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  1. 20p moon p 725x

    Nice one, congratz! Over 700x in moon.p isn't often you see I've only had over 600x 2 times and I've played it insanely much latest couple of months
  2. RTP

    It's "Return to player", which by other words means how much of your bet's you've won back. For example if you play 100 spins on 1€ stake and your balance is 50€ higher when you're done with the spins you have a 150% RTP. Hope you understand me
  3. The lovespree continues (Moon. P)

    Haha indeed
  4. The lovespree continues (Moon. P)

    So much profit form moon princess in the last days (it owes me though from like a month ago )
  5. MOON P. 647x + 432x (Within 10 spins)

    Indeed, I'm kinda in love with the game and by margin the game I play most at the time. Although I hate that it either pays nothing or it pays insanely good, nothing inbetween (most times). Sidenote: Most tilting about the whole game is when you have a bonus incoming in trinity and star fucks you over like" "
  6. Yeah guess so, I use to have leo at swedish/english also so I've noticed several times from swedish/finnish or english/finish that there can be some things wrong in the sidebar
  7. Here is the real RTP showed at this slot
  8. Getting my first trinity after just 25-30 spins and getting a 647x monster from it, and 8-10 spins later trinity rolls in again and gives a me a 432x bonus! Insane rush
  9. 492x on the new Lucha Maniacs

    So it can pay something huh, have tried it out for mby 1000 spins and highest win was just over under 30x
  10. Closing account at Leovegas

    Sorry to hear about the losses man! I agree with you that leovegas should have at least some kind of reaward sytem. I've also been in your clothes not that long ago, lost a shit ton in a couple of days at leovegas, went to chat and nicely asked for some freespins or a depositbonus, didn't get anything and I've played there regulary for 1,5 years (2017 i think I had 25k depostits there with a loss of 3-4k). Like ½-1 year ago i got at least a depositbonus once a week at leo but haven't seen that for a long time, now I only get offers for 50% livecasino bonuses every now and then :E
  11. Yeah it happend after the number landed, and there where also several others in that chat that got the same problem so I highly doubt it was my fault. Feels bad to hear man, you could've had a really nice run it sounds like
  12. Almost the same as you state here happend to me once at dreamcatcher instead of black jack. My bet was good until the 20/40 or what i was betting on rolled in, then my money disappeared and i didn't recive any winnings. My "bet" was back to my account after mby 30mins, the "investigation" took 2-3 weeks and the result was that it was "on my end" that some issue had occurred and I've gotten my bet back, so I lost the winnings. Hoping for that you will get your money though
  13. Moon P. 639x!

    Got my biggest moon princess multiplier win tonight! Sadly on bonus money, but at least I managed to cash out 150€ from a small deposit :> (even got a board clear, first time on love bonus)
  14. Moon P. + Dream Catcher!

    Deposited 20€ to casumo and made a 400€ withdrawal 20mins later! Got a 265x bonus on moon p. and then a 7x40 on dream catcher #luckyaf
  15. Myth: On captain venture; play 30 spins on e.g. 1€ bet size, then raise it to 2€ but only play 5 lines, the bonus will land within 12 spins!