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  1. LowStakeSlots

    Raging Rhino Huge hit

    Nice, win much from the spins (presuming not with the lack of screenshot)?
  2. LowStakeSlots

    Five Scatter Captain (Retrigger)

    Deposited £90 yesterday £40 first deposit won nothing, second deposit of £50 turned into a £1000 withdrawl all from Captain, 20p/30p stakes at first then crept up. Did 50 spins at 80p and won £720 on a bonus, was a good day
  3. LowStakeSlots

    1500x Win Novo

    Amazing hit!
  4. LowStakeSlots

    Five Scatter Captain (Retrigger)

    Hit this yesterday, first time for as long as I can remember hitting this in a long time! (Sorry for the awful screenshot)
  5. LowStakeSlots

    Novo downtime yesterday?

    I noticed that the Novo slots I usually play were down for an hour or so yesterday across a few casinos in the UK. I play captain venture ALOT and since it's came back up it feels like something has changed, I've had 15 bonuses this morning with only one retrigger, I play it enough and never in my time have I had that amount of bonuses in such a small time, or had so little retriggers. Has something changed? or have I hit a random run? I play Captain most days for a solid amount of spins and I've never seen a run like it.
  6. LowStakeSlots

    When will PayPal be an alternative

    Sky have it for some legacy customers who had it as a payment option a while back, I heard rumours they were working to implement it back into Sky Vegas with instant withdrawls.
  7. LowStakeSlots

    What about an off topic section?

    I'd really like to see this, be good to discuss things outside of slots, definitely more room for discussion around other things than slots.
  8. LowStakeSlots

    Captain Venture 853x (£790 Cashout)

    Had a really good run on captain venture from a £60 deposit last night, bonus after bonus on low stakes below being the best one. Ended up cashing out £795 in total from a £60 deposit.
  9. LowStakeSlots

    Danger - Low bet, BIG WIN!!!

    Nice hit on low stakes, I never win anything on DHV!
  10. LowStakeSlots

    442x on Raging Rhino

    Nice little hit on an 80p stake bonus.
  11. LowStakeSlots

    300 Shields (3006x)

    Absolute monster hit! Congratulations
  12. LowStakeSlots

    last weeks biggest win pharaohs ring

    Nice bonus! Great hit.
  13. LowStakeSlots

    378x on Montezuma

    Pretty decent hit (again a little while ago) but thought I'd share!