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  1. thanks
  2. not bad really when was close to bust town
  3. u literally signed up to post this
  4. Nick might not be everyone's cup of tea which is fine, but fatherhood integrity questioning that's a bit low. It's gotta be a UK banter thing some people don't quite get from overseas. Nick is living rent free in so many people's minds I don't see what different he is doing than any other streamer on casino grounds or the wider spectrum of legit streamers I enjoy. lmao can't someone just say I don't like Nick that banana chomping Xmas jumper wearing jerk rather than some far fetching story about how Nicks mind controlling the viewers into donating and signing up etc.
  5. well ur entitled to ur opinion
  6. lol I sound like I'm cheer leading for these guys but I like a good old debate. Nick's a big boy and I'm sure will say summat himself, however I specifically remember this week alone him saying he isn't forcing anyone to sign up for his link and again his giveaway of casino calzone is for accounts thru his link or not. now I don't know for fact so I'm sure Nick will correct me if I'm wrong but maybe he is searching for the ultimate casino that has the perfect regular giveaways for his viewers? furthermore if you look at his twitch page he has actually remove some of the old casinos on there and only currently has 2-3 which is a lot less than other streamers all ones I respect might I add. If ya said u don't like his streams cos he a straight spoken Scarborough bellend hell I wud of agreed
  7. i simply only watch the ones that i like therefore i dont have any i dislike its as simple as that. the ones you dislike arent forcing you to watch them. also as someone who literally watched bandits vids from day 1 he is anything but what you say he is his videoslots competition is actually open to anyone with a videoslots account signed up thru him or not, the guy is entertaining as anyone out there a really top bloke also him not showing his face really doesnt mean much to me dazza g doesnt show his face but is one of the most entertaining people out there in my opinion.
  8. nah not rigged at all and neither are regular youtube highlights people like bandit and jimbo casino. as a regular viewer of these things you can see for urself absolute torrid reprehensible runs of bad luck. as @David Labowsky said himself he spaffed a grand today literally sod all happened was absolutely woeful returns.
  9. more than decent that one
  10. unreal
  11. oh my @Slotspinner come take a look junge
  12. nice win mate
  13. i second that @Nick otherwise he will end up looking like the matey from kingdom of legend slot. lmao look at the paytable
  14. @Skylined87 is correct its still the evil heinous game it once always was and still is
  15. i bet u was sat there saying not too shabby