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  1. rip norway ><

    Lol @pausefisk they really thought this through
  2. GAMSTOP Is Now Live

    Great to hear @Nicola hopefully this will help a lot of people with gambling problems.
  3. How is Casino streaming at fault here? This is an isolated case. Has absolutely nothing to do with streamers!
  4. Books in Books & Bulls (Retrikkeri!!)

    hahaha will see what I can find @animator1777
  5. Books in Books & Bulls (Retrikkeri!!)

    A lot of spins, usually means a lot of wins
  6. Holiday Season what a raise!!

    Little bit of Danish Magic!! Raises don't get better than this..
  7. This game doesn't need much time, to provide a huge cashout!!! What a hit.. My best so far on QOR
  8. Free Betfilter for a year

    @Knobbo88 top man.. Thats awesome.
  9. I have done nowhere close to a million spins, but I have yet to get 5 extra spins in the bonus.. It'll come one day though.
  10. Damn @angerfist_760 still running hot I see.. Gz
  11. [FIX] Having audio issues with Chrome & Slots?

    @skylined87 confirmed pro hacker
  12. FAIL! #2

    Loved it @Nick well I mean as entertainment. Don't like seeing u lose
  13. I'd say it's a HECK off a win GZ
  14. Big Win in Rise of Anubis!

    Definitely need to try this game. Has some serious potential!! Gz on a great win @Huggehugg
  15. RedBet Gambling went wrong

    @Gyoza I would absolutely write a complaint to Redbet that the information on the site u signed up on is incorrect.. Hopefully it will help.. Make sure to send an email with the photo u posted in this topic.. Maybe even that affiliate site in CC in that email. Just make sure u have photos..