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  1. Book of Dead.... 5 Lines.... £5 a spin....(picture only)

    @the_68 Ha i know right took me a moment to register that it actually counted on that line and then i saw the payout.. ha was good few lucky spins to be fair
  2. so yeah decided have a few spins and push my luck... then this hit... ha lucky as ...
  3. Insane, just completely insane! Congrats all the way to the bank
  4. So here's a few videos that i've just put up from the last few days of slots, a few big wins in there. Nothing wow oh my god!!! But some tasty sums
  5. DHV £10 Bonus..... Retrigger???

    @Boulder Cheers yeah was really pleased with it to say the least. @Craig smith yeah the second and third spins really made that bonus in al fairness. Ha the second joined everything up and the third just gave it multiple ways... first time i've had a bonus quite as clean as that, straight to the point and "there you go four spins of decent wins" @Euan750 Yeah not going to lie, that comeback was very much needed and now in profit once again.. ha yeah going to take a break for a few days while it cashes out. Otherwise i can see me trying to repeat that and that way trouble lays.
  6. DHV £10 Bonus..... Retrigger???

    So, yeah after losing more than i'd have liked this morning... i jump on DHV... £100 down at £5 a spin and the second 100 got down to 60 at £10 a spin before this hit. Lucky as fuck! Could have at least retriggered. Had all the chance in the world ha Still more than happy with it though
  7. BIG WIN ON BONANZA +5 spins £5 Stake

    @TimSchaeffer Ha yeah i know, it's only after watching it back that i noticed that the queens didn't go all the way ha maybe next time... but yeah definitely a killer hit considering @the_68 To be fair i've gone through phases of hating bonanza and loving it..... went through a phase of playing it on big bets and wiping out the balance again and again with well over a few thousand spins without the bonus... sigh... but obviously my fault for thinking i could force it....eventually i think it may have come close enough to paying me back but still that's over a fairly long period of big wins..
  8. BIG WIN ON BONANZA +5 spins £5 Stake

    @ShawsSlots cheers mate, and thanks for the youtube comment as well
  9. Bonanza - 1282x

    Congrats!!! very very nice cashout right there... bonanza seems to be back in business at the moment
  10. BIG WIN ON BONANZA +5 spins £5 Stake

    @Nicola Thanks was pretty happy with it considering how fast it was going down hill.
  11. BIG WIN ON BONANZA +5 spins £5 Stake

    So.....was playing £2 spins, and after a good bonus got up just under £1000, sadly i continued to play and went through hundreds of spins and the balance went all the way down to 600, so decide to cash out at 500 and do £5 spins until i hit that point .... thankfully this bonus hit just before reaching that point.
  12. Book of Dead.... Explorers.... finally.... still room for improvement....

    @Craig smith cheers yeah near enough 400x on a £15 stake I’ll take any day definitely needed that to replenish my balance for slots. @BoracicLint ha yeah to be fair it’s only a few tiles that I’ve done big bets like that. I usually cap it to £2 or 3 if I’m pushing it, but I got lucky with a £20 deposit and ran it up to about 500 before going bigger bets. A couple of base game hits later and I decided to go all or nothing to cover some losses or take a break for a while. Thankfully I got lucky. So all good. But yeah not my usual bet size. Couldn’t last 30 mins usually at that stake with some games.
  14. Not a massive x times stake but still after 4 massive let downs it was near tilting territory. Glad that it paid, had two bonuses at £5 that were meh, then two at £10 which tilted me a bit. The last one being Gates bonus and Kings, it took until the last spin for any to show up.. sigh... but at least this one came in massive win really money wise, who the hell am i to complain .... super happy now
  15. Cheers @CasinoReggie .... finally... finally paid off picking top symbol