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  1. Dead or Alive low rolling for me. I find that you get some decent play time and the excitement of some (crappy most of the time) bonuses.
  2. Some nice wins there. Still haven't seen those monster wins this slot is theoretically capable of delivering. Where are they? I think the highest that I have seen is just shy of 2,000x which is not a lot considering that it can take an awful lot of spins to trigger the bonus where all the money sits. During free play in one session I gave up triggering the bonus after 6,000 spins. With real money I have had in excess of 2,000 spins before the bonus triggered. I have now all but given up on this slot as I think there is something amiss with it.
  3. It does have some potential when you hit supercharged.
  4. Hey dude You know that you made it on Youtube when some idiot nicks your videos and tries to make some affiliate money off the back of it:
  5. High rolling compared to 9 cent bets on DOA
  6. Different maths as in worse returns for the player I guess?
  7. @LetsGiveItASpin You need to have a big win first on it though LOL
  8. At Videoslots straight from my stream this morning - first time playing this slot too:
  9. I hope Admin and the Mods don't mind me linking to this topic over at Casinomeister Some revealing information that has been confirmed by Play N Go that each casino can set their own RTP for their games. My advice would be to check the help file to establish the RTP before clicking the spin button.
  10. When I click on a link it opens the link in another browser than the one that is being captured by OBS. It is therefore seen by me only. Only when I see the picture is suitable do I open another tab in the browser captured by OBS and paste the link in it for all to view live on stream. It saved me a few times showing unsuitable pictures live on stream
  11. Believe it or not go with Bonanza. More often than not 300 lasted me a few hours on 2 pound bets
  12. Some Bonanza wins at Videoslots today. All of these came from a £300 deposit with a withdrawal of the amount over £300 after each bonus. Basically it was £300 in at £1,300 out with still £300 left to play:
  13. Got very unlucky on the last of the wins. It could (and perhaps should) have been so much more. But somehow after that one big win spin, I just knew it would give no more
  14. Nice one - really pleased for you Nick. What a start to the New Year!
  15. Good old Sarah didn't let me down again. Apologies for the rather noob commentary expecting a win close to £100 - I was found pleasantly wrong: