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  1. DuoSlots Casino Streamer

    streamer gone

    Cheers, Yeah YouTube are just making thing impossible. Thanks for the kind words guys. My channel has changed slightly as I am no longer Casino Streaming, if anyone fancies checking out my new channel that would be cool. I have only recently started doing them so any support would be awesome.
  2. Hi Everyone, I was playing roulette yesterday and bet heavy on 0 section. I watched the video back many times and it seems the ball landed in "0", but eventually it is shown in "35" . it is not clear how the ball got in there as the casino doesn't show the whole spin. After the ball lands in "0" they don't show any movement of the ball but it magically finds itself in "35".I have uploaded the video to my channel and quite a few people have pointed out that it looks rigged. I personally think it landed in 0 and wanted to see what you guys thought? Please skip to 50:00 for the questionable spin, as it's apart of a bonus comp video!
  3. DuoSlots Casino Streamer

    Welcome bonus terms and conditions .

    Yeah we are talking about the same person - That person is the owner
  4. DuoSlots Casino Streamer

    Welcome bonus terms and conditions .

    Hi mate, thanks for your response. I don't want to name drop but by any chance could you tell me the name of the affiliate manager who you spoke to ? I had done a lot of research and believe that there is only one affiliate manager (who is actually the owner of Jo-Reels) He has been linked to other very questionable casinos that have been blacklisted on the Pogg. There has also been a Casinomeister thread about this guy owning Jo-Reels but pretends he doesn't as he has a very bad name in the industry. The worrying thing is like you said he pretends to be an affiliate manager who does not no much about the brand and will tell you only the parts you want to hear. If questioned he acts clueless. If you don't want to post names on here you can add me on skype - my skype id is : Duoslots.
  5. DuoSlots Casino Streamer

    Welcome bonus terms and conditions .

    Hi Jake, Great post. I suffered first hand from this bonus - i was offered a 200x upto £200 as an affiliate with wagering attached ( i believe 35x but i will have to double check) When setting up to promote the casino i asked all of the t&c's and was this just explained by writing over Skype. The conditions that were explained to me in Skype seemed perfectly reasonable so i decided to give it a trial. (Just to add at no point when asking about the t&cs was the £2000 max cashout mentioned, pretty big thing to miss-out) I deposited £100 claimed £200 bonus and had a huge hit on Zeus where i won over 6k. This is where it becomes really weird and complicated - The very next thing i had a message on skype from my contact at jo reels who was just so monitoring my account - he congratulated me on the insane win and at the time when only 5% wagering was done said shame you have wagering you will have to give all that balance back but at least you can make some good content. I thought this was really odd, I have never ever had a casino i promote affiliate manager instantly congratulate me for the mega win to then say shame you are going to have to lose it all. Anyway I carried on playing when only 1% wagering was left i had £6.9k balance. Completed wagering and all over a sudden £4.9k went missing. I instantly messaged on chat support and spoke to my contact who explained that all bonuses with Jo-Reels have a 2k cashout. I felt physically sick like i have just been robbed as as at no point was this ever mentioned to me. I no there is a major part of due-diligence on my behalf as i should of properly read all of the T&C's as i have done with all of the other casinos i promote but i took my contacts word of mouth without thoroughly reading through every part of the T&Cs but i do feel that he should of told me about this clause from the beginning when asking about the bonus terms. Why would i deposit £100 to only win max 20x my deposit back, this is very poor return when play high volatility slots. Additionally as a streamer i can deposit upto £1000 a day. I am only playing high volatility slots to get the insane wins. With this max cashout clause it makes majority of the most played slots pointless. Following on from this I made the decision about a week ago to withdraw Jo-Reels casino from my channel as i don't believe these terms are good for anyone who want to take the bonus. I am no longer playing at the casino after this incident and have started to remove links from my channel. I have been promoting them for a very short time and have actually had no sign-ups. I just want to point out that i don't think Jo-Reels is a poor casino, choice of games and withdrawal times are great, however if you do decide to play there never take the bonus offer you will end up feeling sick and robbed.
  6. DuoSlots Casino Streamer

    Danger High Voltage - KINGS GALORE

    Thanks buddy, you are right its been a right bastard recently
  7. DuoSlots Casino Streamer

    Danger High Voltage - KINGS GALORE

  8. DuoSlots Casino Streamer

    The best gambling movie ever?

    Casino - With Robert De Niro is my personal favourite. If you want a good documentary then Louis Theroux on Las Vegas is awesome - crazy high rollers and lots of footage inside the casinos.
  9. DuoSlots Casino Streamer


    Here are my football bets for tonight
  10. DuoSlots Casino Streamer

    Rome and glory massive win

    great win chipz - haven't seen this slot before..... will definitely give it a go after watching this!!
  11. DuoSlots Casino Streamer


    after grinding and grinding for months i have finally hit something decent on this game!
  12. DuoSlots Casino Streamer


    Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share my sports bets with everyone. I have been betting on football easily for the past 10 years, some success stories but a lot of loses along the way. I want to show you guys what i bet on and thought it would be cool to see what everyone else is betting on. Let me no what you think of the videos and if you want to see any more, If this gets a positive response i will upload weekly before and after Football bet videos so we can all share with each other any tips, wins and loses. There are two videos below , before & after.
  13. DuoSlots Casino Streamer

    The Ultimate Comeback!!!

  14. DuoSlots Casino Streamer