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  1. jankkee

    Turn it UP! - 440x

    Indeed really voaltile @SuperSmask, I was like 50€ in at this moment without any win over 10x and was about to quit right before this bonus dropped in. Thx!
  2. jankkee

    Turn it UP! - 440x

    Thx! Indeed it has pretty nice potential I know about this but I played at Rizk this time
  3. That's pretty insane yes 😢 Over how many sessions is this? Like 100 spins every now and then or like 500+ spins everytime?
  4. jankkee

    Cats and Cash 400x

    So I tried out this new slot from play and go, didn't need to play long before it paid me 100x and just a few spins after this 400x beauty
  5. jankkee

    Moon Princess 631x

    Thank you @Craig smith ! Haven't had any luck in my moon princess lately until yesterday so therefor you haven't seen so many posts from me 😆
  6. jankkee

    Moon Princess 631x

    Nice little love bonus
  7. jankkee

    Cash out amounts

    I usually cash out in even 10s as well. But for example if I know I have 1091€ in my account and have 109€ + in balance I might cash out 109€ just to get it even in my bank account
  8. jankkee

    Eastern Emeralds 1080x!

    Thank you Kim! Yeah feels like that, there is potential for 10000x + if you go with the highest multipliers in freespins xd
  9. Some really nice potential on this slot, imagine a 7x on the last reel 😘
  10. jankkee

    Book of Gods 500x

    Yeah, have only bought a couple myself as well. One paid nothing and some paid/almost paid back what I bought them for, except this one
  11. jankkee

    Book of Gods 500x

    Got a nice little hit on book of gods, bonus in total landed on ~153€