enquiry and that it has been assigned to a member of our team. We will try to respond as soon as we can. Our aim is that one of our team will respond in more detail within ten working days from receipt of your enquiry. However, please bear in mind that at times of high demand we may not be able to respond to you as quickly as you, or we, would wish. Please be assured that every effort is made to respond to you as quickly as we can. For information on our procedures and the action we can take on complaints please see our leaflet Your complaint. The Advertising Standards Authority Ltd, Registered Number 0733214 The Advertising Standards Authority (Broadcast) Ltd, Registered Number 5130991 The Committee of Advertising Practice Ltd, Registered Number 8310744 The Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice Ltd, Registered Number 5126412 Registered Office: Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6QT
  8. ban online casino streamers

    @Ziggy Fair play mate for admitting this and no doubt 90% of these people who watch this crap are addicts in one way or another. They are just like sheep though who wont admit it as they seem to have this loyalty towards the un real person behind the web cam who they think they are friends with, But they arnt in any way just slowly being seduced to sign up to casinos and play slots., Ask Nick slots if you could pop round for a cup of tea see what he says ?
  9. ban online casino streamers

    @TechnoJoe did you not read the link ? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-473951/Gambling-sponsors-erased-childrens-replica-football-shirts.html Also i agree with you on the kids advertising 100%. Question then why are streamers aloud to stream live gambling content for hours and hours during the day when TV advertising as stated in the link isn't permitted until after 9pm ? The reason for this is to protect children from being able to watch live gambling content on the TV etc. This should be the same rule for the streamers. Do we agree on this ? And i wont apologise to any one about this statement, any one who streams live gambling content during the day when children could be watching with no regulations in place to protect them are in my opinion total scum. and need to be taken offline.
  10. ban online casino streamers

    Please see a reply from the UK Gambling commission, If you have a issue and want to log a complaint about the streamers please do so using the information below. Also a interesting read on tighter affiliate regulations coming into affect so things are moving forward but please get involved. Affiliate Marketing You have also expressed concerns regarding gambling advertisements, particular those relating to affiliate marketing. You believe that the frequency of advertisements across media platforms is having a negative impact and is targeting vulnerable people. Regulations governing gambling marketing and advertising are shared between a number of bodies, including the Commission, Ofcom, the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). In order to have some consistency and to avoid confusion, we work with these other bodies on the basis that whereas we lead primarily on the regulation of gambling, other bodies lead on marketing and advertising. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is the UK’s independent regulator of advertising. If you have a concerns regarding gambling advertisements online you should visit the ASA website and complain to them directly. They have a complaint form on their web-site here. They also have further information on how to protect children from targeting advertisements online on their website, here. If serious or repeated breaches of the codes occur, the ASA may refer licence holders to the Gambling Commission or Ofcom. Furthermore if you believe that a licence holder is carrying out marketing activity that contravenes the industry code of practice on advertising you could also contact the Remote Gambling Association, who chair the Review Group for Socially Responsible Advertising. We have provided their link to their web-site below: http://argo.org.uk/ More recently, as regulatory pressure builds from the Gambling Commission, Advertising Standards Authority and Information Commissioners Office, a new trade body for affiliates is to be established: the International Gaming Affiliate Association (IGAA). A group of leading affiliates and gaming legal experts are setting up the trade body to help the affiliate sector tackle the increasing regulatory scrutiny it is facing. The new body, to be named the International Gaming Affiliate Association (iGAA), aims to establish a code of practice to ensure affiliates are promoting gambling in a responsible way and acting in compliance with all local laws. Further articles relating to this are below: https://calvinayre.com/2017/09/16/business/igaming-affiliates-circle-wagons-arrows-fly/ https://www.gamblinginsider.com/trafficology/pdf/trafficology-2017-august.pdf We hope that we have responded to all your questions and provided you with reassurance that we will continue to look at ways to make gambling fairer and safer for all. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bring your concerns to our attention. We rely on consumers sharing their experiences in order to provide a valuable insight into the industry and to help drive improvements going forward. The information that we gather forms part of the dialogue that we have in a wider arena including with both operators and our DCMS. You can also raise the matters yourself with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) or your local Member of Parliament (MP).
  11. ban online casino streamers

    @TechnoJoeIt was banned over 10 years ago children football replica shirts are not allowed to have gambling advertising/content on them. Also if TV gambling advertising isnt allowed until after 9pm why do we have streamers putting up live gambling content during the day ? just not acceptable. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-473951/Gambling-sponsors-erased-childrens-replica-football-shirts.html
  12. ban online casino streamers

    @Slotplayer respect your decision if you dont want to continue the discussion with me. But i do disagree that i have been a troll in any way and all the discussions i have had are about my personal opinions with other peoples personal opinions and I have had far more abuse given to me for just raising a issue that a lot of other people have with the industry. (By the way im not easily offended in any way so dont mind the abuse its more interacting)
  13. ban online casino streamers

    @RyanMcSplooger that is a great idea.
  14. ban online casino streamers

    @RyanMcSplooger this has really opened my eyes up to this industry and the sorts of people involved are quite unbelievable.
  15. ban online casino streamers

    @TommyBhoy you know it, This is when shit will hit the fan like never before headline news on the BBC and around the world, Personally I think then it is game over for this rubbish.