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  1. He is more man for making that video than that troll ever will be. Kudos to him for raising that much money for a worthwhile charity. Well done Paul.
  2. Something different from the norm for a change. Slot was suggested by Jemchipsa in chat so first time playing this and it hit decent with one reel off a massive win:
  3. Some more recent wins of mine (all at Videoslots Casino) Slots featured are: King King, Raging Rhino, Book of Dead and Bonanza:
  4. This win kept the stream going. No cash out but almost 4 hours worth of streaming that didn't cost a bean. Got to be pleased with that:
  5. Nice one Nicholas - more of that hopefully !
  6. £150 in at Videoslots with a 100% progressive match bonus with just the 20x play through. Managed a £1,000 withdrawal thanks to these wins on Wishmaster, Book of Dead and Black Knight II:
  7. 1,023x (sorry mate - it is gonna drop on the very last spin)
  8. Going through shed loads of wagering, so this win helped a lot:
  9. Yes, 300 shields would be top then if it is just the one spin rather than all of the spins within a bonus round / falls / drops etc.
  10. Dead or Alive. 5 scatter trigger = 2,500x First spin on bonus - 5 wilds = 3,000x Second spin on bonus - 10 wilds = 12,000x Third spin on bonus - 15 wilds = 27,000x Then 13 more spins at 27,000x Total = 395,500x Never gonna happen though!
  11. Very good tips there. If I may add and suggest that you get your account verified first by uploading the required documents before you make a deposit. It will speed up your withdrawal if you're lucky enough to be ahead on your session.
  12. The math are quite complicated and no developer will tell you how the wins are calculated. The maths are the brains behind the slot and it is that which makes it unique. If you search the internet, there is a topic elsewhere on another forum were a game designer (he works for IGT now) answers all sort of questions, It makes quite interesting reading.
  13. Nice wins. You were really unlucky with the 4 reel one. It doesn't hit that often so when it does hit, you really want some premium symbols to go with it.
  14. May I suggest that people read this: Check out term 4.11 and specifically within that term: and then perhaps understand why there may not be real answers to the question posed.
  15. It is the taxes that the casino pays, not your own taxes. You will have to pay tax over the total commission earned. As to not giving him the answer, I still haven't because I am not going to release my earnings, something that the OP wanted. I am sure others won't either but will stand corrected on that.