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  1. I am Melvin - Royal Panda

    Ah right, cool. Always good to hear then in that case. I mean i wouldn't mind if there was parody between the sites when it comes to games but definitely good to hear that it's effectively independent when it comes to games and providers etc. Definitely gives more incentive to spend the money spent between both sites then. Cheers for the info
  2. My New BIGGEST Win Ever.

    Massive massive congrats!!! Seen the spins you've been doing at €25 lately and wow did that one spin pay off
  3. BoD Jackpot

    Congrats!! Even on 10cents its a massive win not at all jealous
  4. I am Melvin - Royal Panda

    Hey, @Melvin - Royal Panda am i right in remembering that leo vegas own royal panda now? Does that mean that the two websites will have basically a 1 to 1 parody when it comes to games?
  5. I am Melvin - Royal Panda

    Ha aww well i wouldn't go that far, just think of it as a gentle nudge to actually my account
  6. I am Melvin - Royal Panda

    Welcome! You totally just reminded me that i have an account with Royal Panda i may have to check out sometime soon

    @Kingofthedolphins Ha thanks, yeah wasn't too shabby was it was surprised that it paid so well to be fair.

    @ShawsSlots haha I know, first spin retigger as well. Haha I was happy around the £250 mark with that symbol. Was a massive improvement over the first few bonuses. Ha then the full screen hit, was more than a little happy then and retrigger right after as well. Was buzzing
  9. I really wish i has a video of this!!.... bonanza!!!

    @CasinoReggie cheers reggie! I’m pretty happy with it, by far the best hit I’ve had on it to date. But I’ll maybe sometime post a video or a bonus that had so so much more potential to deliver but completely failed. Had two bonuses pretty much tight after this at £10 a piece one with 12 spins and the second was 17. Sadly they both paid pretty bad. First was something like 6x and the second was something like 15 or 17x somewhere along them lines. But yeah ... just imagine if it had rolled in something like that with 10x multiplier and £10 stake. Monsterous. All the potential in the world this game

    So was playing book of dead on 5 lines, £2 stake. Had three bonuses in a row, first two played like crap sadly.(Maybe 3 expansions total in bonuses combined) But then the third hit.... thought it was going to be useless because of the Symbol (usually is) but yeah .... I was wrong .....
  11. I really wish i has a video of this!!.... bonanza!!!

    @danishcomfort yeah i have noticed that when i've played on casimba the diamonds seem to hit much more than the red gems, especially when it comes to those massive cascades with huge stacks. Having said that my biggest hit with diamonds was on leovegas from memory, with all the ways a fair few diamonds all the way across, so who knows but i'm not complaining in the slightest
  12. So yeah was playing bonanza, just had a bonus that paid something like 7x for the 3rd time and then this rolled in... i'd switched off by then and missed it completely... wish i was still recording, it was something like 3 or 4 spins after the bonus. but wow, basically all the ways of the red gems... looked amazing!
  13. So.. had a 200% bonus with decent wagering, went on bonanza hit this on the first bonus and spent the rest of the night wagering on £4 stake. Went up to £3600 but cashed out £2500 ish because the last couple of hundred spins were doom switched... but not complaining... good night well spent
  14. So this happened.... 300 Shields...

    @ShawsSlots Cheers! haha yeah i'm definitely not complaining!
  15. Queen of Riches 20000 x

    wow.... just wow... now thats a dream hit... ... definitely one of those hits where you have to sit back and just say... i'm done... i won.. it's over