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  1. Nice one! So it's indeed possible to hit a wildline on 20x in the bonus
  2. So got a 1344x base-game hit on 0,4€ bet. Raised to 0,6€ bet and after a couple of spins i got a 100x bonus. After another 5 spins I got a 1200x bonus!
  3. jankkee

    what to do After a big cashout?

    My advise to you @cabzla is to play on as normal "as you didn't actually win those money". Around 2 months ago I won a lot as well and in a week or 2 I had a + of 6-7k €. I transfered a couple of grand to a saving account with no online banking as well. But stupidly enough I started to play more risky and do bigger deposits than normal, which resulted in my bank account was decreasing every day quite a lot. Last week I even had to go get some of the money form my saving account. I can't believe I had the luck to win 3k again today and I hope I don't do the same mistake now as last time, and I hope You don't either Cheers!
  4. Hello CG! Long time no see, have had a really bad coldstreak for about a month, today was not a better day until i spent my last 20€ on a bigbet on LotP slot! Never had 6 scatters before (have played this slot insanely much last couple of months). So 6 scatter trigger = 15 spins and 3 bonus features, strated off with wild reel 1 (hoped for my dream setup with wild reel 1,2,3 as I got once). But never the less, here's the setup and the win! Cheers guys!
  5. jankkee

    [Giveaway] Jammin' Jars from Push Gaming

    1831 beans in the jarrr
  6. jankkee

    [Giveaway] Jammin' Jars from Push Gaming

    Note: PLAYMONEY There is some really nice potential in this game, this i my first bonus with playmoney 😎
  7. jankkee

    Rise Olympus

    So tried out this new play'n go slot for a while today. To be honest I don't even know why they released this lot, it's an exact copy of moon princess. As some of you guys know I play a lot of moon princess. Some things I noticed: 1. It states the max win is 5000x but I really don't se this one coming, (how often do you see a moon princess win over e.g. 1000x?) and as far I can tell the payouts are the same as in moon princess, even in the free spins with maximum 20 multiplier and 20 spins. 2. They use the same boards in this slot as in moon princess. Since I've played so much moon princess, I'm getting used to recognize the boards and for example knows before star puts her wilds where they are going to land for many different boards. And when I tried this slot out a familiar board came up and the wilds placed exactly at the same spots as in Moon Princess. So what do you guys think of that this is a copy of moon princess? You tried it out yet? Best Regards, jankkee
  8. jankkee

    Most spins without a bonus

    What comes to my mind I can think about is a captain venture session with over 800 spins and no bonus. And donuts ~700 spins without bonus, tilting af when it happens
  9. jankkee

    Legends of the Pharaohs MEGA WIN!

    So with just 40€ left i went for a couple of big bets on Legends of the Pharaohs, and this beauty landed on the 2nd or 3d big bet buy
  10. Indeed, if you get 6 scatters you will get 15 spins instead of 10. And I guess 7 scatter is 20 spins
  11. Bought big bet spins and got 5 scatters, and got wild reel 1, 2 and 3. Minimum 400€ win per spin (mod change it to big wins if big bets doesn't count like e.g. another bonus buy:> )
  12. jankkee

    [Competition] 500x+ Chase - Bonanza vs Diamond Mine

    Bonanza 792,3x
  13. jankkee

    5 wilds on moon p

    Nice one! Quite a rare catch, I've played A LOT of moon p and gotten it 3 times, all in trinity and the highest multiplier mby 6 or 7
  14. jankkee

    Legends of the Pharaohs MEGA WIN!

    haha @SuperSmask , don't think I need to push my luck on this one for a while though 😆
  15. jankkee

    Legends of the Pharaohs MEGA WIN!

    So got an even more insane hit today than last day when trying out some big bets xd