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  1. Wonder if Gambling Commission will implement a £2 a spin on UK players for online casino? Encouraging news from the Gambling Commission, which recommends a reduction in maximum stakes for highly-addictive fixed odds betting terminals. The News has been campaigning for just that, but although we welcome the commission’s recommendation, we are not satisfied it goes far enough. Currently people can bet up to £100 every 20 seconds on electronic casino games, such as roulette and blackjack. We launched our Against The Odds campaign because of the large numbers of people falling into hardship through addiction to fixed odds betting terminals, branded the ‘crack cocaine’ of the gambling industry. Working alongside councillors and MPs, our campaign aimed to lobby the government to impose a £10 per spin restriction on machines. In one respect the commission has gone further, saying the maximum stake on ‘slots games’, like traditional fruit machine games, should be £2. But for other types of games, like casino-style roulette games, it recommended a £30 per stake limit. Gambling Commission chief executive Neil McArthur said: ‘We’ve put consumers at the heart of our advice — advice which is based on the best available evidence and is focused on reducing the risk of gambling-related harm. ‘In our judgment, a stake cut for Fixed Odds Betting Terminals alone doesn’t go far enough to protect vulnerable people. ‘That is why we have recommended a stake cut plus a comprehensive package of other measures to protect consumers. We have proposed actions that will tackle both the risk of harm and provide solutions that are sustainable in the longer term.’ These include working with the gambling industry and others on steps to make limit-setting more effective — this could include ending sessions when consumers reach time and money limits. The advice has been given to support the government with its review of gambling machines, with a decision expected in coming weeks. We are pleased that the gambling commission has acknowledged the problem these machines pose, but we hope the government will go further and impose a £2 maximum stake for fruit-machine style games and £10 for casino games, rather than the recommended £30.

    Cadell Group

    why would the group need have so many set up in the first place, surely 100% focus on one casino. basically skins of each other and they are trying to catch people that have self excluded themselves at one or fed up with site and then get you with a new skin. but, then ban you when complete the wager. Not saying they are doing anything wrong cause they paid out but their must be some kind of 'house edge' for them.

    Cadell Group

    I saw a thread about casino labeling people bonus abusers and most said it was probably the Cadell group. Also had the same problem, I will say they paid out £1800 so I wasn't overly fussed when they banned me but these guys need to make it clearer about their group structure. I am not a bonus abuser just fell in their trap that I search for casino that offer 200% match and I would of carrying on playing their regardless of bonuses; so its their loss not mine . Here was their email response as last thread suggested posting something and the other post kept it undisclosed. This also has a list of the sister sites so you can avoid the same problems. Dear Ms XXXX, After a review of your account by our compliance and risk team, it has become clear that you are attempting to abuse promotions. As per clause 13.3 of the general terms and conditions https://www.diamond7casino.com/?page=terms the following actions have been taken. 1. Your account has now been terminated effective immediately. 2. Any remaining funds in your account have been returned to you - £1815. 3. You are banned from the group. If you attempt to open any further accounts on the Network they will be terminated and any funds accumulated will be confiscated. A list of sites can be seen by following this link: https://secure.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/gccustomweb/PublicRegister/PRSearch.aspx?ExternalAccountId=38720 Regards Casino Management Diamond7casino https://www.diamond7casino.com Email: [email protected] Live Chat available on https://www.diamond7casino.com 18+ Please Bet Responsibly - We believe in Responsible Gambling, For more information go to www.gambleaware.co.uk

    Bonanza mental hit

    Nice hit,I had a similar hit 40p spin paid 1,639.. its getting it back now tho.
  5. If you have a sky vegas account they are currently offering 100% match up to £25. (expires in 2 days ) I have no affiliation to sky and the wagering is 1X on the bonus only. You actually cannot lose! Good Luck!

    Leovegas glitch they say there is no problem.

