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the_68 last won the day on 26 August 2017

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  1. the_68

    Eastern Emeralds .... ALMOST 1000x

    Congrats insane win But I had to move it to big wins since it wasn't 1000x and beyond. Stilll a great win. The dog did a great job as well!
  2. the_68

    360x base game hit in donuts

    Sweet base game hit , congrats
  3. the_68

    2443x on new Donut Slot!

    Incredible! Congrats
  4. the_68

    Dolphin's Pearl 1763x :)

    Wow!! Thats's just insane! Congrats
  5. Insane win, congrats @SuperSmask
  6. the_68

    Reactoonz pays again on $5 bet :) Almost 800x!

    Insane hit, congrats
  7. Sweet hits, and a nice collection, congrats
  8. the_68

    Donuts ez money

    Nice hit, congrats
  9. Haha, back to back premium hit. Very nice congrats
  10. the_68

    Hello there

    Hello and welcome here @Freddy from the hood
  11. the_68

    Danger HV Big Win!

    I guess that one made up for it Congrats
  12. the_68

    Huge Mega Win in Donuts! [NEW BTG!]

    Sweeeeet hit!!! Congrats buddy!!
  13. the_68

    fruitinator full line

    What a nice clean line Congrats
  14. the_68

    irish riches 40p stake nice win

    262x, very nice indeed, congrats
  15. the_68

    I had an insane day on BetVictor

    Insane result, congrats