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  1. So this is going to be the last video posted for a little while at least, need to do some house keeping financially and practically You can check out previous videos fro this series here ---> Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 Also feel free to subscribe to the youtube channel Here
  2. Bendelonge

    Locrian Slots - Big Bet Big Win Part 3

    @Craig smith hey sorry for the delay in replying to this. Has been a long couple of days. Yeah i do have to agree that the kings at the moment are big time gaming. Definitely when it comes to potential win for the size of stake. usually i play around 1 or 2 pound a spin and for those kind of stakes you can get massive wins on big time gaming, especially on the likes of bonanza and danger... and extra chilli for that matter but my luck really doesn't stretch that far for extra chilli seems to really dislike me. Just bad luck on that one obviously. No it's all good about opening up about my stuff and all that, i try and not misrepresent my lifestyle or game play etc if that makes sense. Don't want it to seem like wow that guy must have loads of money to waste. At the end of the day gambling is gambling.. if it's £1 a spin or £20 a spin it's all money towards hopefully hitting big, just doesn't last as long at £20 a spin. if you loss £100 it's still 100 regardless of being 100 spins or 5 spins. Yeah i've read somewhere on here about you talking about anxiety, i think you may have even explained it when you first joined and introduced yourself. It's something that i can't really talk about with any great insight and knowledge to be fair. I know a few people who have experience with it, from my conversations with them it tends to boil down to a control issue and with that a sense of not being able to control situations around them. I mean from a psychological point of view, i'm sure there's a biological aspect to it all as with most things. But all of that it to get to the point i was going to bring up and maybe suggest that streaming might not be something that you feel like you can do but have you thought about maybe just recording your play to start with at least. Even if it's without sound and just the habit of recording. As that's something that you have control over, in the sense that you have the control over releasing it on youtube or here or just simply keeping it on the computer. Then as time goes on maybe taking steps to either add a bit of commentary or adding text to the video and building from there. As in that sense you have control over the side of things that matter, such as if you have video of yourself or what is said in the video. Even down to the side of things where you could even disable comments on the youtube video. I'm sure you can see where i'm coming from with this.... in the sense that it's all about control and having a massive amount of control over every aspect of the content that you would be creating and even down to the decision to release it or not. Just simple small and controllable steps if you see what i mean. Just a thought anyway, i don't have any great insight or special knowledge obviously and you can take it for what it is, just a comment but yeah all from a good place. Cheers by the way haha and sorry for another long rambling message
  3. Bendelonge

    Locrian Slots - Big Bet Big Win Part 3

    So yeah this happened as well, whats hard to tell is that i was playing £10 a spin with five lines and hit an explorer line to trigger the bonus, with that set up the explorer line is 10k on its own. So yeah that kinda had me on the edge coz it was teasing for the bonus while it was hitting the explorer line... so so tense as each symbol landed.
  4. Bendelonge

    Locrian Slots - Big Bet Big Win Part 3

    @Craig smith Hey cheers, yeah that was a pretty sweet hit to be fair, a few spins before that i was talking to a friend that i desperately need three x6 wilds to drop in with sculls to save the session ha well no sculls but was pretty happy nearly calling it in yeah the second video was just a one off (kind of anyway) i wouldn't really risk £40 a spin most of the time and it's only because i had had some very decent hits before hand that gave me the chance to do so. I mean i had something along the lines of 9000 and needed a min of 4000 to be equal for the night, so yeah basically decided that since i had the chance why not try and take on the game at max bet and try and get something massive ... yeah never know. well as you can see i went down pretty far... more than i'd have liked really but yeah then the bonus dropped in, think it was the second one, the first was useless if i remember rightly. So anyway yeah the second bonus really paid off to say the least. Would have loved to get something else during that bonus since there were a lot of dead spins.... and a few chances for more massive hits but sadly nope. Can't be too disappointed in all fairness. Obviously Ha yeah no worries i don't mind answering about the winnings. Don't get me wrong i'm not on a massive wage and don't have thousands to throw around. In fact i'm maxed out on my overdraft and have money on credit card. I try and keep two sides of life very separate. I've got money to gamble with and money from jobs goes on everything else. I could pay off stuff with the money but if i mix funds i know i have trouble splitting them again and end up spending money i shouldn't on gambling. It's basically my way of controlling it. All that is to basically say that it feels really amazing to win that money, in fact by the end of the night i had 21k and spent the next and a bit cashing out 4k at a time via paypal. With all that being said, i don't want to sound like i didn't respect the amount of money, it's massive, but sadly these videos are from the end of last month and beginning of this month and a large part of those winnings has been put back in. It's sad but true, i tend not to play at such big stakes and so when you have massive wins you can easily fall into the trap of thinking the money can last forever... either that or you don't think about it. Anyway i've got money left over, not the amount i would have liked but theres still money to play with and all that. Just being honest with it all, loved the wins and would have been one hell of a pay day if they would have all been banked and looked after but sadly not the case. Not bitter about it, you can only blame yourself at the end of the day and so it is what it is and you move on. I'm happy to have the wins and the money left. Plus it makes for a video thats pretty cool and the adrenaline in the moment is pretty intense ha. Sorry for the long reply, but yeah thought i should take the opportunity to explain a little since a video with £40 spins could be pretty misleading and not exactly responsible.
  5. Bendelonge

