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  1. ProBlackbird

    [COMPETITION] - BerryBurst Max

  2. Magic Mirror Deluxe II 1428x
  3. Truly amazing you can win on MIrror Mirror. Is it free spin or mining for that 400x ?
  4. ProBlackbird

    New Casino FrankFred - Feedback

    Loyalty Program seem really nice, they should actually considered to add e-wallet into get bonus but no they haven't yet. It might be also be better if they add more slots and so on keep going. I play this casino without bonus cause they won't give me anything.
  5. There was actually someone that could beat my Turn it up record on x861 , well done grats. Cash it out mate Chimney Sweep that's one I never played before , well done on that one too , x412 is good win
  6. ProBlackbird

    Sick hit on Book of Dead!

    Hallo Youtuber !! Book of Dead is alive , yeah when I sudden hit a few bonus recently days I feel like considered to go back playing some Books of Dead, and who knows I might play some today. This might be just a slot for me, have a nice day and make sure you cash it out, once you have big win like this you may not get better within time. So keep money.
  7. ProBlackbird

    400kr buy, 8 spins 1800x +

    Truly amazing win even with tons of spins you might not even do better than this. Haha a big grats to you
  8. ProBlackbird

    Dragons Fire - COMPETITION

    x167 got 4 random wild reels, cool seem many of you thought without multiplier. I just wanna imagine that x50 Better winnings will either be replace or posts a new one.
  9. Gambling is worst feature ever I mean in slot machine like this when you do buy feature and when is get so brutal, just keep continue normally even RTP is low. Thought you want to go with always 16 spins.
  10. For a moment I thought it was really big win but it's just Hungary value of money, well done in small stake
  11. ProBlackbird

    1500 X on Reactoonz on .20 cents stakes... (PIC only)

    Yes nothing to complain you could always go try some more with higher stakes now or you could cash it for today, omg 1500x with higher stake make me droll.
  12. ProBlackbird

    Spinal Tap!

    It's save day but kind of yuck . Cash it out man
  13. Thank you and I hope you do well as well
  14. I didn't count but it's more than 31+ for sure and I think you can only get x777. Or it could be exactly 31. If I get below $5k or if get higher $6k I will cash out so I will play a bit more
  15. ProBlackbird

    Tiki Tumble.. A red tiger that pays?! 323x

    But I just did check it out and please like it and almost could get over 1000x if I could retrigger only need one bonus symbol left for it.