    How much hush money did you get?

    ban online casino streamers

    here here

    ban online casino streamers

    I put a recent post up and kind of admitted about my failings and I am with you.... I did and still do whack a 20 (sometimes a lot more) on after watching streams and videos after over 5 years not gambling at all. I am in control of gambling but at same time these videos are destructive as I now have that urge to gamble again. I keep within my means and I am torn cause these guys do need a platform but I guarantee my addiction is no where near as bad as others but people do also need to man up and take responsibility; hope their is a middle ground as after a few months there are certain streamers who are taking the piss.


    I used to spend every last penny in arcades and bookies until I was skint. I found poker and my mindset changed instead of losing on slots I prefer to use that money and back myself on the tables. forward 5 years and pokersite rakes and some bullshit I have now stopped playing poker as well. I still have that urge to gamble as I have always known I have an addictive personalty. I have to agree that I have now started watching streamers and youtube. took me a while to finally use a link and deposit as i always thought it would be to easy to scam the player and the above could rear its ugly head. I used a few links and won big and beat the wagering, starting to lose now an I can now remember the issues I had when i was younger. I obviously don't want to go back down that route so I make sure everything is paid for, the wife is happy and then pensions and holidays are done. After that I am left with what I can afford to gamble. Its not perfect but apart from a some small regrets where I have done a month gambling in a day I haven't harmed anyone or myself; and I have had my fun till next payday. I can honestly say that when I watch streams and youtube I do instantly fire up a casino and play but that's my choice. We are all effected differently by these videos and I would also prefer my money going to these guys than just the casino as they do provide entertainment but I do feel more needs to be done. Cant believe i am saying this on a open forum but I do have problem but lucky I can control it but I do feel for the people who take out loans to gamble as its seems mad, but, as community we could more. I used to get huge stick from certain family members about gambling and thought I was pathetic and thought it is easy to stop; roll on a few years and the internet was invented and now they are worse than me because of the convenience online gambling brings. FOBTS are the worse but you have to go out at least. Either way if I didn't gamble I would find another way to spend that money cause I am shit at saving. I would like to end my post on a high note and say that my liver and kidneys are happy I started to gamble again as my alcohol in take has gone right down odd my beer belly wont go down tho!

    ban online casino streamers

    All I can say is ditto lol

    ban online casino streamers

    It would interesting to see what happens to the UK streamers when they start cracking down on this, I reckon at some point the UK regulators will shut it down and what do these people do when the affiliates stop coming in? They will probably have to deal with their own demons. Can you imagine streaming slots all week tens of thousands a week then nothing as they cant afford to do it anymore? I actually use these link and I am glad the ones I choose to use receive a commission from my play, they have given me hours of content for free but i cant see it lasting so i hope they had shares in CG/earn enuff off the links and dont need to go back to their old jobs. Can you imagine Nick screaming out an orgasm on his lunch break in a office or building site while queen of riches pays him one more time?

    ban online casino streamers

    at @slotplayer I think what @TommyBhoy means is you come across as a pretentious know it all, who would never side against a streamer or someone that is part of CG. I am not having dig and in fact I agree with you most of the time but you do repeat the same old stuff and instead of defending them constantly maybe polish the white knight suit and let them do it.

    Dunder - say abused bonus but no prove

    I recently played at VIKS and done a bonus hunt to 0.08 played 30 bonuses and everything was fine. Dunder is a good site and I dont think anything has been underhand here, however I do feel you have been treated badly on this one. If it does not state clearly in the T&Cs then he should be allowed do what he pleases with his bonuses/Money and to use an excuse that streamers warn players about this is just nonsense as not everyone watches people gambling. I think in this case Dunder should as a good will gesture settle the bet in full and make a small amendment in the T&C's for future players then every one is a winner. No one would bonus hunt if it was clear it was frowned upon with bonus money and its the players fault if they do not read the TC's but it needs to be in there! Also like to say I cahed out thankful and all good at what seems to be a new site, might hunt again on the second deposit lol