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  1. Gonso being Nice!

    Thanks Nick!
  2. Gonso being Nice!

    Really love Gonso when he gives likes this ??
  3. Little wins on Quasar

    Thnks Buddy!!
  4. Little wins on Quasar

    David Labowsky Thnks buddy!! haha
  5. Little wins on Quasar

    Have little luck in 6 days now on Quasar ?
  6. Some okey wins on Bonanza

    Got a few hits in bonus ?
  7. Big wins on Bonanza

    Wow!! Nice!! What did u get in the first pic?
  8. Hi!

    Thanks buddies!! ? ?
  9. Hi!

    David Labowsky thank u!! Good too be here!! ? Haha cant say i been told that ? but thnks ?
  10. A few of my nice hits!

    Thnks!! well the first hit maybe was about 3yrs and the latest win was last week.. on Immortal Romance
  11. A few of my nice hits!

    Upload a collage of few of my hits! too bad they dont show up moore often!
  12. Hi!

    Hi everyone! Andreas here! From Sweden.. 37 yrs old working in Security on Cruiseship.. Been a slotplayer around 10yrs have a few nice hits but no really big ones.. but i like it as we all are here! Watch al letsgiveitaspin streams mostly offline becuase of my work but i try too catch live ones too Well thats Hello from me /Wanhelsing