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  1. wow that's amazing, congrats on you win dude
  2. wow thats a great hit
  3. +DAREALMIKEHUNT novomatic are treating you good sir
  4. nice win buddy
  5. that's a great run congrats
  6. lol these cat games can pay
  7. wow nice win mate
  8. OK guys - It looks like a complicated slot but it's not. And you can get like 1000 free spins with different wild features This is my new favorite slot and can't wait to play it on stream
  9. Yeah they actually are alike, what makes Jack better though, in my opinion, is that it counts the wins faster. This one takes for ages
  10. lol no way you can win on Warlords
  11. nice
  12. that's an awesome bonus mate, those dancing wilds have so much potential
  13. was is dad slot?
  14. nice one