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  1. Danger! High Voltage Mega Big Win

    You're welcome darling
  2. Raging Rhino

    Follow up question to that if you wouldn't mind answering it. When the HTML5 version of this was released at Novibet, the auto play option was back in the UK. But a week later it was removed again. Why was that?
  3. My 2nd Biggest Win on Slots!

    Nice one. I wondered what that shout was just before 2PM. I could hear you in London.
  4. Dammed if you do and Dammed if you dont

    Paul, You can't please all of the people all of the time. You are going to have extreme views on either side. The majority of genuine streamers do care as you found out yourself. They do want to engage, make reasonable adjustments etc. because at the end of the day I am a firm believer that none of them prey on the problem gambler let alone want that problem gambler to sign up through their affiliate link. You approached the issue in the right manner and let's be honest here, you had some results as some adjustments have been made. Please remember that casinos are responsible for the actions of the affiliate (well at least in the UK they are) and despite those affiliates bringing in custom they will drop the bad apples quick enough if the regulators are on their case. A genuine affiliate will adjust to the ever changing regulations, else they will find their affiliate account locked.
  5. Huge Win on White Rabbit

    Nice one
  6. Raging Rhino

    Haven't played it for a while but I know that DazzaG on Youtube was saying the same during his most recent video. He plays it a lot and he noticed a noticeable change. But why would WMS change it? I know that a representative of Scientific Gaming is a member of this forum so perhaps he can comment if he reads this post.
  7. Too much Volatily ?

    Well I play all sorts on my stream including games that no other streamer ever plays. If it is available, I am up for playing it. But some high volatile games are actually good for wagering too. Look at Bonanza - massive potential and it keeps you going in the base game. I did a test a few weeks on it. £100 in at £0.20 a spin. Some 11 hours later I had enough and finished with a £6 profit and would have easily completed wagering if there was a bonus attached.
  8. Bonanza Big Basse Game Win

    How many diamonds? Biggest base game hit for me:
  9. Danger High Voltage

    My best win came of Tacos of all symbols. You would expect the lower paying symbols to be more visible during the gates of hell feature but strangely enough more often than not they suddenly gone on a disappearing act. It is pre-determined in my opinion anyway. The slot knows exactly how much it is going to pay you once the feature is triggered. The bonus just displays the result whether that be 10's, 9's or the skull. If the pre-determined win is shite, it will be shite on K's, 10's or the skull. If it is pre-determined to be good it will retrigger, even on the skull.
  10. help

    Check this: https://casinogrounds.com/how-to-stream-casino-games/
  11. Big Time Gaming elsewhere said that they will not accommodate such requests, especially not for a win of only 1000x which is nowhere near the potential of the game. Had your win been 20000x they most certainly will accommodate it.
  12. The bandit , rocknrolla , nickslots are they genuine

    This gas got to be some kind of wind up surely.
  13. The bandit , rocknrolla , nickslots are they genuine

    All I will say is what the fudge is this all about?
  14. What do you mean with "no intention of letting this stop now". As I explained up topic, what is the ultimate aim of this campaign because I am still not sure. You are having dialogue with others, I am having dialogue with you here so please do share with me what you exactly want to achieve. I am not here to speak for others, but the way I see it, I don't want to make one change only for a few days later another change to be requested because the goals of the campaign have suddenly changed because some may not be happy with the change and want more. And how will you handle unreasonable changes where a streamer doesn't believe the change is needed? Remember, that the streamer/affiliate is ultimately there to provide a service for the responsible gambler that can afford and is prepared to lose their money (just as my signature states, that I last night changed to reflect this). A genuine streamer/affiliate is not there to refer a problem gambler to a casino the same way a supermarket doesn't really want to sell a bottle of alcohol to an alcoholic.