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  1. more than decent that one
  2. oh my @Slotspinner come take a look junge
  3. nice win mate
  4. i second that @Nick otherwise he will end up looking like the matey from kingdom of legend slot. lmao look at the paytable
  5. @Skylined87 is correct its still the evil heinous game it once always was and still is
  6. i bet u was sat there saying not too shabby
  7. nice one happy days
  8. get on the merkurs instead if u want complete brutality
  9. is it jungle spirit wishmaster net ent or is it fairy tale legends aloha net ent ?
  10. was sick when it charged up later in the bonus
  11. if someone picks a slot or picks a symbol and says "trust me" to slotspinner he never wins more than 20x
  12. Myth: During a stream with Jorgen, Kim will get lashed outta his mind and spunk 10k SEK minimum.
  13. I know a 100% truth if Nick spunks £1000 on a stream he will regain the lot on a Blueprint at Sky Vegas
  14. you guys are stacking that cheddar