    Locrian Slots - Big Bet Big Win Part 3

    @Nicola Yeah definitely was not a bad hit or two definitely the kind of hits that seem massive on those bet sizes, lucky in all fairness ... ha obviously
  6. Bendelonge

    Locrian Slots - Big Bet Big Win Part 3

    i'll chuck part 10 up here as well since its out now and it's a bit of a monster... max bet and all that
  7. This will probably be the last part of the series of big bet big wins. I think there are maybe 3 more videos and thats about it. Some are pretty quick hits. Part 1 can be found here and part 2 here. If you want to subscribe on youtube feel free to here This ones pretty short but sweet, shame i missed the actual hit though
  8. Bendelonge

    LocrianSlots - BIG BET BIG WIN series part 2

    @Craig smith Hey cheers man, yeah the way that those sculls dropped in was pure magic very deliberate. Felt like the game was placing them very specifically. Yeah anyway was a very nice hit to be fair, felt like it was a very meh bonus up until that point. Yeah in all fairness if there was a stack or even one on the last reel i would have lost my shit 😛
  9. Bendelonge

    LocrianSlots - BIG BET BIG WIN series part 2

    @Craig smith Ha well funny you mention about wanting the sculls to hit with that set up, the next video is very close to that... well close enough to where i'm happy about it 😛 yeah the bonus definitely came at the right with being down at £55 and all that Cheers and thanks for the kind words
  10. Hey so i've posted a few videos so far on another thread which i guess will serve as a part one here So i guess this will be the part two then. Been releasing a big bet big win video series via my youtube channel here feel free to subscribe if you so feel like, but either way i'll repost them here for people to enjoy if they are so inclined
  11. Bendelonge


    @Craig smith Yeah i've found that recently a lot of the bonuses that i've had have had that issue with server interruptions. Theres about two or three videos that have basically been killed by it, luckily they weren't massive wins to be fair so wasn't a massive loss, but yeah not great considering how regularly it's happening. Yeah to be fair wasn't a bad bonus felt like there was a few spins that could have been more impressive had it not spun dead spin after dead spins a few times. More than happy with it though. boosts the balance in all fairness. think i'll probably start a new thread for the rest of the videos otherwise, this one is probably going to be a bit overwhelming and no one wants to sit and plow through video after video when they're on the same thread. Well i imagine anyway. but i'll link back to this one as a part one.
  12. Bendelonge


    @Craig smith Hey cheers, yeah could have definitely been more had it not thrown in so so many dead spins, bit of a shame but in all fairness the end total was more than i had spent so i'm with it I'll throw this one up as it's just come out on youtube.
  13. Bendelonge


    @Craig smith Hey thanks for the good luck yeah i'm not going to lie some of these wins are just nice wins, the kind of wins where it's just a decent amount to get back (not massive x times stake but just a case of a yep i'm happy with that) i will say i've got one or two that have a very lucky hit in them for a big bet. Those ones are on way. Ha yeah some of the Bonanza stuff is just insane when it comes to the set up of it, like being on a £10 stake and having 4 scatter retrigger in the bonus. Things like that rarely happen so to have it on a big bet was pretty nice, it's just a shame that because of all the chances there was one mega hit but still who am i to complain Thinking about it what i may do is just add video from the youtube series on to this thread, that way at least there all in one place.
  14. Bendelonge


    Hey all i've started putting up a short series of videos that show a few of the big bets i've made recently with big win out comes. Some are obviously better than others but all are worth a look. Got a few big ones coming in the next few days. (slow progress going through them and editing while having no time at the moment to do so) They should come out once a day for the next 14 ish days so feel free to subscribe to the channel here at Locrianslots and follow along. I'll be trying to make a mental note and through the links for the videos so far on here as well incase subscribing ain't your thing. All in all had some very decent luck with bigger bets lately so taking a break now to sort stuff out and decide what to do next. A few videos so far -
  15. Bendelonge

    Book of Dead.... 5 Lines.... £5 a spin....(picture only)

    @the_68 Ha i know right took me a moment to register that it actually counted on that line and then i saw the payout.. ha was good few lucky spins to be fair