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  1. SuperSmask

    Rip or not

    This is the same bug as Bonanza and Extra Chili (on SG platform). Ironic that the more you're balance drops the more u win
  2. SuperSmask

    Turn it UP! - 440x

    It has great potential.. BUT! I can rip u apart.. Propably one of the most volatile games out there I would say. A little to volatile in my opinion. Nevertheless thats an awesome win @jankkee
  3. SuperSmask

    Book of Dead Over 500x

    Haahha nice to cash in on the free spins fromnthe WC.. Awesome stuff..
  4. SuperSmask

    Lovely Lady - Mega Win (100+ spins) | Amatic

    Damn 135 spins! 400+x right? And guessing it was 1£ a spin? Amatic have some really fun ol school games.. GZ on the win
  5. SuperSmask

    Extra Chili awesome bonus buy

    From what I remember this so far is my best bonus buy on Extra Chili.. Very nice
  6. SuperSmask

    Ikibu - stay away at every cost!

    Yeah also think we need to get used to higher wagering. Most newly opened casinos have like 45-50x wager. Some even 60x. I've noticed an increase in wagering over the last years. Before I would say a lot had 35x bonus amount, not really the case anymore on any of the newer ones.
  7. SuperSmask

    The Biggest Fail In Extra Chilli :(

    Would have been 48 lines * 50 * 15kr.. Hurts watching this
  8. SuperSmask

    Donuts Big Win over 1000x

    Thats how u play Donuts! Do u offer crash courses? Cant hit anything on thid game.
  9. SuperSmask

    666 - Danger! High Voltage EPIC hit

    Has to be one of the best connecting hits I've seen on DHV. Shitload of disco balls and queens.. Such an awesome hit. Gz @Skylined87
  10. SuperSmask

    Wild Desire does it again :)

    See thats a good Wild Desire.. Grwat win there.. Still haven't gotten a good one, but a some point 🤣
  11. SuperSmask

    Balance saver Book of the Ages!

    Hit the bonus close to busttown, not much wagering left after this hit, so perfect timing
  12. SuperSmask

    Exclusive Introduction of new Netent concept.

    Just looked at stream to see the new game. To be honest the game is not really my cup of tea, but at least it has potential to hit a huge win. 6kx will be DAMN diff. to hit, but 1kx+ seems very achiveable. Cluster Pays mixed with expanding wilds seems very intresting though. However I want to say I LOVE Lost Relics (yeah I know its also cluster pays). It's just an awesome game, with the random tile removal and the "find the chest" bonus. That to me is by far your best release this year. Looking forward to seeing Max being implemented into some other games. Was very intrested in what Kim said on stream, Lost Island Max.. Now thats a title I would LIKE to see..
  13. SuperSmask

    Ikibu - stay away at every cost!

    Great to hear u managed to beat the wager @Li_Shang Some sites actually have lower wagering for less % bonuses. Ikibu just ruined anything that was good about their bonus, when they made wagering crazy high + added cashout. Im pretty sure thats why @Nickimmediately stopped playing there when they changed it. It wasn't always like it is now.
  14. SuperSmask


    @jon7777777 I agree with you, it should be easier to check how much you've played, than go through entire history. Excellent Idea with a 1x wager bar (moneylaundering reason for 1x wager on most casinos).
  15. SuperSmask

    bonus hunt not allowed with no bonus balance?

    Awesome result @gingerafro...