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    Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share my sports bets with everyone. I have been betting on football easily for the past 10 years, some success stories but a lot of loses along the way. I want to show you guys what i bet on and thought it would be cool to see what everyone else is betting on. Let me no what you think of the videos and if you want to see any more, If this gets a positive response i will upload weekly before and after Football bet videos so we can all share with each other any tips, wins and loses. There are two videos below , before & after.
  2. The Ultimate Comeback!!!


  4. Mega Win On Break Da Bank Again


    Hi everyone - couldn't believe this win i got on Zeus slot. One of my biggest wins to date. Btw this was filmed early hours in the morning after recovering from kidney stones hence why i look like a zombie !!!! I have also posted a bonus compilation video below this epic win if anyone is interested to view, it was one of my craziest sessions to date. Started with £100 cashed out £6300k

    Was really cool to play this old classic again and actually get a mega win! Sorry about the quick spins... this was filmed a while ago at 4am after an all nighter!
  7. 800x on Pharaohs Ring

    First time playing slots for 3 weeks as i have been unwell and landed this mega hit. I am speaking for the first 1 minute, so if you want to see the mega win please skip ahead !!
  8. 2414x White Rabbit Crazy Re-triggers

    I new eventually these £50 feature buys would pay off - Here is my biggest multiplier win to date ! Hope you enjoy
  9. Dunder - say abused bonus but no prove

    I have read through everything you have said carefully and to me that would class as bonus abuse i am afraid Jaki. I do feel for you Jaki - but in the future never do a bonus hunt with bonus money for a start and secondly if you are ever un-sure then contact chat support. In my experience Dunder have been a really good casino - i think no matter where you play you would have the same result i am afraid. If they have made a gesture of good will and added you some play balance then i would just take it at least you got something. Most casinos wouldn't even offer you that.
  10. Finally Reached The Top On Live Stream!!

  11. FlameBusters Crazy Hit

    Well it was about time this paid me but didn't expect it to be like this !
  12. Ey up!

    Hi welcome to the family !!
  13. Not a big win

    Gobbles as always doing jack shit - £3.60 stake
  14. Quickest cash i have made !

    Hey guys, I hope it's not a problem as this is not a slot video but still a big win ! Roulette is a rarity for me as the wheel has never treated me good but this short incredibly lucky run proved me otherwise !
  15. Reaching The Top On 300Shields