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  1. u rowing those slots skylined ? what an animal
  2. ah nice both nice multipliers you are just begging for 3 rows + of Beaky to push the win up when that happens
  3. for me its Leovegas solid app also recommended is something like William Hill although a bookie casino you cant argue with the large range of slots they have only thing is that they have the different slots under different sections such as Vegas , Macau , games & Casino.
  4. u cant go wrong with the slots recommended in the casino bonuses section a nice selection of different sites i believe under UKGC or Malta licences which are pretty much solid
  5. 115 spins as well where they at 10x ? nice win that one for sure
  6. i only low roll pretty much so spin alot less per session than someone with a bigger balance but have months of peaks where winning all the time then it switches to Siberian levels of coldness.
  7. always good when you get the three knights
  8. as skylined said you cant be the police of the whole of twitch and there will be people who are genuine not affiliated with this site who are legit too. my idea wud be for streamers to have a CG logo watermark on their streams which shows the affiliation with this site so if you trust this site you can trust the streamers
  9. 37000 SEK will be another 2X i dont want it to be Kim but Nicks involved therefore predetermined by the slot gods
  10. what a savage win i usually dont play microgaming i might have to grind up to that bonus tho
  11. whether any of this is true or not none of my business i don't really get involved in all of that, however its not really fair coming onto a community and throwing allegations at someone when you have provided zero evidence along with your post. id always be aware of libel laws as well you cant falsely defame people online. i aint saying there isnt anyone who is streaming by sordid means but this post doesnt really give much proof that the accused are
  12. sorry about the first link
  13. one and only bonus i played that night after the previous nights 3 WMS special bonus guarentees