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  1. Mysteron71

    My New BIGGEST Win Ever.

    The Bells... THE BELLS!! haha Great hit
  2. Mysteron71

    5000x book of dead

    Damn 25K!! Nice one
  3. Nice! yet to get a retrigger on this tight bunny.. Enjoy your win
  4. Mysteron71

    Playboy - 890x (Sofia)

    2 nice hits in 1 bonus.. Congrats!
  5. Thanks Nick I beat the wagering and banked £2550! Just got my details accepted and official and they said the money should be with me tomorrow and they also Congratulated me for hitting a Jackpot on my first deposit.. Great buzz with this one that I'm not sure will be topped? But fingers crossed Thanks to all who commented .. Cheers!
  6. Mysteron71

    Dead or Alive Wildline!

    Very Nice and to get the wildline before the extra 5 spins.. Sweet Hit!!!
  7. @themagics92 It was my first deposit at Hippodrome casino
  8. Thanks Guys! made wagering with £2550 in the balance more than happy.. Cheers!
  9. Got this tonight from a £20 deposit with 100% bonus and was only playing 30p a spin so there's 2K wagering but still!!! can't help but show it off.. what a screen!
  10. Super hit! Congrats
  11. Mysteron71

    Finer Reels Of Life - INSANE WIN!

    Wow! Incredible hit... Congrats
  12. Mysteron71

    4 Wilds Desire

    Thanks guys! I managed to get a full screen of the black haired guy on dragon treasure at 50p a spin for 1K also which compensated for the lack of premiums in this win never got a screen of the dragon treasure win as it was onto the next spin in free spins by the time I got my phone to take a pic I honestly thought I would never see any of these wins yet got 2 within 2 days wtf?? happy chap here
  13. Mysteron71

    4 Wilds Desire

    Got this over the weekend whilst testing Immortal on my big screen! shame I only had it on 60p.. still very happy to see 4 rows and a nice payout considering no premium symbols