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  1. GamblingVilo

    White Rabbit launch night!

    Good luck Kim! Twitch name: GamblingVilo
  2. GamblingVilo


    Problem is ... the slots always troll you like this, or teasing you with 2 scatters all the time. The slots are well programmed mate, believe me! Watch this for example... (one of mine)...
  3. GamblingVilo

    FAKE stream of KIM!??

    The thing I don't get. I'm a YT-Partner myself with my gaming channel, but I didn't know that everyone is able to pick your name that easy in Google+ !
  4. GamblingVilo

    FAKE stream of KIM!??

    Yeah ... I thought so. Just tried to help! But it wasn't so easy to post the link btw.
  5. GamblingVilo

    FAKE stream of KIM!??

    WTF!? h**ps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSSQsEMplW705vOosw2eO1A
  6. GamblingVilo

    A few wins

    Cool Buddy! Keep it up!
  7. GamblingVilo


    Nice "Ding, Dings" buddy! BTW: Nice that you are with us!
  8. GamblingVilo


    Hello Sylvester, nice that you are with us!
  9. GamblingVilo

    Hey my gambling fellows! ;-)

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
  10. GamblingVilo

    What is your favourite game provider?

    I like Gamomat (Bally Wulff) and Merkur, because of my old gambling hall times. I also like NextGen, because I think their games are realy creativ, like "Great Wild Elk" for example. I like iSoftBet because of their cool licenses, NetEnt, Quickfire also because of some cool licences and some games of ElkStudios, like "Hong Kong Tower", aaaand Thunderkick with "Flame Busters" for example. What I don't like is Novomatic, it's always the same in my opinion and BetSoft, because their machines are so overloadet and confusing.
  11. GamblingVilo

    Hey my gambling fellows! ;-)

    Hello Boys and Girls my name is Vilo and as a new member, I just wanted to say hello. I thought I can make some gambling videos and maybe streams for you. But I have to say right away, my English is not the best and I hope it does not sound too stupid and you guys are still able to follow my stories To my person: I am 38, I come from Germany and I have gambled especially from 2012 to 2014 very active. However, only in gambling halls. At this time, I even was the superintendent of a gambling hall, which belonged to my ex-girlfriend, which has brought me to the gambling world for the most part. I usually play small bets of 0.10 Cents to 0.50 Cents, because I think having fun first and I don't wanna lose to much, but I've also celebrated nice wins like for example 400 EUR on "Gold Cup" or a 750 EUR jackpot on Monopoly. I think maybe I make a video about it with some photos. Then I took a break since 2014 and recently discovered a stream of Kim, which I found very entertaining. I realized that I missed gambling and shortly afterwards, I made a small deposit on Leo and had a really good weekend after, which I think I will also pack in a video sooner or later. (I made some screenshots.) That was actually my first Online-Casino experience. I played in a Online-Casino before once, when I was 18, but that is twenty years ago. For the future, I at least wanna record my gambling session and bring it on YouTube. So not only screenshots, don't worry. But yeah ... like I said. For now, I just wanted to say hello! ;-) Greetings GamblingVilo P.S.: I'm glad that after the terrible events in Vegas... Kim, Slotspinner and the others are all right. I was really worried about it!