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  1. its no different to seeing beers adverts on TV on sport etc what about someone who's an alcoholic and sees that non stop its no different you cant moddy coddle the internet, you can search on youtube people drinking beers people downing pints of vodka whiskey etc. this issue seems to be close to you so i understand and dont mock it but sadly unless people are able to break the cycle and get help they are going to gamble regardless streams or not youtube or not.
  2. The tools are already in place for people who have problems same as all over addictions, not everyone is gonna give it up its the nature of addiction itself sounds harsh but that's the reality of the situation.
  3. Pink Elephant near 3000x

    Thanks all definitely can see myself playing a lot of this saying that I bet I do my brains in on it next time.
  4. Vampires by Merkur - 955x hit!

    id bet the gong sound was glorious
  5. Leovegas, a display issue? I don't trust them.

    I'd say with sir Kimster streaming the majority of his play there and the fact they are telling you the wagering is actually less i doubt they are lying or there is any need not to trust them.
  6. The game has retired the rhino in my eyes for 4096 ways action
  7. El Torro 235x

    yeah thats true slotsmillion actually excellent site
  8. El Torro 235x

    nice win that at slotsmillion ? i have no idea why that games not at Cashino considering its owned by Merkur i mentioned it to them as well.
  9. Bonanza 8 Scatters Start!

    do you also need to buy a new pc after you smashed it ? i would after that crap bonus
  10. Tuesday Mega bullet [guessing contest]!

    2700SEK im afraid its gonna be another shitter
  11. 55 and I will also guess that Nick will smash his microphone causing me to want to powerbomb him on the bonnet of his Audi