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  1. Book of ra: magic 1200x probably not tho
  2. mistermanga

    700x on a totally random slot i picked!

    what a wonderful way to end the year! i got it last night when i deposited a tenner on paddy power literally just to get into some promotions i believe i had £1.8 left when i hit a clean 3 free spins symbols line and i actually wasn't too sure about what the bonus did but what it did was have the anubis land in the middle give you an extra spin and turn a symbol into wild, you could literally turn everything into wild if anubis showed up every spin, all the basic symbols turned wild and one premium which gave me 15 spins in total due to the extra spins, just ring ring ring every spin, imo it's like Pharaoh's tomb but instead of hoping for stacked symbols to land, anubis just turned everything I wanted wild! Name of the slot is in the tab and stake was 60p!
  3. mistermanga

    Christmas giveaway + SMM MEGA BULLET

    £10,000, being optimistic that you'll fill it with 3/4 of what you put in this time, 5x is needed with a 2k pot, get it done it's mistermanga, twitch 21 man here
  4. mistermanga

    Letsgiveitaspin goes mythbusting! - Updated

    Kim cashing out on a Sunday is a myth. Prove me wrong.
  5. mistermanga

    My Hot Evening on the slots

    just dunno, i had some real life bullshit that was going on lately and this happens a day before the bailiffs come..... i'm overjoyed
  6. mistermanga

    Super monopoly money - Guessing contest

    25,000 SEK