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  1. And my nemesis slot pays again:
  2. Over at Rizk Casino for a change and Book of Ra was rather hot as these two quick in succession bonus rounds show. Profit for the session is never to be sniffed at:
  3. Loki came good for me this morning at Videoslots casino:
  4. I primarily stream to show my slot play and any affiliate revenues (which vary from month to month and are never guaranteed) help me to continue that play. As I said, I would not be able to make a living off the back of it, hence I have a good paying job and see this streaming malarkey as a hobby. Each and every viewer watching is (or rather is supposed to be as my stream is marked as 18+) an adult and can therefore make an adult decision to decide to sign up at the casino that I happen to stream at. Casinos have responsible gambling tools available to control the spend on this hobby or even to take a break from this hobby for a period of time.
  5. The difference is that the genuine streamer risks their own money (with or without special offers) to get affiliate monies whilst the fake streamer doesn't. That is besides the point of the ethics of a casino allowing or even instigating it. I stream with real money and have an affiliate link. If I were to do this stuff for a living, some months there would be no bread on the table.
  6. Thanks for taking the courage of posting your story, You are doing all the right things and I wish you all the best with it. Keep enjoying watching those streams and don't become a lurker!
  7. Some more recent wins. The first two helped me to a big cash out on Friday. Slots featured are: Golden Ticket, Wild North, Lucky Lady's Charm and Pharaoh's Tomb
  8. Even the base game can pay big. This time at Leo Vegas casino where I just opened an account.
  9. I literally fell off my chair. This beast of a slot gave a rare decent win for a change:
  10. Update to show they were a bunch of chancers following a dispute that I raised:
  11. Nice win and some serious money there. But as said by Nosound113, I suggest you get yourself sorted and for crying out loud, don't give it all back to the casinos. You beat them and there is only way it will go from now...... and that is downhill.
  12. Dead or Alive low rolling for me. I find that you get some decent play time and the excitement of some (crappy most of the time) bonuses.
  13. Some nice wins there. Still haven't seen those monster wins this slot is theoretically capable of delivering. Where are they? I think the highest that I have seen is just shy of 2,000x which is not a lot considering that it can take an awful lot of spins to trigger the bonus where all the money sits. During free play in one session I gave up triggering the bonus after 6,000 spins. With real money I have had in excess of 2,000 spins before the bonus triggered. I have now all but given up on this slot as I think there is something amiss with it.
  14. It does have some potential when you hit supercharged.
  15. Hey dude You know that you made it on Youtube when some idiot nicks your videos and tries to make some affiliate money off the back of it: