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  1. It's all to do with the megaways, You only have 3 rows of 10's I assume that guy had more than 3 rows. Still a nice win.
  2. @Craig smith As far as I can work out it's just because I've taken a lot more out of Caddell casinos than have put in, Never played any slots on a ban list or used a stake higher than £2. Seems they ban any player winning too much from their casinos. No reasons are needed according to the terms they can simply ban you for winning. Cheers for your thoughts though, Plenty other casinos to play on and they won't be missed.
  3. I just received the stock email accusing me of bonus abuse, took an 80% match non-sticky bonus and withdrew without dipping in to the bonus funds, I guess they never liked that. Why would they be sending out emails with offers, Then ban you for accepting the offers
  4. JollyBhoyJohn7

    Fruit Stack Deluxe (Betfair) 634x

    @Craig smithCheers Craig! Yup I'm glad I was bored and decided to venture outside the usual games I play. Thanks for commenting as usual, Top man!
  5. JollyBhoyJohn7

    low rolling hits again 726x c venture

    Very nice win mate! I seem to hit the bonus round a lot more often on the lower stakes and get way more re-triggers, All my big wins x wise have been with lower stakes on captain.
  6. JollyBhoyJohn7

    Fruit Stack Deluxe (Betfair) 634x

    Bored of the usual games and tried something different, Hit 3 bonus symbols and then had 4 spins on the wheel, 2 of the spins landed on free spins (18 spins) and one spin had a 20x multiplier with lots of wilds. Potential for even bigger wins.
  7. JollyBhoyJohn7

    COZYNO - Stay the fuck out!

    https://casinogrounds.com/casino-bonuses/ The only casinos you should be using.
  8. JollyBhoyJohn7

    Queen Of Riches 481 x

    First time playing it, Not a bad hit for 40p.
  9. JollyBhoyJohn7

    Fish Party 420x

    @Craig smith Cheers buddy! and yes I am having quite a good run the past week, let's hope it continues on!
  10. JollyBhoyJohn7

    Fish Party 420x

    @Nick inspired.
  11. Thought it was going to be awful, 8 shit spins into the feature, Then this landed.
  12. JollyBhoyJohn7

    Terminator 2 Hot Mode 508x

    First ever hot mode.
  13. JollyBhoyJohn7

    Crystal Ball 340x inc 5 scatters

    Had 50 free spins in feature but never hit more than 3 of the medallion symbol sadly.
  14. JollyBhoyJohn7

    Tiki Tumble multiplier x29 (Thanks Kim)

    Played this the other day and took forever to get a feature, then the feature paid £0