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  1. wow fist time I see a full screen wilds on this one sick hit
  2. CasinoReggie


    well done buddy, nice win
  3. CasinoReggie

    Big WIN Break Da Bank Again

    great hit mate
  4. CasinoReggie

    Surprise mega win on playboy with sophias bonus.

    No pic! 😑 Let me know if you need help uploading it
  5. CasinoReggie

    Over 500x on Lost Relics

    congrats buddy
  6. CasinoReggie

    Over 620x on 300 Shields :-)

    nice one
  7. CasinoReggie

    extra chilli 1220x

    hahaha nice one man
  8. CasinoReggie

    world cup

    Belgium - Brazil will be the best game of the quarters both are amazing. If I was to put money on the overall winner though it would be France or England. The french have a super team full of stars and for once there is no inner fighting between them like we saw in the WC in Africa and in Brazil. On the other hand England have to play smart as they have a great chance to reach the final this year relatively easy. All the teams England will face until the final are smaller and less quality than them so they will probably;ly defend and it will be up to England to try and break their defense while being careful for counterattacks. A friend of mine said for England these upcoming games will be like trying to crack nuts lol. And it's true because if England manages to overcome the opponents defense and score early on, then winning will be easier.
  9. CasinoReggie

    Reactoonz (1532x)

    nice win
  10. CasinoReggie


    nice win mate
  11. CasinoReggie

    Well, I'm back after spending one month in Thailand

    welcome back buddy
  12. CasinoReggie

    Extra chilli extra hot for once.

    big congrats on that mate
  13. CasinoReggie

    Hot Streak- when do you stop??

    show off
  14. CasinoReggie

    Kongs Pays Me

    Well at least ever spin is exiting Not many dead spin on this one Kappa
  15. CasinoReggie

    Kongs Pays Me

    best game ever