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  1. jankkee

    Best slot of the year 2018

    Jammin Jars for sure
  2. jankkee

    Rise of olympus + DHV!

    So made a 20€ deposit to Dunder. Got a 650x on rise of olympus after 11 spins, played for a while and went on to DHV, after 6 spins this 360x basegame hit rolled in. Sometimes it happens quickly (a bonus note is that i got a bonus on the FIRST spin on jammin jars afterwards but only paid 20x )
  3. jankkee

    [Giveaway+COMP] Buster Hammer Carnival

    Not havd any big ones yet but will post this so long for the raffle
  4. jankkee

    Legend of the Pharaohs!! 20e Bigbet

    Nice win! This game can really pay if it's in the mood. I go for a couple of buys sometimes when my balance is low. Have gotten a 4600€ and a 3200€ on it
  5. Got this one today, a bit unlucky with the retriggers though (5 spins, 4 spins, 8 spins and 4 spins). By far my biggest win on this slot
  6. jankkee

    Post your biggest/best win of 2018!

    Has to be my 20€ big bet buy on Legend of the Pharaohs that ended up paying 4600€
  7. Been running hot on dreamcatcher lately but have been ripping a lot on slots, but still a bit profit after all from the last weeks, mostly because of this dreamcatcher hit Also had my first White Rabbit retrigger ever and my second swar mode (and biggest). Cheers and merry Christmas to everyone!
  8. jankkee

    [GIVEAWAY] SMM Mega bullet + 5,000 Freespins

    83 550 SEK twitch: jankkee
  9. Almost felt like a jackpot when this 55x basegame hit dropped in after a couple hundred spins without bonus (48 ways of silver stars + a couple small wins)
  10. jankkee

    2 x Garga within 20 spins!

    First a 850x (end result just over 510€) And about 18-19 spins later this 789x rolled in 😎
  11. jankkee

    Legend of the Pharaohs - MEGA WIN!

    Thank you @SG Interactive! You should check this one out though I got in the summer. This must be the best starting field you can get, 400€ guaranteed every spin 😎
  12. Yesterday I was saved by dreamcatcher and today saved by legend of the pharaohs
  13. jankkee

    Another cracking win on Jammin Jars

    Nice one! I've gotten a handful of nothing from jammin jars last couple of weeks so nice to see it pays someone
  14. jankkee

    Saved by DreamCatcher!

    With 12 euro left I went to dream catcher and this happened! 8€ bet on 20 and 4€ bet on 40
  15. jankkee

    Today's compilation of big wins [Video only]

    What a run! Congratz man!