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  1. Moon Princess Last Spin Winner

    Last spin magic! Congrats
  2. The effing walrusbeard

    Hello and welcome here People in here love to talk about blackjack and slots so you are in the right place!
  3. Reactoonz - best slot evar (like f----)

    I hate that game tbh.
  4. hello there:)

    Hello and welcome here @icoslaw
  5. MysteryJoker

    Nice hit Sir!! Congrats
  6. Be aware guys!!!!!!

    We have got quite a few Korean-spammers the last two days, dont click on ANYTHING. We will remove those as soon as we can. But just let ém be and report it to us please Whatever you do, dont click anything that looks fishy. May the force be with you, and love to u all!
  7. Wow!! Congrats, sweet hit!
  8. 300 Shields (3006x)

    WOW! Insane hit, congrats
  9. 324x win on giants gold and 184x on worms

  10. First 1000X BookOfDead

    Wow!! Congrats, insane hit!!
  11. BoD 5 line :)

    Congrats, nice one Yeah, @Nick is the book-master
  12. Huggehugg SteamTower streak wanna-be :)

    Wow! Nice hit, congrats I never win on that game
  13. Queen of riches 4321x

    That´s just insane! Congrats