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  1. Slotplayer

    Winningroom welcome bonus!

    It sort of says it in the T's and C's: Bonuses and Freespins Gaming Operator will from time to time award bonus money to Players which are accounted for separately. Gaming Operator reserves the right to refuse or rescind bonuses at any time for any reason. Bonus money cannot under any circumstance be withdrawn from the Player’s Account. If a Player withdraws money from its Player’ Account and there still is bonus money on the Player’s Account which has not been wagered in accordance with Section 7.3 such un-wagered bonus money on the Player’s Account will be automatically forfeited and no longer available for the Player. The Gaming Operator applies the principle that cash funds on the Player’s Account are first used for payment of games and bonuses in second hand. Link: https://www.winningroom.com/int/terms-and-conditions/general-terms-and-conditions#bonuses-and-freespins
  2. Slotplayer

    Bonus for indicating casino bugs, possible?

    Wait, you discovered a bug where you can change your account balance? That is where it is more than you deposited? Is the casino a reputable one? If so name abd shame cause I wouldn't want to play there.
  3. Slotplayer

    Electrawork fined £350k by UKGC

    @NudgeShuffle Thank for those. I think it is quite important that all stories are shared and not selective ones. People wouldn't want to think there is a hidden agenda now. So I will continue to post them as they are appearing on the UKGC website - irrespective of which casino is involved. And yes, I am already aware of the Leovegas one as it has already been posted in this forum. I (and you) already contributed to the topic in case you already forgot.
  4. Online gambling business ElectraWorks has been fined £350,000 by the Gambling Commission for repeatedly misleading consumers with adverts relating to free bonuses. In April 2017 the Commission discovered six similar breaches on its casinoking.com, casinolasvegas.com, noblecasino.com, partycasino.com, partypoker.com and scasino.com websites. In June 2017 the same breaches were subsequently found again on these sites. And in August 2017 a similar breach occurred on ElectraWorks’ casinolasvegas.com website. Source: http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/news-action-and-statistics/news/2018/Gambling-business-fined-for-advertising-failures.aspx Familiar story, yet again another casino.
  5. Examples of WHG’s failures include (all figures are approximate): A customer was allowed to deposit £654,000 over nine months without source of funds checks being carried out. The customer lived in rented accommodation and was employed within the accounts department of a business earning around £30,000 per annum. A customer was allowed to deposit £541,000 over 14 months after the operator made the assumption that the customer’s potential income could be £365,000 per annum based on a verbal conversation and without further probing. The reality was that the customer was earning around £30,000 a year and was funding his gambling habit by stealing from his employer. A customer who was allowed to deposit £653,000 in an 18 month period activated a financial alert at WHG. The alert resulted in a grading of ‘amber risk’ which required, in accordance with the licensee’s anti-money laundering policy, a customer profile to be reviewed. The file was marked as passed to managers for review but this did not occur due to a systems failure. The customer was able to continue gambling for a further six months despite continuing to activate financial alerts. A customer was identified by WHG as having an escalating gambling spend with deposit levels exceeding £100,000. WHG interacted with the customer seeking assurance that the customer was ‘comfortable with their level of spend’. After receiving verbal assurance and without investigating the wider circumstances the operator continued to allow the customer to gamble. In our view that interaction was inadequate and did not review the customer’s behaviour sufficiently to identify if their behaviour was indicative of problem gambling. A customer exceeded deposits of £147,000 in an 18 month period with an escalating spend and losses of £112,000. WHG systems identified the issue but its only response over a 12 month period was to send two automated social responsibility emails. Our view is that this action alone was not sufficient given the customer’s gambling behaviour coupled with the severity of the losses. Source: http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/news-action-and-statistics/news/2018/William-Hill-to-pay-6.2m-penalty-package.aspx Familiar story, just a different casino.
  6. Gambling business Skybet is to pay a £1m penalty package for failing to protect vulnerable consumers. The failures relate to Skybet customers who had self-excluded from gambling. Self-exclusion is a tool used by consumers who feel they are having trouble controlling their gambling and request that the operator refuse their service. Weakness in Skybet’s self-exclusion facilities meant that: 736 self-excluded customers were able to open and use duplicate accounts to gamble Around 50,000 self-excluded customers received marketing material by email, mobile text or a push notification within a mobile app 36,748 self-excluded customers did not have their account balance funds returned to them on account closure. Source: http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/news-action-and-statistics/news/2018/SkyBet-to-pay-1m-penalty.aspx Familiar story, just a different casino.
  7. As I said up topic, not very good by Leovegas at all and a well deserved telling off by the UKGC. I noticed from Andreas post that measures have been put in place now to prevent it happening again, which is good news. Regulators (in all industries, such as energy, telecommunications, advertising) slap fines on Companies quite frequently. Over on another casino forum, you hear about UKGC intervention quite often across a plethora of casinos. On this forum, you only hear about it when it is Leovegas. Makes you wonder why
  8. Plenty of other casinos out there. All with their own advantages and disadvantages.
  9. Do they share the same UK License? If not, then it is quite possible. If they do share the same license, then it shouldn't have happened. You are aware of Gamstop? It self excludes from all UK licensed casinos. Self exclusion should only be used if you have gambling problems and want to stop. Use the "take a break" option if you want a short break from gambling but not because of problem gambling. Bad form by Leovegas and a well deserved fine by the UKGC.
  10. But shouldn't gambling be made unlawful then? That would be the end of that then. But that isn't the case in most jurisdictions. Same applies to smoking. It is a legalised product. So is gambling. At the end of the day, people have to make their own choices and if it goes wrong after, then the person in the mirror is to be blamed.
  11. Slots featured are: Playboy, Knights Life, Rail Road and Bonanza:
  12. Where in the article does it say this woman signed up through an affiliate link or found the casino via an affiliate website or streamer? If gambling is the biggest addiction and so dangerous, then perhaps lobby Governments to get it banned altogether. That would be more productive in my opinion.
  13. I don't see how streamers can be blamed for this. Casinos do attract high rollers. I once had a chat with the owner of one online casino and he told me how much "proper" high rollers deposit. I makes the likes of the Bandit, Rocknrolla etc look like amateurs (single deposits of £20,000 are regular deposits for these high rollers). But having said all of that, Leovegas should have done a "Source of Wealth" request to verify the origin of the funds. But having said that, if she works for a bank she probably has the knowledge to hide some of the stealing that a casino may not spot when doing due diligence checks.
  14. Slotplayer

    GAMSTOP Is Now Live

    Just checked their website. This is a private limited Company and not a charity? Who has audited them? Where is the link to the Gambling Commission? Who is paying for the Directors and their cost? I am more than happy to start advertising this service but need to be confident what this is all about. I genuinely thought this was going to be run by the Gambling Commission or one of the charities such as Gamcare.
  15. Slotplayer

    Closing account at Leovegas

    What is there to address? Casinos have a choice how they reward players. Some casinos do it better than others. Leovegas is just crap at it. But if the players continue to deposit, they probably see no reason to change their lack of reward system. Please also take into consideration that rewards are usually losses for the casino. It is effectively them giving you a second free chance to recover some of your losses back.