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  1. Nice one @Nick
  2. The problem with banter is that it doesn't always come across very well when written down. If only you could see the facial expressions, you perhaps could make a better judgement.
  3. At Novibet prior to todays stream:
  4. For your viewing pleasure. £200 in at Rizk with a substantial withdrawal at the end:
  5. Thanks for your reply. My documents still haven't been verified and therefore the funds still haven't been received. Really disappointing by this. It has been now at least 36 hours since my withdrawal request and almost 24 hours since I provided them with my documents. Why or why did I close my account at Videoslots Back to Casumo live chat again and if they are no help, I will have to go over to Casinomeister and drop Alex a private message.
  6. Perhaps I have been spoilt when I played at Videoslots (withdrawals didn't take no more than 30 minutes, and that was on a bad day!) and my documents were verified within 10 minutes! Had not so good experiences with Casinoroom (took them 2 days to verify my account) and it has now been well over 24 hours and I still haven't received my Euro 3,300 withdrawal from Casumo. I went onto live chat and they said it can take up to 24 hours to verify the account which I, incidentally, had well over 2 years! And worse of all, they reversed my withdrawal! What is it with some of these casinos? Very happy to take your money without the need for document verification but when it comes to withdrawals, the delay tactics start perhaps in the hope that the player reverses the withdrawal and continues playing and then losing the money. What are your experiences regarding this?
  7. Is it just me, but I can't see anything in both posts?
  8. These were the wins prior to that mega win on Captain Venture. Did a withdrawal of 800euro and then carried on. All from a starting point of 200euro:
  9. And the Captain did it once again, this time at Casumo Casino:
  10. I will be doing a one off stream this Tuesday 23rd May 2017 commencing at 08:30 UK time. Join me then if you can: www.twitch.tv/slotplayer
  11. Good run is an understatement of the year. Total withdrawals of £7,500 over the weekend is not to be sniffed at. I will stop playing now (it was a momentarily lapse that paid off) but will be returning to streaming before November. Have to get a couple of holidays to get out of the way first and finding a new casino to play at.
  12. Two bonuses in very quick succession. The second one came after I withdrew £600 and got the balance a little up by playing Lucky Lady Charm. This time playing at Rizk Casino and yet another withdrawal:
  13. It would be libel, just saying.
  14. This slot owed me big time so feeling lucky I went for it at £4 a spin. It paid off for once.......
  15. Too right they are: £100 + £300 in today with £500 still left to play and this withdrawn: