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  1. Today @ 19:00 CET I will do a shared bullet with @Skylined87 on Super Monopoly Money on LeoVegas Buy in is 3000sek/300€ each, leaving 6000sek/600€ in total to hunt for the best wheel possible!! We will be giving away 5% of the winnings to whoever guesses the closest to end result from the wheel! Hopefully it's gonna be MASSIVE!!! Just put in your guess in the chat below, BEFORE we hit 2000sek/200€, and pray it's HUGE 🤣, GL all!! Winnings will be sent via Skrill, Paypal or Swish (if in Sweden). LETS GO Mr. Monopoly.... Spin the wheel!!!!!
  2. SuperSmask

    After 76 deposits still nothing!!!

    I myself am also on a very bad run. Can't really do anything about it. But maybe take a little break like a couple of days, 1 week, if still nothing, take another break. Maybe try more than 1 site (I'm guessing you're only playing on VS?). Keep the faith, it will turn.
  3. SuperSmask

    Casino Calzone money just disappeared

    @emmanandy you propably have a stuck Game Round in some game. Chat should be able to fix it. Ask them if they can see if thats the problem.
  4. SuperSmask

    small comeback

    WOW, thats what I like to see!!! Plz. do tell how it goes
  5. SuperSmask

    Bonanza basegame (MEGAWAYS) 800x

    Hold nu op!!! du er så PISSE heldig
  6. SuperSmask

    Napoleon cannot retrigger or can it?

    Same spelling error in Swedish translation btw. Checked it today
  7. SuperSmask

    Hi guys! New here

    Hey @oscarcasino welcome to CG!! To upload videos you need to either have a Twitch or Youtube channel. Then you can link you videos from there, to here.
  8. SuperSmask

    1st casino stream !!!!

    GL @bednak hope you enjoy it!
  9. SuperSmask

    Secret of the Stones (YES you read that right)

    That is the best I´ve seen on this game! WOW
  10. SuperSmask

    extra chilli ruined my life

    Really sad to hear this @gingerafro. Think it would be a good idea as someone suggested to use gamban. Chili and bonus buys can be a brutal game.. All the best @gingerafro
  11. SuperSmask

    2 hits in 1 hour 😀

    damn that is as good as it gets!! GZ on the awesome winnings!
  12. SuperSmask

    Jekyll goes WILD!! Loads of em!!

    Very nice Big Bet on Dr. jekyll goes wild. Unfortunately still failed wager :(
  13. First time I get Double Bonus on a WMS!!
  14. SuperSmask

    magic mirror on 50p

    So Lucky!!!
  15. SuperSmask

    Wild Swarm Mode 2000x

    @BTGKinG 😍 I´ll accept anything in the region of 2000x