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  1. Paul is a beast raising 20k for charity, its a real shame what happened did to be honest if I was lashed up I might of done the same thing. Unfortunately on the internet you have little sacks who would be saying these things to your face and when Paul said what he did the troll was pressing the report button quicker than a game show buzzer. Can only wish the best for Paul and as a streamer with a massive following I am certain he will bounce back.
  2. glad u found summat
  3. best place for Canadians is Videoslots or if you live BC or Manitoba you can use PlayNow which i believe is the only place I've seen Canadians able to play WMS and IGT. I watch a Canadian streamer who mostly plays at a combination of those two.
  4. congrats Bear and to Gemixhelmet69 lmao i saw this competition but foolishly didnt enter it doesnt take long for him to get wildlines these days
  5. Merkur awesome slots
  6. thats certainly not bonus guarantee
  7. yep its my fave game its so exciting in this bonus
  8. thats a savage win its literally the best slot out there in my eyes 5 euro spin as well wow thats heroic
  9. lol i played this earlier for 500-600 spins staying sort of around the same balance with no bonus, i started to dip a little and remember the warning u gave me and a 200x bonus come in for me. congrats on ur win
  10. insane win that one
  11. what did i say?
  12. nice one mate right at the end as well a last minute winner