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  1. Tussilago87

    Insane Mega Win in Chicago Slot!

    awesome hit, congratz
  2. Tussilago87

    Does games save progress?

    No, slots have no memory, they are all random so it is possible to win big multiple times in a row if you are really lucky, but ofc the slot is designed to make you rip in the long run.
  3. Tussilago87

    insane win on vikings!

    holy shit what a hit, congratz
  4. Tussilago87

    Hajper Casino Win Lost

    i think that the support should be able to find the lost gameround, but if they dont they probably have to contact the game provider to see what happened which will probably take some time, im not really sure so maybe someone else in here can give you a better answer. i hope it gets resolved, good luck
  5. any news about the winners on this raffle?
  6. what a suprise, one point off the prizes
  7. 384x but not sure if it counts
  8. Unexpexted balance saver 500x basegame
  9. I would be really pissed if this happened to me, and as You Said offering 50freespins is just an insult, hopefully something can be done about it. i really enjoyed the races before but as a lowstake gambler it gets to expensive for me to play them now when they raised the min bet so much. Sad but true
  10. Tussilago87

    LeoVegas cashdrop "problem"

    I had hade the same problem, 20k sek was in the prizepool ty e wholetime and then it just ended without Any drops at all..
  11. Tussilago87

    Napoleon 1308x

    What can i say 😁
  12. two entries in this post, first 225x and then 252x Screwed Up the screen here but You clearly see the 150x linehit then i added a screen with what the bonus ended on